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Senior Memories 2020

Hello Everyone!

Here’s part 2 of celebrating our seniors! Though we can’t celebrate them graduating from MSOE in person, we’ve all been blessed with amazing memories and relationships with them during the times that we have had together. Here are a fraction of the memories and reasons why we love you guys.

To All Seniors:

I appreciate your caring hearts and your attitudes of servanthood. You all demonstrate God’s love in how you treat those around you. Thank you for all the fabulous memories, many laughs, and deep conversations. I know that through Christ you all will do great things in the years to come! I’m sad to see you go, but also excited for the many people whose lives you will continue to touch.

Our Memories...


Aditya Beura

Adi seems to always know what to say, whether it is consoling someone or praying for a group, he has a gift.

Seeing the passion you have for God grow and grow has been so very exciting! I really appreciate how open you are to talk about anything - including Jesus, Bollywood music, ghosts, and anything in between. You are such a light Adi and it brings me such joy to see you continue to shine on us all! Thank you for being incredible you!

Adi! You graduated! And got a job offer! Congrats!!! I praise the Lord for bringing you to the faith, and now you are a brother in Christ. I both appreciate and admire how willing you are to share the love of God with those around you - keep it up! May the Lord bless you in the next chapter of your life!

Alex Barrett

Alex's insight during WitCom leader's meetings was always amazing to listen to! He always had something interesting to bring up or add.

The first time someone described who Alex was to me, they called him 'the man with the spoon on his wrist'. This really confused me because a: who wears a spoon on their wrist, and b: how can that be a way that you describe someone. Upon hearing about the story from Alex though, it all made sense! I always laughed at the antics this guy got up to, and it was really great getting to know him.

Fun memory? Definitely discussing how best to murder someone with a mug... Alex, you made Witcoms fun and funny, but also kept it real. Thank you for pouring into us all!

Alex! Thank you for your dedication to leading WitComs here on campus. I will never forget your spoon bracelet - how many years have you been wearing it now? May the Lord bless you in the next chapter of your life!


Amanda Garside

Amanda really took me under her wing and treated as if I was one of her children. I’m am so grateful for her amazing advice, and willingness to be there for others.

I’ve always appreciated the way you are willing to help other people. You have a lot of great advice and a true heart of love for others. Even when you yourself might be struggling you always are there to check on other people and speak into their lives!

Amanda made a groupme group of girls on our floor freshman year and brought us to get gelato at metro market before it’s renovation. It was such a fun time 😊

I may or may not have kind of looked up to you from early on - you were so good in theater, and so solid in faith, and yet you were so welcoming of me. I'm always going to remember the theater shenanigans, but also remember how much you poured into me when I was just starting to explore Christianity and how you answered my every question. Thank you so much

Amanda! You have been such a blessing to get to know over the past four years. I think a fun memory is when we took Psychology of the Family together - that was a blast (and nice to have someone to process that class with! ;) ) May the Lord bless you in the next chapter of your life!


Amelia Fehlen

Amelia is the first person I met at MSOE. She came to my door freshman year and gave the list of NSO events. I appreciate every day that she reached out and got me involved.

When I first got to MSOE, Amelia was one of the people who would constantly reach out to me and invite me to go hammocking, play a game, or go to Ian's. She helped me feel loved and at home when I was transitioning from having lots of developed relationships to having none. I will always be grateful for the effort that she put into reaching people, and I'm glad that she's someone who I can always reach out to.

I am so grateful we became friends! You've taught me so much about being bold and unabashed, in the best (and most needed) ways; but also, you've been a great friend and I've really enjoyed talking to you. Thank you for being you!

Amelia! I appreciate ALL that you have done for this chapter and for WitComs here on campus. I remember when I met you at CrossTraining Freshman year and you were sitting on the kitchen counter and asked me why I chose MSOE - you spoke with such authority I was convinced you were an upperclassman. XD It's been a joy getting to know you over the years - May the Lord bless you in the next chapter of your life!


Cassidy Jackson

There are many things that I appreciate about you Cassidy, but the thing that sticks out the most is how fiercely you love your friends and family.

I could laugh with Cassidy all day any day! I love her smile and cheery personality. We can always find something to have fun doing together while also finding time for each other for serious conversations.

My favorite memory of Cassidy is roadtripping to Missouri together to see the eclipse. We had a total blast together from a silly trip to Walmart, to a helicopter view of the city, it was a trip I will never forget!

Cassidy! I appreciate your smile and your laugh and your joy. A fun memory I can think of is two summer's ago WitCom in MKE. We had so many great discussions and such great fellowship. May the Lord bless you in the next chapter of your life!


Gabi Bernarde

Your leadership and gentleness in prayer is truly something to admire. I've loved every moment that I've gotten to spend with you and learn from you. You have an amazing heart!

Gabi! Thank you for all that you have done to share the love of God with the nursing community here at MSOE. May the Lord bless you in the next chapter of your life!


Gary Overley

I've absolutely loved every minute that I've gotten to spend around you. You have a quirky, exciting, and chaotic energy that makes everything just that much more enjoyable. I've loved the conversations about games, and it's really helped me feel at home. I look forward to another quarter with you!

Every time I see vinegar I will remember our gravest mistake... and every Easter I will remember rearranging the furniture to make the kitchen a futon. You're so fun to be around, and you're so easy to get along with - thank you for being so friendly and funny, your sense of humor brightens my days!

Gary! I remember meeting you at NSO - we were talking in the TWA at some sort of outreach event - maybe the one for Christian orgs? Anyways, so glad you joined our chapter! May the Lord bless you in the next chapter of your life!


Jaime L’Abbe

You are such a kind and caring person! The way you make sure to check in on people and share Christ’s love with them is inspirational. God will do great things with your life!

You are so approachable with questions and just to talk with - thank you for being so open to new faces and questions and conversation!

Jaime!!! I appreciate all that you have done for this chapter. It has been such a joy getting to know you better and better over the years. Thank you for meeting with me over the past couple years and listening to me and praying for me. Love you! <3 May the Lord bless you in the next chapter of your life!


James Vrits

I love the energy with which James reaches out to people! You can’t help but feel loved and cared about.

James, you've been like an older brother to me. I've loved the quirky questions in WitCom and the energy that you have to reach other people. I know that God is going to do great things with you!

I'm always going to cherish the game pirate's dice and remember playing that with you and your roommates. Thank you for opening your home to us and for being so easy to get to know and befriend - you have such a light and happy presence that is so very contagious in the best of ways!

James the Tree! I appreciate your smile that lights up the room and cheers everyone up. I appreciate what you have done for your WitCom and this chapter. May the Lord bless you in the next chapter of your life!


Katie Kershaw

I had so much fun checking out the different activities during the summer in Milwaukee with Katie. My favorite memory was chasing down a cover band at the state fair and chatting with them afterwards--we had so much fun :)

Katie! Even though we didn't spend much of our senior year together, I have fond memories of spending time in women's community with you. May the Lord bless you in the next chapter of your life!


Logan Anderson

Logan let me stay in his dorm room during winter quarter. We talked and watched Tim Hawkins videos, it was a ton of fun! I'll miss you, dude

I am so blessed to have gotten to meet you and know you over the course of the first two quarters. Your love for helping and teaching others was amazing to witness and experience, and I am so excited to see what God is going to do with you. Thank you for everything.

You're so easy to talk to! I appreciate how open and unabashed you are, how you are so willing to talk about anything and to meet new people. Your presence is very mellow and calming, and I can feel the love you have for God and all of God's children - thank you for being a presence of peace, especially on a campus often filled with stress!

I have greatly appreciated all of the time that you spent listening to me and praying with me in the chapel this year. I'm so grateful that I got to get to know you and learn from you before you left MSOE. Good luck with life!

Logan! Thanks for all that you have done for our chapter. I remember when you were my driver for leadership retreat last year. I was so exhausted I fell asleep and jolted awake blocks from MSOE. You drove us home in a huge snowstorm, and didn't admit until we got back to campus that you had never (or only a few times?) driven in snow. Thanks for bringing us back safely! XD May the Lord bless you in the next chapter of your life!


Luke Nelson

He’s my pal 😁

I appreciate your kind heart and the way you are able to make people feel appreciated. You also ask great questions and spark deep conversations. While you will definitely be missed at IV, I have no doubt that there will continue to be countless people who are blessed by your life!

His commitment to coming to WitCom sophomore year

Ahh, Skywalker. His devotion for the lord is very inspiring and as a brother, his way of going out to reach you to know how you are doing and keeping you in tact was so great. His way with sports, music and the lord have left a lasting image.

Luke! I appreciate your solid commitment to both the Off-Campus WitCom and the Athletes WitCom. And it was so cool how we were able to join forces in the end! I also appreciate all of the wisdom, insight, and deep questions you brought to study. May the Lord bless you in the next chapter of your life!


Nathan Arrigoni

I consider myself blessed to have gotten to know Nathan. From the start, his unique humor and energy was something that made me feel welcomed and at home in IV. I loved hearing Tony recount stories of his unique roommate or Jackson telling me about the antics that he took part in at the Women's dinner. It was amazing being apart of his WitCom, and seeing the careful preparation that went into choosing and processing the passages. He's left such a mark on the chapter; from the memes that will no doubt continue to live on after he leaves to his leadership. My time here would not have been the same without him.

Thank you for all of the laughter and energy! I'm going to miss having you around.

Nathan! I appreciate how you have shepherded us WitCom leaders. Thank you for the time and the energy you have poured into studying the Scriptures and sharing that knowledge. Oh- and thank you for being the subject of countless memes. I honestly don't know if you appreciate constantly being memed-but thank you. It makes the rest of us smile and laugh. May the Lord bless you in the next chapter of your life!

Look at the end of the email for one more special memory :)


Nikky Weise

Nikky Weise was the first person from IV who reached out to me and made me feel welcome. I am incredibly thankful for her energy and love of everyone around her! I am so blessed to have met this woman who reminds me what it’s like to be in love with Jesus.

You are such a great role model and leader. I am encouraged by the  way you are able to reach people through your words of wisdom, attitude of service, and heart of compassion.  Blessings to you as this next chapter unfolds!

In you Nikki I kind of saw bits and pieces of myself - I always admired your strength and confidence in Christianity, especially after learning that you, too, didn't grow up in this kind of culture. And yet your complete openness and vulnerability when you talk with me is so helpful, because instead of feeling like I have to catch up to you, I feel so very helped by you. Thank you for all that you have poured into me and this chapter!

Nikky! You are such a joy! One fun memory is when we ate lunch together two summers ago when our internships were down the street from each other. Another is when we went to Lion King and sat in the fifth row - man that was right before quarantine but feels so long ago! May the Lord bless you in the next chapter of your life!


Quinn Skidmore

Your absolute love of all things Disney :)

Quinn is always up for spontaneous adventures and I love being silly with her. My favorite memories with Quinn are binge watching shows together and ordering takeout :)

Quinn! You’re gonna be a graduate in a few mere days! I love our shared passion for Disney - thanks for pin trading for me that one time!!! I’ve loved all the time we’ve spend together in women’s community and WitCom during our time here at MSOE. Between WitCom and just hanging I’ve spend quite a bit of time in your/your roommates apartments the last two years - thanks for welcoming me in and letting me invade your space! XD  May the Lord bless you in the next chapter of your life!



Tony Grotjan

Freshman year WitCom with Jose and you and all the excellent rabbit holes that came with it.

Honestly, before I got to know you I kind of pictured you as almost like a real-world Gandalf (disclaimer, I haven't seen much of those movies...) - so mystical with your beard and packer hat and thermo skills and calm presence and immense Jesus knowledge. Now that I know you I still think you're a wizard at thermo, but, I also really appreciate your passion for worship in every form, and how willing you are to really dig into the Bible and Christianity, and just talk even if it's in the middle of the caf and I'm asking what prophesying really is. I hope to be able to see you at Friday Night fires still this summer, or something!

From the get go, I was captivated by your heart for God and understanding of His character. It was amazing to witness your wisdom and passion during worship and WitCom, and I am sad that I won't get to experience it as much moving forward. Thank you for all of the fun stories, conversations, and moments. You've truly touched the hearts of many in the chapter.

Tony! Thank you for being such a dedicated worship leader for our chapter and ushering us into the presence of God - to Him be the glory. May the Lord bless you in the next chapter of your life!

Look at the end of the email for one more special memory :)


Tori Johnston

I love the way that you shine Jesus through how you interact with people. You always are quick to reach out to newcomers and make them feel welcomed! I have observed this many times at fusion and I know you’ve positively impacted many in other situations as well. You constantly have a smile on your face and an attitude of joy!

The Tori way, as I like to put it - always putting God above anything else, be it in the same classroom we would be, or in other conversations. She always brought in the sunshine like very few 🌞. The school of business will sorely miss your presence.  Without Tori, I wouldn't have known Intervarsity in the first place. Tori the connector and harbinger of people :)

Tori you are so, so sweet. It's amazing to see how you bring so many of the women of our chapter together. I've loved your invitations to just hang out and study, and your humor and love are amazing. Thank you for everything that you've done for us. God is going to continue to do amazing things with you!

You have such a large heart for everyone around you, such a love that really reflects God's own love! I have loved talking with you on the 3rd floor of the CC, and just laughing, and that Bible study over the summer - thank you for being so friendly to everyone, and for all the ways you show the world what God's endless love looks like!


Trevor Niemczyk

Trevor, it was a joy getting to know you better this year through WitCom. I appreciate your smile that lights up the room and your cheerful personality. May the Lord bless you as you venture into the next chapter of your life!

I always appreciated Trevor's goofiness and laughter that he brought to the chapter! One of my favorite memories of Trevor was jamming out with him and some of the other guys as we were making food for Women's Dinner last year in his apartment!

Trevor was in my SGLT track when I was a freshman at CFW. We seriouly had the best group, and the track was so fun with Seth leading us. Trevor added some of the best insights on the passage of Luke. He helped to act out the scene with Jesus sleeping on the boat and my spraying water bottle as the storm. I think that really prepared us for leading small groups on campus together hahaha. I also think I remember him sharing that his favorite ice cream flavor was rum raisin? Freshman year was definitely my favorite year of CFW, and I think Trevor was definitely a part of that


Nathan and Tony

I don't think I can write a memory about one without mentioning the other so I am breaking the establishment and doing a two-for-one deal.  Nathan and Tony's was a catalysis for many memories for me and countless others. Nathan was one of the first IV members I met. I talked to him and Logan for hours while Dan was hanging door decorations. To be quite honest my first impression of him was I thought his sarcastic/ semi-dark humor was because he was tired from cross country practice. Looking back, I think my first impression, to put it bluntly, was wrong.  I don't remember the first time I was introduced to Tony, but one of my earliest memories was him teaching me spikeball early in the fall quarter of my freshman year. It was my first game I remember Tony saying something along the lines of: "Yeah I can take Jackson, he has long arms so he should be good." Looking back, I think his first impression of me, to put it bluntly, was wrong, as we lost that game.  Now the reason you cannot separate the two was because of their room. Some days, it felt like my night would revolve around that room. So many memories happened here.

Nathan's Witcom always brought the best and worst of us. Nathan brought tears to my eyes as he read the story of Joseph using different voices for each character, Tony and Nathan with their signature "up top" celebration, withholding pencils from Amber so she wouldn't throw them at people, and occasionally talk about Gertrude. Bits like "It not my fault" and "Hi, Jackson here to explain the joke" began while we were supposed to be reading the Gospel.  Their room was a central hub for all IV people in the upper part of RWJ. It was were Tony would become a Sith Lord to make memes to plan the downfall of David. It was there we wrote sketches for the Women's dinner, laughing our hearts out as we would write Quinten Figglebottom's next big case. It was where we stayed up until 2 am watching you-tube videos (and Japan World Cup) using the whiteboard projector. As an added bonus, some days you would walk into the room and Alex would be sleeping on the floor! 

I also learned many things from the two. Tony taught me how to scam Qdoba using one rewards card and gave me the courage to talk to a woman there (long-story). Nathan taught me that usually the first idea to come out of my mouth is not a good idea. Not to mention the countless times I would ask for homework and spiritual advice from these two and would spend hours there working about homework and talking about Jesus.  Honestly it crushes me knowing that this room is gone. Physically it may still be there, even after they renovate it, but it was Nathan and Tony that made it special. It is not until I sat down and began writing this that it hit me that these men who have had a huge impact on my life are leaving. I Know I will see them again, but just like all the other graduating seniors, they are leaving a huge hole in the chapter and in my heart.   I know both are going to go on to do incredible works for the Lord. You may not be on campus everyday, but the impact you had on individuals in our chapter will shine for years to come.



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