Snowdrift Cider Co. announces the release of its first-ever Méthode Champenoise Perry!

Our Perry is Here!

Perry Instagram: Photo credit David White / Old Time Cider
Slowly Matured
It's been a long time coming … 18 months to be exact. Our first-ever Méthode Champenoise Perry is now ready to enjoy after a time-intensive process. In September of 2010, when we were picking the perry pears that now reside inside glass walls, we knew we'd be in for a treat. They were small and odd shapes, but bursting with succulent flavors. Some had puckering acidity, others were full of bold tannin, some were soft with silky sweet juice. 
Freshly labeled perry bottles
Meticulously Crafted
After carefully pressing and fermenting the perry, we let it mature for several months – but we didn't stop there. Next we bottled it with a small amount of sugar and yeast for another round of fermentation in-bottle to naturally develop the lively bubbles and silky texture. When this round of secondary fermentation was complete we then riddled the bottles, froze the necks and disgorged the yeast, leaving the finished perry ready for final corking and labeling.

Rich in History
Nowadays it is a little-known drink, but perry has a rich history in Europe, with historians mentioning it being crafted back in Roman times in France, and in England after the Norman conquest. Many English historians note that it was highly esteemed as England's counterpart to France's champagne, with much of the nobility regarding it as their wine and serving it with pride at the classiest of occasions.
 Bottles in riddling racks waiting to be finished
Brimming with Flavor
So what's it like? Well it's rich yet delicate, with piles of ripe pear flavors, citrus brightness, floral nose, soft pear tannin and mellow honey sweetness. Its very full body is lively with bubbles, and, being unfiltered, has a translucent satiny white-gold hue with soft mousse.

Limited Availability
As this was our first foray into perry, we only produced a few cases of this fine drink so this is one you'll definitely want to jump on while it lasts. Head on over to our store to get yours.
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Photo Credits: David White / Old Time Cider, Grace Larsen
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