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Hello Everyone and Welcome to my latest
e-newsletter and updates. Enjoy :)

A special welcome to all who have joined me in recent months. Others may have noticed that you only hear from me occasionally. I seem to be so busy out and about and doing what I love that I'm not creating much space for writing and sharing about my work, passions and adventures. This e-news is a catch up with articles about my five week teaching and conference tour of UK late last year, a Victorian trip full of great presentations and courses early this year, news from other events like The Sacred Union Labyrinth at Woodford Folk Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival and Sustainable Living Festival plus some ideas and activities for you to explore and learn more about Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation. There's informative links to follow and news of my latest 'Creative Process Wild Cards' Launch and my Dynamic Groups Courses. My next book is progressing slowly and is about half written, quite away behind my self imposed time-line. All is well and I look forward to hearing any feedback you may have about this e-news. Thanks for being part of my world :) Robin

RE-CAP: Successful Trip to England, Wales and Spain in Late 2015

Robin spent a full 5 weeks in August and September 2015 on an amazingly full and fruitful adventure to UK and Spain, presenting courses in three countries, attending the International Permaculture Conference and Convergence, offering workshops there and also on the core facilitation team for an exciting global Permaculture initiative called Permaculture’s Next Big Step. She came home exhausted yet deeply satisfied at the response to her work and managed to cover the costs of her trip and sell lots of books, manuals and training resources that went home to dozens of different countries. One outcome is invitations to offer her ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Creative Facilitation and Teacher Training course in something like 7 European countries and the UK again in the middle months of 2017.  Click to read more...

Dynamic Group Activity: 
Explore Inputs and Outputs of a Group

Social Permaculture. Robin Clayfield, Decision Making

Almost all of us work, create, meet, play, volunteer or live in groups of some kind. They might be environmental groups, political branches, and local interest or lobby groups. They may be sporting teams, work places, families or housing buddies. Learning, teaching or facilitation teams, exercise classes and school grades are all groups with their own special features. Think about a group that you spend most time with or that you’re very passionate about or intimately connected to in some way.  Click to read more...
VIDEO: Dynamic Groups & Creative Facilitation with Robin Clayfield by Gaiacraft
With new understandings of learning and intelligence, the way we approach education and decision making processes is evolving. The realization that creativity and dynamic facilitation is more successful in supporting learners to cultivate an applied understanding implies a whole system redesign for education and governance. Robin Clayfield has dedicated her life to teaching and facilitating groups while pioneering applications for holistic and multi-sensory learning and interactive educational methods. 

Words by Delvin Solkinson.
Video released by Gaiacraft (

Social Permaculture
Expanding Across the Globe

Being part of the five person facilitation team for the Social Permaculture course in the UK was a major highlight of Robin’s whole year. Months of planning and Skype meetings across five countries saw the group find their flow and direction together and create the bones of the program. The Sustainability Centre in Hampshire was the perfect Permaculture venue and many people camped and enjoyed the surrounding woods. Here’s a few definitions of Social Permaculture by some of the facilitators. Click to read more...

‘Creative Process Wild Cards’ Launched

Creative Facilitation, Creative Process, Teaching and Facilitation
Front Cover of the Wild Cards
Robin attended the Australasian Facilitators Network (AFN) Conference in Ballana, Nth NSW in early November last year. This annual gathering of peers, along with the approaching ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ course in mid-November in SE Qld, were used as the launching pad for Robin’s long dreamed of ‘Creative Process Wild Card’ set. Beautiful graphic design by Robin’s partner Rob Clark and thorough editing and brilliant InDesign tuition by Eve Witney made the project possible and supported Robin to achieve a high standard result.
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The Sacred Union Labyrinth at Woodford Folk Festival 2015/16

Woodford Folk festival attracts 120,000 visitors over a six day period from 27th December to 1st January each year. For three years running Robin has coordinated and enjoyed immensely participating in creating ‘The Sacred Union Labyrinth’ as an art instillation and community ceremony space.

It takes weeks of gathering materials, a full week to construct and one and a half days to return to nature at the end. Much maintenance is required to keep the space fresh and beautiful throughout the festival for literally thousands of people to walk. Four sacred ceremonies are held, where participants walk the Labyrinth to live music. The ceremonies are facilitated by Robin, Mark Healy, Christine Clegg, Stephane Cazard and Rob Clark.  Click for more...

The Joining and Being Woman… Facilitation and Ceremony

Every year Robin facilitates at several gatherings, festivals and conferences around Australia and sometimes overseas. Two gatherings that are closest to her heart and that’s she’s also involved in the behind the scenes support and the ceremony creation and energy holding are ‘The Joining’ held around the spring equinox and ‘Being Woman…’ held close to International Women’s day.   Click for more...

     Manual for Teaching Permaculture          Creatively has a Brand New Cover
Teaching Permaculture Creatively
            The Manuals New Cover

Thanks to the awesome graphic design skills and willingness of Robin’s partner Rob Clark ‘The Manual for Teaching Permaculture Creatively’ now has a brand new colour cover. Very fitting seeing as the iconic 320 page text, written by Skye and Robin in the early 90s and published by their business Earthcare Education in 1995, is turning 21 this year. Yeah! Many hundreds of people have purchased the Manual and it’s enjoyed in over 65 countries.
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‘Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation’ Book

Things are moving slowly with Robin’s writing of the five book series, though the two card games that are part of the project have been successfully launched – the ‘Permaculture Principles Card Game' in September last year and the 'Creative Process Wild Cards' in November.  Click to read more...

Permaculture Principles Card Game Feedback

  Permaculture Principles Card Game

The amazing Delvin Solkinson from Canada just sent this photo and feedback about using Robin Clayfield’s new ‘Permaculture Principles Card Game’ with his groups. 

“I so love the amazing new permaculture principles game from the visionary amazitude of Robin Clayfield.

Its a key booster for bringing creativity, fun and intelligence to learning”

~ Delvin Solkinson,

Jam Packed Victorian Tour in Feb 2015

Robin recently completed a massive five week teaching and facilitation journey in Victoria, timed around an invitation to present at ‘Rainbow Serpent Festival’ and also enabling her to present at ‘Sustainable Living Festival’ and display her relevant books and resources there while helping out in the Edible Garden Area.  
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Next 'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ courses

Following successful ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ courses in UK last August and Melbourne in February, Robin will offer her only other Dynamic Groups course for the year at Crystal Waters in SE Qld from 21st to 26thAugust.  
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Advanced Permaculture
Teacher Training course

An exciting one off opportunity to deepen teaching skills related to Permaculture while in WA for the APC (Australasian Permaculture Convergence). 10th to 14th October

Presenters will be Rowe Morrow and Robin Clayfield. A few guests, including Ross Mars and David Holmgren, will give you their teaching tips.
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Next 'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning' course:

21st to 26th August 2016
Crystal Waters EcoVillage

Upcoming Events

APRIL 2016 

Permaculture Design Course (PDC)
Crystal Waters EcoVillage
Happening now and annually. 
2 week residential course
with Max Lingeddar and Robin as a special guest. 
FaceBook Page

JUNE 2016

Permaculture Design Course (PDC)
Byron Community College
Organised by Bunya Halaaz, Special Guest spot by Robin Clayfield
11th to 22nd June

JULY 2016

Robin's Stall plus Permaculture Presentation
at Qld Garden Expo
8th to 10th July


Triple Ecology Skill Share
Maclean NSW
12th to 14th
FaceBook Link

Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning
Crystal Waters EcoVillage
21st to 26th
Poster Link
FaceBook Group
Website to Register


Europe Permaculture Convergence
Wealthy Communities Session
via Live Streaming

Social Permaculture Weekend Workshop
Robina McCurdy and Robin Clayfield
Crystal Waters EcoVillage
10th and 11th
Email Robin to express interest

'The Joining' Gathering
This years Theme is 'Weaving the Invisable Threads of Community'
Landsborough, Qld
with Robin Facilitating Ceremony and a Workshop
22nd to 25th


Australasian Permaculture Convergence
Permaculture Expo on 2nd
Robin presenting a workshop
Australasian Permaculture Convergence
Robin presenting
3rd to 6th
Perth WA
Link to Website

Advanced Permacullture Teaching Course
with Rowe Morrow and Robin Clayfield
Perth WA as part of APC13
10 th 14th
Link to Register

Social Permaculture Workshop
(to be confirmed)
Fairharvest, Margaret River WA
Email Robin if Interested

Dynamic Decision Making Workshop
(to be confirmed)
Fairharvest, Margaret River WA
Email Robin if Interested

EveryWoman Gathering
This Year's Theme is 'Home Within'
SE Qld
21st to 23rd
Visit the Website


Woodford Folk Festival
and The Sacred Union Labyrinth

(to be confirmed)
SE Qld
27th Dec to 1st January
Visit the FaceBook Page

Launch of
'Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation' Book




'Being Woman...'  Gathering
16th to 19th March
or 2nd to 5th
or 3rd to 6th
or 17th to 20th
(To be confirmed)


The Planting
Woodford Folk Festival Site
Possible Ceremony Facilitation
(To be confirmed)


Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning
Teacher and Facilitator Training Tour
UK and Europe


'The Joining' Gathering
21st to 24th
(To be confirmed)


Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning

Crystal Waters EcoVillage
SE Qld
(Date to be confirmed)


International Permaculture Convergence
Possible Presentations and Course
(To be confirmed)
Resourceful Links 

Australia's Permaculture Magazine

The Change Agency
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Sparkly Spirit 
Colouring Book for Adults

by Maggie Third

The Street by Street Project is looking for people anywhere in Oz who wish to connect with their neighbours through simple social gatherings. We have neighbour groups in 3 states and wish to grow so that more people get to feel a sense of community where they live.
and contact Irene Opper, Project Manager 
or 0413 706 233

The Great Remembering

"It is the time of the Great Remembering...Remembering as humans that we are part of the Earth. Remembering our nature intelligence. Remembering we are part of a symbiotic and amazing ecosystem that bubbles and pulses with life. Yes, we have evolved beyond our hunter-gatherer roots, yet we can still purposefully gather all the tools, resources and companions to connect together for a healthy world.
We are powerful, creative and co-creative beyond measure and we are a tiny speck in the web of life. May each speck be a spark of illumination and remembering of our ancient roots and deeply intimate relationship with Earth and all beings... for a better world."

Robin Clayfield
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Also huge hug and thank you to Rob Clark for his graphic design and eternal support of me and my work.

Thank You So Much,

Unsolicited Testimonials

"I have recently attended Robin Clayfield's Dynamic Decision making courses. If you are a part of a group that wants to make a difference particularly in Permaculture, social enterprise or influencing policies in any area then I can't recommend this course enough."

Kirsty Bishop-Fox

"I was really honoured to co-teach on Robin Clayfield's Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning course this summer. She shares her wisdom about creative facilitation and the growth that it can inspire."

Looby Macnamara

"Thanks Robin for a absolutely inspiring course, with the greatest bunch of fellow participants, incredible food (thanks Donna and family), relaxing space, a comfy bed to sleep in (thanks Karin) and the opportunity to be apart of it all and be silly!!!"

 Liesa Gunton

"Yes it was an awesome place to hold your wonderful course....sad to leave 'CW' and the course and you, Robin and all the beautiful people I met and connected with."

Rensina van den Heuvel

"This course is top notch, very enjoyable, practical, useful and powerful tools all round!"
Shannon Ichikawa

"Robin Clayfield is a wonderful facilitator and teacher of facilitators... If you know people in the Geelong area or within reach who would like to learn more about this stuff, please share with them! And just share widely because!"

Kerry Dawborn (on FB prior to Victorian Tour) 

...and from the 'Dynamic Groups' Course Evaluation Forms from the Telopea Mt Course Feb. 2016

"The supportive, heart centred learning environment that Robin set up was so amazing and helped me grow far beyond what I thought was possible at the start of the course."

Dave Key

"Robin's extraordinary gentle guidance through the process from beginning to end made it easy and fun."

Fleur Baker

"Robin is a skilled teacher who mentors the process and content of her courses."

Rv Robert Stringer
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