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     Hello everyone and welcome to this most recent eNewsletter for ‘Dynamic Groups’ and related topics. A special big welcome to all who have become involved since Robin’s course in March or signed up at the APC (Australasian Permaculture Convergence) in April. Also, Happy Solstice. (Being Winter Solstice here in Australia it's quite chilly!!!)
     I’m excited to share with you an article about ‘Empowering, Creative and Effective Group Leaders’. There’s sure to be some hints, encouragement and reminders there for many of you. It’s also a way I can bring up to date my story of developing a group work and learning methodology, as I begin to share it more widely with the world. Most importantly, I’m excited to share more with you about ELFy and to ask your opinion about something dear to my heart… Creating an ELFy Talisman.
     You’ll also find a snippet of the recommended book list for the Appendix of the upcoming book ‘Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation’ and an update of the books progress.
     Erin Young has written two fabulous articles this time as well as supporting me with the eNews production. Thanks so much Erin. You are amazing.
     Read about Robin’s course in Italy almost one year ago, updates about recent courses and the APC as well as announcements and articles about upcoming courses, the most thrilling being a new weekend Social Permaculture course in November which will be a Co-creation between Erin and I, our very first Social Permaculture course together as co-facilitators.
     Enjoy the read and please give me feedback and ideas of topics you may like future articles on.
     Happy Everything,

Empowered, Creative, Effective Group Leaders: The Story of ELFy

This article contains a special request to you from Robin - click to find out & answer!]

What does it take to be an empowered, effective group leader, teacher or facilitator? How do we develop the skills and gather the tools, courage and attitude to be a leader yet also support the empowerment of our groups, each and every participant and honour ourselves at the same time?

    dynamic groups Robin Clayfield website

Robin has been living these questions and discovering some of the answers for close to three decades now. She’s written two pertinent articles in recent years that could be valuable to revisit, especially in the lead up to her new book series ‘Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation’. Both of the articles and her upcoming books address these questions.  Read more here...

DTF Book Update and Reference Book List Section

The first in a series of Robin’s Mini books, entitled ‘Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation – The Foundations’ is almost ready to go to several proof readers before then being updated and finally making its way to the Editor.

The reference book list is complete and ready to add to the appendixes.


A briefing with the artist for the structural design of the book and artwork is imminent.

Two pertinent questions will be sent out to over 200 of you who have done either of Robin’s ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ courses, any of the versions (TAA or BSZ) of the CERT IV in Training and Assessment or the original Skye and Robin’s ‘Advanced Permaculture Creative Teachers Facilitation course. The questions will be aimed at what really worked about the course and its content and where you’ve used, grown and developed the gifts from the course. Many of the responses will be used in the book with acknowledgement of your name and ‘title’/work/profession (with your permission of course). If you don’t get an email from Robin about this in the next two months and would like to comment please email

Thanks to the many of you who are giving financial, physical and moral support to this huge endeavor.

Here’s a snippet of the Book Resources and Reference List – the section on Dynamic Groups, Group Dynamics, Group Work, Facilitation, Teaching, Planning, NVC, Problem Solving, Communication, Governance.  Read more here...

‘Dynamic Groups at the Australasian Permaculture Convergence 2018’

By Erin Young

The Australasian Permaculture Convergence is a bi-annual 4-day event, creating a hive of connection and sharing for permaculture practitioners, gardeners, thinkers and doers from Australia, New Zealand and surrounding countries like East Timor.


The 2018 Convergence was held in April in Canberra, along the banks of the Murrumbidgee River. Around 200 people converged to share and attend sessions covering various aspects of the field of Permaculture, including school gardens, Social Permaculture and international aid.

Amongst the rich pot of offerings were the contributions of Robin Clayfield and myself, Erin Young, focussing strongly on Social Permaculture elements. We both presented several sessions, all employing ‘Dynamic Groups’ tools to engage and ignite.

Robin’s first workshop included all participants in a session called “Fast Tracking Change with Social Permaculture” and focussed strongly on the conference theme of ‘Connectivity’.  Read more here...

Excitement for Upcoming ‘Social Permaculture’ Training Collaboration this November!

 By Erin Young

People wanting to up-skill in supporting their groups and human relationships to thrive are invited to join Robin Clayfield and I as we combine forces to offer a weekend of Social Permaculture exploration for this coming November at Crystal Waters Ecovillage. Dates are 10th and 11th November. 

    Social Permaculture with Robin Clayfield

It is an exciting time of growing momentum for Social Permaculture around the world, so this is sure to be a special and potent weekend workshop to attend. Read more here...

'Dynamic Groups' Course in March 2018 a Great Success                


21 people from all over the world and all sides of the country gathered at Crystal Waters EcoVillage in SE Queensland to participate in Robin’s annual Crystal Waters ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ six day training. It was her first Dynamic Groups course since offering them across Europe and returning home last August.  Read more here...

Delvin from 'Visionary Permaculture' Visits Australia


Robin and Erin recently enjoyed the company of Delvin Solkinson at a special dinner to celebrate his flying visit to Maleny as part of the Visionary Permaculture Pilgrimage he and Annaliese Hordern were organising. The four shared an Aussie style Indian Feast and honoured Delvin’s visit from Canada, especially for the Pilgrimage. Delvin and Annaliese trained with Robin in her ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ course back in 2011 as part of the inaugural Pilgrimage that they also initiated.  Read more here...

Robin’s Fabulous Adventure in Italy


In July it will be a year since Robin was in Italy offering her ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ six day course and a Wise Women’s Weekend. This time last year she was in Germany with her sights on Switzerland.

Italy was a delightful adventure which saw Robin divinely hosted by Francesca Simonetti and John Button (of Nature Designs), up in the mountains behind Domodossola. She began her visit there, entranced by all the stone buildings, and also had some time off there at the end to relax after the courses. She was joined and supported by Kym Chi from Canada as her assistant for three weeks which gave more ease and grace to the trip.  Read more here...

The Labyrinth Workshops and Ceremony at ‘The Planting’


The Planting Festival at Woodfordia in early May was a magnificent event. Robin and her troupe of five friends worked together as instillation artists, ceremony holders and workshop facilitators creating ‘The Sacred Union Labyrinth’ for the festival patrons to enjoy.

They were joined by musicians Andy Copeman and Laurel Hefferon from Awakening Centre in Maleny for the two special Ceremonies. Malcolm Fielding also performed two sessions, one each afternoon, for people to walk at their leisure, with the presence of his soulful sounds.  Read more here...

Great Q&A Sessions and Consultancies and Book Discounts on Patreon

The Patreon Support Group, set up by Robin and Erin to assist in the art and design, editing and logistics for Robin’s next books is proving to be an exciting and beneficial adventure.

As well as benefiting Robin’s work it also provides many benefits for Patrons.

Book and Resources Discounts

Substantial discounts are being offered on existing books, card games and other creative facilitation, community governance or Permaculture resources. The discounts vary depending on the reward level people are on, starting with the $20 level.

10% for $20 Patrons
20% for $50 Partons
40% for $100 Partons
(postage though please)

Monthly Sessions on Zoom

There have been some great monthly Zoom sessions with either a ‘Q&A’ topic to explore every second month for all Patrons plus a facilitated ‘Brainstorm and Sharing’ session every other month for $10 and above Patrons.  Read more here...

Social Permaculture Course in Canberra a Great Success


Here’s a couple of photos of the Social Permaculture weekend led by Robina McCurdy and Robin and hosted by Samantha Hawker and Frank near Canberra after the APC (Australasian Permaculture Convergence) in April.

Participants got a lot out of the workshop and went home with much inspiration and many tools for applying to their local groups and course environments.  Read more here... 

Social Permaculture is Online Globally with Sustainable Living Guide


Robin will be amongst the presenters for the Sustainable Living Guide’s Global Summit from 21st to 24th of this month. Robin’s 30 minute audio presentation is a Q&A interview by the Guides’ creator Lisa Pavati and focuses on Social Permaculture and Robin’s life journey with Permaculture, groups, education and empowerment.  Read more about joining this exciting training here...
or click straight to the page to register for this free online event.

'Another Way of Living' Great Ideas!


Hey, Check out these cool ideas at Samantha and Franks home at AWOL (Another Way Of Living) at Wamboin near Canberra which is part of the Southern Harvest Association.

Southern Harvest is an educational and marketing non-profit, incorporated, local food association at the forefront of supporting and promoting local and regional food production and consumption in South East NSW and ACT.   See more great ideas here...



Crystal Waters Village Markets
First Saturday of each month. 8am to 2pm

(No Dogs or cats please)
Robin set up with her stall in July, August and December.

Consultancies for Creative Facilitation + Programming and Session Planning Review and Revamp + Group, Business, Project and Event Start Ups and Visioning + Permaculture and Social Permaculture Design + Self Publishing + Life Design.
Book with Robin anytime to suit your schedule or receive a one hour Consultancy every three months (among other rewards) if you join Robin on Patreon at the $50 a month reward tier.

Tours of Crystal Waters Permaculture EcoVillage.
Book with robin either of several options.
  • 1 1/2 hour general tour
  • 2 1/2 hours offering a more extensive personally designed tour that expands on the general tour and can include a special focus on either Building Design, Garden Design, Bamboo Farm and Businesses or Social Permaculture 
  • 20 minute Village Introduction

Online Social Permaculture Workshops
Beginning later in 2018 and ongoing through Sustainable Living Guide.

See their Website and keep an eye out for Robin's presentations.


JUNE 2018

21st to 24th June
Sustainable Living Guide Global Summit

Robin and many other international change agents presenting on diverse important topics over four days. Free.
Click here to register


23rd June
Northey Street City Farm Winter Solstice Festival.

Robin offering a 'Building Community through Dynamic Groups' one hour workshop plus offering her stall.

Click here on the FaceBook Event page for more information.

30th June
Crystal Waters Permaculture EcoVillage 30 Year Celebration.

All welcome. Starts with breakfast. Runs all day. Ends with Music Club from 4pm to 8pm.

Click here to see the event on the website.

JULY 2018

13th, 14th and 15th July
Queensland Garden Expo

Robin's stall set up for the three days.


21st to 23rd September
The Joining Gathering

Luther Heights Venue, Sunshine Coast
Theme: Depth, Richness and Empowerment to all our relationships. 

Robin involved and possibly facilitating.
Click to see the website.


2nd to 6th October
Journey's to Manhood Camp

at The Rock Via Summerset, SE Qld.
Rite of Passage for Teenage Boys.
Robin working with the Mum's
Run by Powerhouse Programs.
Click here to see the website.


10th and 11th November
Social Permaculture Weekend

with Robin Clayfield and Erin Young
at Crystal Waters Permaculture EcvoVillage


1st to 4th November
EveryWoman Gatherin
Bornhoffin, Natural Bridge, SE Qld
Theme: Rise and Shine - The Power of Being You
Here's the link to the website


The Sacred Union Labyrinth at Woodford Folk Festival
27th December to 1st January
Ceremonies conducted four times over the six day festival.
Have a look at the website here


17th to 22nd February
Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning

6 Day Training at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village. South East Queensland.
Residential Course, Fully catered.
See Robin's website for more information


MARCH 2019

8th to 11th March
Being Woman... Gathering

Robin involved and possibly Facilitating and Ceremony Holding.
Theme: Nurturing Your True Nature... Stepping into Our Woman's Way!
Click to see the website
Note: It hasn't yet been updated for the 2019 gathering but shows this years gathering.

21st to 24th March
Australian Labyrinth Network Conference and Workshops

Robin Presenting on Ceremonial Labyrinth and Ceremony and Ritual Creation.
Click here to go to the FaceBook page and feel welcome to join
Note: Event for March 2019 is still in planning stages.


Here's a some recent testimonials, three from the recent 'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning' course at Crystal Waters in March and a couple from last years 'Dynamic Groups' tour of Europe.

“This course matches the dynamism of life! It has brought my teaching and facilitation work alive! Thank you!! A cultural transformation for the better. Well done on the creation and delivery Robin!”
Course Participant. ‘Dynamic Groups’ March 2018
“You might know how you are before coming but you don’t know how you’re going to be after this Dynamic Group. Magic is happening!”
Aurelia. Young woman from France. ‘Dynamic Groups’ March 2018
“I strongly recommend Robin Clayfield’s ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’. It is palpable how much knowledge and experience she has and shares openly with ease. Her teaching style is extremely accessible whilst being professional, clear and supportive. You will definitely come away with an amazing tool box full of resources.”
Vanessa Bytheway. Maleny, Qld. ‘Dynamic Groups’ March 2018
“I have the honour of having experienced the wonderful ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ course with Robin in Lebensgarten EcoVillage (Steyerberg, Germany) in June 2017. During the course and after I felt really empowered, nourished and supported. Robin is a wonderful being and is able to share a lot of love through her processes. She’s a very supporting person, has the ability of perceiving everybody’s needs and to deliver a lot of content on different levels of learning, leaving you in the end with a full tool box. In the end of this course I feel really empowered to use these tools in many creative ways, in my future workshops and courses, in my professional path and also in my personal growth. Thank you Robin!”
Jorge Barbosa. Apprentice Permaculturist. Portugal
“I learnt a tremendous amount through the course and can already see so many ways that I can apply this to facilitating group learning and decision making on both small and large scales. I only wish I had done it sooner but am so grateful I learned about it and participated.”
Course Participant. ‘Dynamic Groups’. UK 2017

Delvin Solkinson's Fantastic  Brand New
Permaculture Design Core Concepts Cards 
from Gaiacraft in Canada

Here's the Link for a free download

Plus Delvins' Visionary Permaculture Design latest eNewsletter
Australia's Permaculture Magazine

The Change Agency
Click to see latest e-news
They have all kinds of great info and links here.
See their website

'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning' YouTube Clip: Robin explains the methodology with the Magician jig saw puzzle to help her. Over 8000 views.  Watch it Here

Also see one of the Gaiacraft clips recorded in the UK in 2015.
Robin's Dynamic Groups and Creative Facilitation
With thanks to Dana Wilson, Delvin Solkinson and the Gaiacraft/Visionary Permaculture team.

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