Sending Love and Good Health to all Dynamic Teachers and Facilitators Everywhere. May we be able to meet Face to Face to share our Work and our Joy in 2021. Enjoy and stay in touch :)
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Happy 2021 Everyone 

I trust you are all well and settled in to the direction your heart most desires for this coming year. 

This is the first eNewsletter from us for quite some  time. It's been a crazy last year and to be honest, I've spend much of the COVID time at home, in the garden. It's been delightful and rejuvenating as long as I don't dwell on the troubles of our world. We've retrofitted much of the 1 acre Lot here at Crystal Waters and have much better food security, biodiversity, water security, fire safety, peace of mind and personal health and resilience.

I've also been very active in my local community, working close to home with our Community Co Operative. It's very satisfying. My book progresses slowly but it definitely wasn't timely to publish a book on Face to Face Group Facilitation when events were so regulated or not  permitted.

Now it's time to jump back in to courses, workshops and getting the 'Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation' book ready to go to print.
I'm excited about my upcoming 'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning' Course from 21st March and also becoming more involved again in presenting full PDC's (Permaculture Design Courses) with a group of fantastic Presenters here at Crystal Waters. A highlight for 2021 will be offering several weekend workshops with Erin Young. I hope you make it to our part of the world to experience some of the gifts we offer.

Be Well, Much Love, Robin

COVID Safe, Face to Face ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Training

It’s time for Robin’s annual Creative Facilitation and Teacher Training course at her home community of Crystal Waters.

Last year’s ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ training saw three people turn around in transit to the course as the threat of COVID started to lock down the whole country.

Robin with Donna, the fantastic cook for the course, had done all the shopping for the catering and the remaining nine people managed to arrive so a group of 12 people went into a bubble for the week, emerging to a world where even going shopping was a challenge. Everyone enjoyed the course very much and got heaps out of it in terms of skills, knowledge and confidence to take home… and they all got home safely.

This year we’ll see one of those people who had to turn around in transit, mid-flight, to return to the north of WA last year, make it to the course this time (Hopefully COVID willing, keep your fingers crossed for us). Click to read more...

Dylan Changes Teaching Style After ‘Dynamic Groups’ Course

It’s early Feb 2021 and it’s almost a year since I did the Dynamic Groups facilitation workshop.


Dylan facilitating in the ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Course last year

Since then, I felt more confident to take way more risk in my Permaculture teaching. Many times in the past, I have used a PowerPoint to do a 9-4pm Introduction to Permaculture course and so I challenged myself to ditch the laptop altogether, and plan only interactive activities with me as a facilitator only and not THE teacher. This was risky because one doesn’t know the students, they don’t know each other, and what if I cannot guide them in covering all the content in the allotted time!? Read the rest of Dylan's story here...

Kutamullamee Garden and Tours

‘Kuttamullamee’, the 1 acre Lot that Robin cares for at Crystal Waters Permaculture EcoVillage, is becoming a Permaculture and creative Social Permaculture wonderland after she, Rob and several volunteers and WWOOFers have put in many hours since COVID began to plan for and work towards creating a biodiverse garden system, water security, fire safety, food security, gully regeneration, earthworks consolidation plus social and recreational spaces.


It’s a building site, a deconstruction zone (having pulled down four structures), earthworks mitigation site, roadwork project as well as a once again lush and productive vegie, herb, flower, orchard and fibre garden. Click here to see the full article...

Social Permaculture Course Reflections

by Erin Young
The second Social Permaculture Weekend hosted by Robin and I at Crystal Waters Ecovillage in November 2020 was an absolute delight!

A rich group came together to explore and understand the application of permaculture principles for the design of social dynamics. Particularly in the context of ‘times of change’, for which 2020 was a great demonstration.

The engaging content was met with an equally potent delivery – where the sessions were dynamic, interactive, visual, kinaesthetic and engaging. Click here to keep reading Erin's reflections...

Crystal Waters Community Cooperative PDC (Permaculture Design Course)

Crystal Waters Eco Village has established its reputation as an important centre for Permaculture here in South East Queensland with its history going back over 32 years.

Robin Clayfield and Crystal Waters Community Cooperative will host a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) from 8th to 22nd August, 2021 with many Crystal Waters and other local Permaculture teachers, facilitators and guest presenters. Bruce Gibson is the Organiser of the overall logistics, website, bookings and admin for this annual course which is a fund raiser for the Community Cooperative and its village enhancing facilities.

The 2021 Course will be the first one where Robin has organized the program, presenters and kitchen goodness, having been a Special Guest in past Co Op Courses led by Max Lindegger and Bruce. Click to read more...

Savour Soil Permaculture New YouTube Channel of Permaculture Clips

“With the creation of the Savour Soil YouTube channel it has allowed us to reach a greater audience and create more content. It allows us to use creative Dynamic facilitation in a different way, pushing the edge outside the comfort zone with what we hope will be a Closer Personal Connection. Helping to make it real!”

Michael Wardle – Savour Soil Permaculture

Highly recommended by Robin Clayfield as a very clear explanation of these concepts using technology and dynamic group facilitation with great results. Click here to access the following YouTube clips on the website...

The Permaculture Framework

Zones & Sectors – Part 1

Zones & Sectors – Part 2

Trees in Permaculture – Fertility

‘Bushtime’ Experience on the Woodford Folk Festival Land


Woodford Folk Festival didn’t happen over the Christmas/New Year period and so the annual Ceremonies at the Sacred Union Labyrinth led by Robin and friends didn’t happen either.

To keep the energy of the site and the staff and patrons alive and flourishing the idea of holding ‘Bushtime’ at Woodfordia was born. 

Robin was invited to offer a 3 hour ‘Ritual and Ceremony’ workshop at these laid back, lightly programmed bush camping experiences. Surrounded by other diverse and creative workshops, nature and science talks and walks, kids activities, the Lake for swimming, delicious food, fantastic music and relaxed and happy people, it was easy to have a good time.  Click to read more...

2021 Dates for Courses, Workshops and Experiences

For a full list of all courses and events for 2021 see the side bar to the right of this eNewsletter or Click here to the full article on the website

Mailys Herry's Feedback from France

"I am back in France, back in school as a primary teacher.

I try to implement some facilitation techniques you taught during the course.

Your wild cards inspire me when preparing my class.

As a kinaesthetic, remembering the feeling of your course supports me in going to work and doing my best to share a “dynamic” energy with my pupils despite the stressful conditions.

Thank you Robin for the experience and the tools."
Mailys Herry

Eco Village Voice Magazine and Community

Robin and many others at Crystal Waters EcoVillage in South East Queensland support resident Michael Ney who has begun producing a world class magazine.

Eco Village Voice is an online community featuring a quarterly magazine including videos, podcasts and webinars. Eco Village Voice provides educational articles on many aspects of ecovillage living, as well as encouraging communication between other ecovillages to help each other and for the sake of our planet‘s wellbeing. We aim to celebrate regenerative and permaculture ethics – care for land, care for people and fair share. 

Here’s the website for more information.


Members have full access to our magazine in PDF downloads, as well as web pages with all the articles AND a web flip page viewer. Also includes podcasts and webinars plus our video channel. Valid for 1 year access. $5 USD per month x 10 paid upfront. = $50 USD annually. Two months free – saving $10. 

See a sample magazine featuring GEN Australia

Would you like to submit an article or photo essay? Please email. 

Australasian Permaculture Convergence (APC) Happening in April

Australasian Permaculture Convergence 2021
Celebrating Nature’s Abundance
Monday 12 April to Thursday 15 April 2021
at Camp Kindilan, Redland Bay, Queensland.

The 2020 Australasian Permaculture Convergence (APC) was postponed to April 2021 due to the COVID19 pandemic. The program will be kept as close as possible to the one planned for last year but with necessary changes.

The APC is a biennial gathering of permaculture people from around the country and the Asia Pacific region. All people with an interest in permaculture and regenerative development are invited to join for four days of workshops, hands-on activities and discussions on how we can both celebrate and support nature’s abundance. Click to continue reading...

Colour & Meaning Workshop

with Gavin Ryan
at Crystal Waters EcoVillage
27th February 2021

Robin and Erin in Robin's kitchen, heads down during a work day together preparing for their Social Permaculture Weekend Workshop last November.


New Ad Layout

Michael Ney, from Eco Village Voice, just made me this great little Ad for his magazine.

Let me know if you like it and if you think the words summarise the most important things I offer our world at this time

He also made the Bookmark for my Permaculture Book above.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Thank you :)  Robin




27th February - 2 to 4pm
Colour & Meaning - Symmetry, Synergy and Symbol

Crystal Waters Permaculture Village
An art workshop with Gavin Ryan, Hosted by Robin
Book here

MARCH 2021

21st to 26th March
Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning

6 Day Training at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village. South East Queensland.
Hosted and facilitated by Robin Clayfield
Residential Course, Fully catered.
See the FaceBook event invite for more information and current updates.
Here's the poster...

27th March in the Evening
CANCELLED -  Formidable Vegetable Music Gig

Crystal Waters Permaculture Village
Organised and hosted by Robin and Friends
Stay tuned for dates for March 2022!!!
APRIL 2021

Sunday 11th April
Community Gardens and Permaculture Festival

APC (Australasian Permaculture Convergence)
Northey Street City Farm
All day with workshops
Robin will have her stall and possibly lead a workshop
Here's the website link
12th to 15th April
APC (Australasian Permaculture Convergence)

Hosted by Northey Street City Farm
at Redlands Bay
Robin and Erin both offering workshops and daily completion sessions. Robin leading Closing Ceremony
Here's the website link
15th to 18th April
Northern Tour of Sunshine Coast Permaculture Places
- Crystal Waters, Green Harvest and Yandina Community Garden plus Noosa Permaculture sites as part of APC
Organised by Robin and others.
Stay tuned to the Pre and Post APC Courses and Tour page of the website for details.

30th April to 2nd May
JUST ANNOUNCED - THIS IS CANCELLED. Stay tuned for May 2022 - The Sacred Union Labyrinth at
The Planting Festival - Woodfordia

with Robin and Friends offering Ceremony
Here's the link to the festival website
MAY 2021

Circles of Community
Social Permaculture in Action

At Crystal Waters Permaculture Permaculture Village
with Starhawk (US) and Robin Clayfield

JUNE 2021

25th to 27th June
Sociocracy Foundations Training

at Crystal Waters  Permaculture Village
with Erin Young Presenting
(and Robin organising and hosting)
email Robin for details and booking

8th to 22nd August
Annual Crystal Waters PDC
(Permaculture Design Course)

Crystal Waters PermacultureVillage 
Robin and other guest presenters.
See the info on the website here

28th and 29th August
Dynamic Decision Making and Governance

at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village
with Robin Clayfield and Erin Young
email Robin for Details and Booking


28th September to 2nd October
Journey's to Manhood Camp
- Annual September Camp 
at The Rock Via Summerset, SE Qld. Rite of Passage for Teenage Boys. Robin working with the Mum's. Run by Powerhouse Programs. 
Click here to see the website


13th and 14th November
Social Permaculture Weekend

Crystal Waters Permaculture Village
with Robin and Erin Young
Stay tuned for details and email Robin for further info.


Crystal Waters Village Markets
First Saturday of each month. 8am to 2pm

(No Dogs or cats please).
Robin will set up with her stall in February 2021 and most markets in the early months of 2021.

Visit the Website


  • Creative Facilitation
  • Programming and Session Planning Review and Revamp
  • Group, Business, Project and Event Start Ups and Visioning
  • Permaculture and Social Permaculture Design
  • Self Publishing
  • Life Design
Book with Robin to suit your schedule.  OR, receive a one hour consultancy every three months (among other rewards) if you join Robin on Patreon at the $50 a month reward tier.

Tours of Crystal Waters Permaculture EcoVillage.
Book with Robin for either of several options.

  • 1.5 hour general tour
  • 2.5 hours offering a more extensive personally designed tour that expands on the general tour and can include a special focus on either Building Design, Garden Design, Bamboo Farm and Businesses or Social Permaculture 
  • 20 minute Village Introduction
  • NOW AVAILABLE - 2 .5 hour tour of Kutamullamee (Robin and Rob's Permaculture Garden and 1 Acre Creative Social Permaculture Project)

Erin Young's eNewsletter - Potent Edge Coaching - sends fortnightly shares to support change making folks and organisations to create balance, creativity & collaboration using nature principles.  Here's where you can check it out.

Savour Soil PDC
(Permaculture Design Course)
9th August to the 22nd November

with Michael Wardle
at Laidley, Qld
Robin's doing one day on Social Permaculture Plus... 
in November.
Here's the link to the website

Michael has also created a T Shirt which he's begun selling.

Delvin Solkinson's Fantastic New Version of
Permaculture Design Core Concepts Cards 
from Dew Permaculture in Canada

Here's the Link for a free download

and the Design Deck

Plus Delvins' Visionary Permaculture Design latest eNewsletter

and a recent issue with links to the Teachers Notes which Robin's work is featured in.
"Profoundly grateful to Robin Clayfield, a treasured teacher and magical mentor. She is at the heart of my permaculture design work and the source inspiration for much of my teaching methods and the Permaculture Design Deck." Delvin


Natures Apprentice
The most wonderful body of work and eNewsletter
Here's the eNews link


Permaculture Australia Membership

Here's the link to join
Australia's Permaculture Magazine

The Change Agency
Click to see latest e-news
They have all kinds of great info and links here.
See their website

'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning' YouTube Clip: Robin explains the methodology with the Magician jig saw puzzle to help her. Nearly 9000 views. 

 Watch it Here

Also see one of the Gaiacraft clips recorded in the UK in 2015.
Robin's Dynamic Groups and Creative Facilitation

With thanks to Dana Wilson, Delvin Solkinson and the Gaiacraft/Visionary Permaculture team.

Join Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning on FACEBOOK

‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Facebook group allows you to see, hear, learn, share, experience and be inspired.   

This is a juicy, interesting and exciting space to share and learn and grow more together in life long learning and dynamic group work.

Posts and shares by follow members related to group dynamics, team building, learning, interesting courses, YouTube clips, quotes pollinate us all.  Feel free to join & contribute here:

The more of us that contribute the better and more diverse and informative it becomes for all of us.

Unsolicited Testimonials That Have Popped In

A Birthday Blessing from Delvin.

"Ultra gratitude for your leadership, mentorship and teaching of countless people in this movement to evolve our global family into a more caring culture - your tools for conscious and dynamic facilitation are helping take education to the next level to support the changes needed in the larger culture - taking classes with you was the best decision I made, and studying your books and utilizing your cards and games continues to bring me practical upgrades to my life and work - a thousand blessings."
Delvin Solkinson
Field Mentor & Permaculture Diploma Co-Ordinator, Permaculture Institute (USA) & Senior Managing Editor, CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture 

Here's One for Robin and Erin's 'Social Permaculture' Weekend Workshop

"“Robin and Erin’scontent and facilitation of the Social Permaculture workshop is so revenant for our times. They are leading the way in exploration and evolving the tools and process for ‘people care’ to ensure we have the strategies needed to work effectively in groups, to carry out the work of 'earth care’ and social design for a sustainable future. If you want creative facilitation skills, understanding of group dynamics and the confidence to be a leader in your organisations, businesses or be change agent - this training is essential!”
Tonielle Christensen, Designer, Educator and Facilitator at Organic Motion Permaculture. 

FaceBook Referrals for Dynamic Groups Course

"If you are thinking of training as a facilitator, improving your skills as a committee member or just learning a bunch of new and interesting ways to present and inspire I highly recommend Robin and this fantastic course.. nothing goes close to this... a unique , informative and totally fabulous."
Clare Hopkins

"Highly recommend Robin's amazing course.
Such innovative and Fun ways of sharing and learning.
Kathy Ward

Thanks for reading all this and your support and see you on FaceBook or hopefully face to face sometime soon.

Much Love and Gratitude, Robin

Assisted and made possible with the support and care of Erin Young

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Planting seeds for personal and global transformation.

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