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Hello Wonderful People. 

Welcome to another one of our spasmodic eNewsletters. Seems like they just pop up when it's time, a bit like the gifts and lessons that appear in my life to keep things interesting. 

This first couple of months of 2020 has been mostly dedicated to getting the last touches of writing and proofreading done for the 'Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation' Mini Book I.

The next couple of months will be totally filled with several exciting and rich workshops, courses and events, three of which are 'once only' opportunities, with Charlie McGee and 'Formidable Vegetable' visiting Crystal Waters and Playing a big gig very soon :) Also Starhawk will join me for a 3 1/2 day workshop in May and a tour group from the Australasian Permaculture Convergence (APC)  will spend two days visiting Crystal Waters and two more days on the Sunny Coast visiting Permaculture sites.

I'm totally juiced up and delighted to be offering my annual 'Dynamic  Groups, Dynamic Learning' at Crystal Waters in just over a week. There are some places left so talk to me about payment plans or refresher prices as I'd love to welcome two more people.

Hope to see some of you at one of our events or at the APC and may whatever you're doing and creating at the moment be full of joy and purpose and care for our world.

Much Love,        Robin

Facilitation, Teaching and Group Leadership

Hello Wonderful Community and Heart Centred Practitioners.

Many of you know the core work Robin offers in the world. As well as Permaculture, her key focus and offering is the ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ courses, workshops, writings and educational resources.

    Robin Facilitating CoLab
Robin and Andy Goldring Weaving a ‘web of connection at a conference' in India.

She feels very strongly that to support our world, our communities and positive change in education, the environment, social and political challenges etc we need people who are well skilled and trained in facilitation and group work.

Read more here.

Intention for the 'Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation' Book Series

  “I assist the gaining of skills and knowledge plus the progress of the group and each individual in an active, energetic, meaningful, smooth and progressive way. This enables outcomes of success, achievement of individual and group goals, enhanced learning, fun, motivation, support and innovation, for a better world.”


Thank  you, Robin Clayfield

Beautiful Artwork, Design and Formatting will add Colour and Flare to the ‘Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation’ Book

Robin’s long awaited first book in the ‘Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation’ series has now gone to four proofreaders and three general readers for their review and feedback. In it’s fourth draft and being ‘The Foundations’,  it’s taken awhile to get it right. 

Beautiful Artwork by Brenna Quinlan and Meg Clark’s Design and Formatting Work will add Colour and Flare to Robin’s New Book


Brenna was commissioned to create seven ‘Art Maps’ to grace the beginning of seven of the main chapters. They are ‘Mind Maps’ but with the words transformed into art. The delightful and soft pastel colours that Brenna is famous for has given designer and formatter Meg an additional theme to incorporate into the creative touches and elements of the book.

The image shown is for the ‘Ethics, Principles, Values and Needs’ chapter and shows all the topic headings covered in the chapter.

To find out more or support the book email Robin

Activity Coding for 'Dynamic Teaching and Facilitation' Books

The Design for the book series is well under way and Mini-Book I is in progress with formatting, proof reading and last additions. It is soon to be edited before the final layout and design is completed.

A colour coding system has been designed to easily show readers all the activities. They will certainly stand out from the general text, having a distinct heading and delightful background colouring and design. The various Processes described in the book will also have their own unique heading and design, as will the quotes and the visualisations which are sprinkled throughout. This image is an example of the Activity Coding, though it hasn't had words typed over the background.

‘Formidable Vegetable’ Music Band and Charlie McGee at Crystal Waters Eco Village

It’s been a bit of a secret but now that it’s only 8 days away it’s probably OK to share that Charlie McGee is making his way over in his house truck from his home in WA to be part of Robin’s annual ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ 6 day Creative Facilitation and Teacher Training.

Already a dynamic performer, teacher and professional public figure, Charlie’s involvement in the course will be a great addition to the group of wonderful people coming together for the course.

Robin didn’t want to promote the course based on Charlie’s involvement as she wanted it to ‘sell itself’ and attract the people who were really keen to be there anyway.


The big bonus is that Robin will be organising a super big gig for Charlie and his full band the night after the course finishes at Crystal Waters. Mal Webb and Kylie Morrigan from Melbourne will be travelling up to join Charlie and the night promises to be a huge and joyous experience for celebrating Life, Permaculture Living, Earth Care, People Care and all that’s good in our world. There will be a few surprises for sure and definitely lots of dancing.

Come join in on Saturday 21st March at Crystal Waters Eco Village from 6pm for dinner, pizza, chai etc and music from  7pm. There will be a bar as a fundraiser for Crystal Waters Community Co-op. Bookings are here.

Sacred Union Labyrinth at Woodford Folk Festival 2019/20
By Erin Young

For 3 years, I’ve been an installation artist for a special project - the Sacred Union Labyrinth at Woodford Folk Festival. Labyrinthine swirls emerge in small standing rock formations as the pathway for this unique journey is established.
Labyrinths have been with humans for thousands of years. They well pre-date Christianity, and come in many patterns.

They are a “model of spiritual cosmology” in the form of an interactive mandala woven by sacred geometry. The movement-based mediation of walking a labyrinth echoes the twists and turns of the human experience. Read more here.

Exciting Special Events with Special Guests
in March and May 2020

Starhawk from USA

Charlie McGee and Formidable Vegetable

Robin Clayfield, on behalf of Northey Street City Farm (and herself) has invited the much loved and respected author, activist, ritualist and Permaculture teacher Starhawk from the US to be our very special guest at the APC (Australasian Permaculture Convergence) and to also co-facilitate a 3 day and 3 night Social Permaculture in Action Immersion with Robin at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village.

Dates for the APC - 20th to 23rd April 2020

Dates for the 'Circles of Community' Social Permaculture in Action course are 7th to 10th May

Here's the link to the FaceBook event for more information and details  for booking

Robin's annual 'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic  Learning' Creative Teachers, Facilitators and Group Leadership Course at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village is fast approaching.

Dates - 15th to 20th March 2020

Immediately afterwards the absolutely fabulous, fantastic and frolicking Permaculture band 'Formidable Vegetable' will play at Crystal Waters for a night of fun and dancing. This will be their first ever appearance at Crystal Waters.

Here's the FaceBook Event

Date - 21st March 2020

Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning 6 Day Course at Crystal Waters
15th to 20th March 2020

Places are filling for Robin's annual Crystal Waters Teacher Training, Facilitators and Group Leadership Training for people from all  different industries and walks of life.

Robin has pioneered creative and interactive learning and facilitation methods around the world since the  late 80's. She has guided and mentored a whole generation of trainers and group leaders who now expand the edge of training and facilitation in Permaculture and many other fields globally. 

Offering this course in her home community of Crystal Waters is a highlight and enables the fullness of resources,a great venue and the very best cooks and local food yummyness to be present.

Here's the poster for the course. Please contact Robin for an emailed full size version.

Testimonial for 'Manual for Teaching Permaculture Creatively'
given by Rob Hopkins of Transition Network

"Greetings. I love your Manual, it has completely changed how I teach over many years... Your  Manual was a life-changing read for me"
Rob Hopkins

'The Manual for Teaching Permaculture Creatively' was written by Skye and Robin Clayfield in the early 90s and published in 1995. It's sold over 1000 copies without any promotion and supports teachers and facilitators in over 75 countries (that we're aware of) in creative facilitation and facilitating learning instead of lecturing and other non participatory methods..
These days it's available as a PDF. There's a link here if you're interested

Have you Done one of Robin's Courses over the Years? Did you Receive an Email Inviting You to Answer Two Questions about the Course in 50 Words... For her Book?

If the answer is NO! the email may have gone to your spam folder back in August. Erin did the work of emailing and has now sent individual email to about 50 people instead of 100's in batches of 45 at a time.

We'd greatly appreciate you providing a testimonial on your experiences with dynamic facilitation, to be displayed in the book ASAP. 

The email sent originally gives more details. But in short, here's the request:

Please provide an answer to this two-part question, plus your name and professional title/work/passion/business.

QUESTION PART A – How has the 'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning' methodology benefited you? I.e. What skills did you gain from the course and materials?

QUESTION PART B – How are your trainings/programs/group work/etc different now? i.e. How have you incorporated the methods and processes? Have you evolved it further in your own fields/contexts/industries? If so, how? 

Please: only 50 words maximum for both questions part A & B, combined.

Here's the link to the Google Doc. form.

If you have any questions about this, please email Robin. Thanks so much:)


MARCH 2020

March 15th to 20th
Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning

6 Day Training at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village. South East Queensland.
Residential Course, Fully catered.
See the FaceBook event for more information and current  updates.
Here's the poster...

March 21st Evening
Formidable Vegetable Music Gig

Crystal Waters EcoVillage
Organised and hosted by Robin and Crystal Waters
Here's the Booking Link

and the FaceBook Event

March 22nd to April 3rd
Annual Crystal Waters PDC

Permaculture Design Course. 
Robin as guest presenter.
See the info on the website here

APRIL 2020

Annual April Camp - 14th to 18th April
Journey's to Manhood Camp

at The Rock Via Summerset, SE Qld. Rite of Passage for Teenage Boys. Robin working with the Mum's. Run by Powerhouse Programs. 
Click here to see the website

19th April
APC (Australasian Permaculture Festival)

Northey Street City Farm
All day with workshops
Here's the website link

20th to 23rd April
APC (Australasian Permaculture Convergence)

Hosted by Northey Street City Farm
at Redlands Bay
Here's the website link
23rd to 28th April
Northern Tour of Sunshine Coast - Crystal Waters, Green Harvest and Yandina Community Garden plus Noosa Permaculture sites as part of APC

Organised by Robin and others.
Stay tuned to the Pre and Post Courses and Tour page of the website for details. It's about to be announced in the next few days.


1st to 3rd May
The Sacred Union Labyrinth at
The Planting Festival

with Robin and Friends offering Ceremony
Here's the link to the festival website

7th to 10th May
Circles of Community

Social Permaculture in Action
with Starhawk (US) and Robin Clayfield
At Crystal Waters Permaculture EcoVillage
Here's the link to the FaceBook event for more information and details for booking.


12th and 13th September
Social Permaculture Weekend

with Robin and Erin Young
Stay tuned for details

29th September to 3rd October
Journey's to Manhood Camp - Annual September Camp 

at The Rock Via Summerset, SE Qld. Rite of Passage for Teenage Boys. Robin working with the Mum's. Run by Powerhouse Programs. 
Click here to see the website


Crystal Waters Village Markets
First Saturday of each month. 8am to 2pm

(No Dogs or cats please). Robin will set up with her stall in February 2019 and most markets in the early months of 2019.
Visit the Website


  • Creative Facilitation
  • Programming and Session Planning Review and Revamp
  • Group, Business, Project and Event Start Ups and Visioning
  • Permaculture and Social Permaculture Design
  • Self Publishing
  • Life Design
Book with Robin to suit your schedule.  OR, receive a one hour consultancy every three months (among other rewards) if you join Robin on Patreon at the $50 a month reward tier.

Tours of Crystal Waters Permaculture EcoVillage.
Book with Robin for either of several options.

  • 1.5 hour general tour
  • 2.5 hours offering a more extensive personally designed tour that expands on the general tour and can include a special focus on either Building Design, Garden Design, Bamboo Farm and Businesses or Social Permaculture 
  • 20 minute Village Introduction

Online Social Permaculture Workshops
Beginning in 2020 hopefully and ongoing through Sustainable Living Guide. See their Website and keep an eye out for Robin's presentations.


Erin Young's eNewsletter - Thriving People, Better World
with a free link to 'An Insiders Guide to  Sociocracy' and great info and blogs
Have a look here

Savour Soil PDC
(Permaculture Design Course)
9th August to the 22nd November

with Michael Wardle
at Laidley, Qld
Robin doing one day on Social Permaculture Plus... 
in November.
Here's the link to the website

Michael has also created a T Shirt which he's begun selling.

Delvin Solkinson's Fantastic New Version of
Permaculture Design Core Concepts Cards 
from Dew Permaculture in Canada

Here's the Link for a free download

and the Design Deck

Plus Delvins' Visionary Permaculture Design latest eNewsletter

and a recent issue with links to the Teachers Notes which Robin's work is featured in.
"Profoundly grateful to Robin Clayfield, a treasured teacher and magical mentor. She is at the heart of my permaculture design work and the source inspiration for much of my teaching methods and the Permaculture Design Deck." Delvin


Natures Apprentice
The most wonderful body of work and eNewsletter
Here's the eNews link


Permaculture Australia Membership

Here's the link to join
Australia's Permaculture Magazine

The Change Agency
Click to see latest e-news
They have all kinds of great info and links here.
See their website

'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning' YouTube Clip: Robin explains the methodology with the Magician jig saw puzzle to help her. Nearly 9000 views. 

 Watch it Here

Also see one of the Gaiacraft clips recorded in the UK in 2015.
Robin's Dynamic Groups and Creative Facilitation

With thanks to Dana Wilson, Delvin Solkinson and the Gaiacraft/Visionary Permaculture team.

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‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ Facebook group allows you to see, hear, learn, share, experience and be inspired.   

This is a juicy, interesting and exciting space to share and learn and grow more together in life long learning and dynamic group work.

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Unsolicited Testimonials That Have Popped In

A Birthday Blessing from Delvin.

"Ultra gratitude for your leadership, mentorship and teaching of countless people in this movement to evolve our global family into a more caring culture - your tools for conscious and dynamic facilitation are helping take education to the next level to support the changes needed in the larger culture - taking classes with you was the best decision I made, and studying your books and utilizing your cards and games continues to bring me practical upgrades to my life and work - a thousand blessings."
Delvin Solkinson
Field Mentor & Permaculture Diploma Co-Ordinator, Permaculture Institute (USA) & Senior Managing Editor, CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture 

Here's One for Robin and Erin's 'Social Permaculture' Weekend Workshop

"“Robin and Erin’scontent and facilitation of the Social Permaculture workshop is so revenant for our times. They are leading the way in exploration and evolving the tools and process for ‘people care’ to ensure we have the strategies needed to work effectively in groups, to carry out the work of 'earth care’ and social design for a sustainable future. If you want creative facilitation skills, understanding of group dynamics and the confidence to be a leader in your organisations, businesses or be change agent - this training is essential!”
Tonielle Christensen, Designer, Educator and Facilitator at Organic Motion Permaculture. 

FaceBook Referrals for Dynamic Groups Course

"If you are thinking of training as a facilitator, improving your skills as a committee member or just learning a bunch of new and interesting ways to present and inspire I highly recommend Robin and this fantastic course.. nothing goes close to this... a unique , informative and totally fabulous."
Clare Hopkins

"Highly recommend Robin's amazing course.
Such innovative and Fun ways of sharing and learning.
Kathy Ward

Thanks for reading all this and your support and see you on FaceBook or hopefully face to face sometime soon.

Much Love and Gratitude, Robin

Assisted and made possible with the support and care of Erin Young

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Planting seeds for personal and global transformation.

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