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Hello Wonderful Facilitators, Educators, Group Leaders and Interested People :)
Wow! What a big year it's been already with my courses, workshops, conference and gathering presentations well received and enjoyed and guest presentations and plans for new adventures successful and exciting. 
Lots of progression has happened with my upcoming book and Erin's been all over the country offering her wonderful gifts in festivals and events.
Our exciting news is that together we are offering our first Social Permaculture weekend workshop as co-facilitators on 18th and 19th May. Yeah! You'll find quite a bit of Social Permaculture information and links in this eNews, including an article on ......
The Planting Festival at Woodfordia is also coming up very soon where The Sacred Union Labyrinth will hold a beautiful space for people to  relax and enjoy some sacredness as well as a weaving and beautification workshop and ceremonies. I'm also offering a presentation on 'Growing Community', invited by the programmer of the festival, so that's really special :) Have a look at the article about it below.
Enjoy the read and also all the great links to quality sites and eNews by people and work I  really respect.
Have a great few months, till next time,  Robin

Juggling Many Balls, Many Projects & Many Aspects of Groups and Businesses

In our February online Q&A session, we explored the question: How do we juggle many balls, projects, & aspects of groups and businesses?

The first part of the question explored was: How many balls do you juggle, and how well do you juggle them?

Depending on how active each project is, the amount of structure needed varies.  When there’s more project activity, there tends to me more structure.  There also tends to be less time for self-care and personal relationships – these are typically quick to be reduced in attention.  Also, being on screens was noted as part of the juggle – needing balance between time, energy and eye-health.
Read more here...

Social Permaculture Principles in Action

Social Permaculture is a nature-informed regenerative design framework for social systems; with particular focus on people care. Social Permaculture is regenerative social design.

​Here is a sample of the permaculture principles and how you might see them at play in social design:


Design from patterns to details

Circle structure used for meetings and classrooms. Circle rounds in a meeting use slow and small solutions to hear each person in the group, getting into the details of their input in an effective way.  Read more here...

Canada Invitation – A Dream Come True


There’s lots of excitement beginning to build in Canada as news is just being announced of Robin’s visit to Canada, to offer a six day ‘Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning’ creative facilitators, teachers and group leaders course near Edmonton in late June. While she’s there Kym Chi from BC, who’s trained with and supported Robin before, will organise an evening presentation on ‘Social Permaculture’ and a full weekend ‘Social Design and Community Collaboration’ workshop on the Sunshine Coast of Canada in early July. Kym Chi will do some of the facilitation with Robin.  Read more here...

The Time of the Great Remembering


It’s just been ‘Earth Day’ and to honour that Robin rekindled this quote she wrote back in 2015 after waking up full of passion and care for our Earth and a better world while working in the UK on a course.


The Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia 
with a beautiful rainbow tail illuminating the mountains and the misty plains.

“It is the time of the Great Remembering…

Remembering as humans that we are part of the Earth. Remembering our nature intelligence. Remembering we are part of a symbiotic and amazing ecosystem that bubbles and pulses with life. Yes, we have evolved beyond our hunter-gatherer roots, yet we can still purposefully gather all the tools, resources and companions to connect together for a healthy world. We are powerful, creative and co-creative beyond measure and we are a tiny speck in the web of life.

May each speck be a spark of illumination and remembering of our ancient roots and deeply intimate relationship with Earth and all beings… for a better world.” – Robin Clayfield

Read it here.

The Planting Festival is Awesome

If you’ve never been to ‘The Planting’ Festival before and you live close enough to have three days away over the first weekend in May, you’ll get to experience and participate in a delightful diversity of environmental, social and creative workshops, talks, wanderings and activities along with ceremony and of course great music. It’s held at the Woodford Folk Festival site and grew out of the tree planting weekends that have supported the site be a shady and beautiful wildlife and people haven.


For the second year running Robin and her troupe of labyrinth makers, ceremony weavers, workshop facilitators and musicians will create a luscious space for patrons to experience the serenity of labyrinth walking and guided ceremonies, accompanied by divine music at The Sacred Union Labyrinth.  Read more here...

Permaculture Women Pioneers



Documented by Robyn Francis for a conference presentation. She’s also here as a Pioneer but didn't put herself in the picture..
Robina McCurdy from NZ Aotearoa Visiting OZ


The wonderfully creative and clever Robina McCurdy from Aotearoa NZ will be visiting Australia in late May early June and we’re very fortunate that she’ll be up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland so she and Robin can collaborate on a day workshop called ‘Growing Community’.

It will build on the material from Robin’s workshop at ‘The Planting’ and take participants deep into the realms of what it takes to foster healthy, vibrant, successful communities – intentional ones and also neighbourhoods, community groups, families, work cultures and any sub-cultural and cultural gathering and collectives that meet and gather over time.  Read more about Robina's work here...

Growing Community Day 

        with Robina McCurdy and Robin Clayfield
       at Crystal Waters Permaculture EcoVillage
                       on Sunday 2nd June.


An Evening of Deepening into Community

        with Robina McCurdy and Robin Clayfield
       at Crystal Waters Permaculture EcoVillage
                       on Sunday 2nd June. 7pm Start.


Activating Sacred Spaces 

                          with Robina McCurdy 

                                 near Maleny
                              Friday 31st May


Robin describes the potency of Social Permaculture in this interview filmed at the Australiasian Permaculture Convergence 2018.
Australian Labyrinth Network Conference in Canberra


Robin was the special guest at the Australian Labyrinth Network Conference in Canberra in March. Being a recently formed network, the ALN was holding their 3rd annual conference and decided to have an Australian special guest this time rather than invite someone from overseas.


It was a fabulous conference and Robin’s workshop on ‘Facilitating Ceremony, Ritual and Transformation with the Labyrinth’ was very well received.  Read more here...

Delvin Solkinson’s Teachers
Notes Handbook


This wonderful collection of ideas, tips and information is the result of all Delvin’s notes from the numerous courses and workshops he’s participated in and especially what he’s gleaned from Robin Clayfield and Rowe Morrow. There’s also info from Looby Mcanamara and Robyn Frances. Well worth a read and available as a download for free. Access the notes here...

Wonderful Testimonial from Tonielle in North Queensland

“I gained so much from the dynamic groups and facilitation workshop. Robins approach to teaching is both engaging and heartfelt, so that learning is embodied and is a true testament of walking her talk. She teachers leaders how to lead, by actually leading by example!"
Read more from Tonielle here...

Fabulous Creative Process Wild Cards


This unsolicited testimonial for the Wild Cards popped in “Hi Robin! I’m writing to thank you for the FABULOUS wild cards. They are just perfect for the way my brain works. I’m using nine processes in my PDC class tonight, it makes planning class a breeze and so much fun. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Delldint Fleming

Delldint Permaculture Learning

Shannon’s Great Feedback and Successes

We’re repeating Shannon’s great feedback and story as we made a typo of her name a couple of Blogs and eNewsletters ago. Sorry Shannon. Love your work amazing women.

“Robin’s Dynamic Groups Creative Facilitation course has inspired and energised me to deliver even better training and professional development for the Aquatic industry.   
Read more from Shannon here...

Social Permaculture Course in May to Support People and Groups to Thrive

Did you know you can design harmonious and effective groups who thrive towards their aims and purpose as a collective? Yep, it’s called Social Permaculture. And this is what Permaculture pioneer Robin Clayfield and social change-agent Erin Young are brewing for the SOCIAL PERMACULTURE WEEKEND on 18 & 19 May at Crystal Waters Permaculture EcoVillage, near Maleny in South East Queensland.


This unique weekend is a rare opportunity to be guided in developing your social design fluency by applying the nature-based principles of permaculture. Using interactive and dynamic experiences, Robin and Erin will share with you insights to regenerative people systems and approaches contributing to happy and healthy humans on the levels of the individual, organisational, and societal.  Read more here...

and watch a video  with Robin sharing about Social Permaculture here. Thanks to Russ Grayson for this interview from APC in Canberra in 2018.

Continue up-skilling your Dynamic Groups facilitation skills with us.  Support Robin's book production, and join our online groups here:

MAY 2019

3rd to 5th May
The Sacred Union Labyrinth

at The Planting Festival
Woodfordia, Queensland
Ceremonies plus Workshops on Split Bamboo and Banana Fibre Weaving to beautiful the Labyrinth
See The Planting Website for the Program

and the Page for The Labyrinth Program here

4th May, Saturday - 2.40pm to 3.55pm
at The Planting Festival

Presentation by Robin Clayfield
in The Grove Venue
See the Details here


18th and 19th May
Social Permaculture Course

with Robin and Erin :)
at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village
Here's a link to the web page with more info

and the Link to the FaceBook Event Page


31st May
Activating Sacred Spaces Workshop Day

with Robina McCurdy
Near Maleny
Book with Claire

JUNE 2019

2nd June, Sunday
Growing Community Workshop

with Robina McCurdy and Robin Clayfield
at Crystal Waters Permaculture EcoVillage
Book with Robin

2nd June Sunday EVENING
Deeping into Community

with Robina McCurdy and Robin Clayfield
at Crystal Waters Permaculture EcoVillage
Book with Robin

25th to 30th June
Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning

Near Edmonton, Canada
Hosted by Angele Beaudoin and Marcus Fung
Contact Robin if you're interested 

JULY 2019

5th to 7th July
Social Design and Community Colloboration
Social Permaculture in Action

Sunshine Coast,, BC, Canada
with Robin Clayfield and Kym Chi
Contact via the website

12th, 13th and 14th July
Queensland Garden Expo
Nambour Show Grounds

Robin's stall set up for the three days in the Kitchen Garden Section. 
Here's the link

24th to 26th July
Australasian Facilitators Network Conference
South Brisbane

Robin involved in organising committee and much of proceedings will be run using 'Open Space Technology'.


10th and 11th August
Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning Introduction
at Northey Street City Farm

See the event here on FaceBook

or Book here


19th to 22nd September
The Joining Gathering

On Springbrook Mountain, Gold Coast Hinterland, Q'ld  Theme to be announced. Robin and Rob part of the organising circle and deeply involved and Robin possibly facilitating. 
Announcing the Theme - The Spirit of Community - Playful Beauty Beyond Words
Click to see the website.


2nd to 5th October
Journey's to Manhood Camp

at The Rock Via Summerset, SE Qld. Rite of Passage for Teenage Boys. Robin working with the Mum's. Run by Powerhouse Programs. 
Click here to see the website.

EveryWoman Gathering

at Camp Bornhoffen in Numumbah Valley, Qld
Having a rest this year and will return.
Here's the Website link for the gathering


December 2019/January 2020
The Sacred Union Labyrinth
at Woodford Folk Festival
with Robin and team facilitating Ceremony
Check out the festival here

MARCH 2020

March - Dates to be announced
Being Woman... Gathering

Camp Warrawee near Joiner, Nth West Brisbane Area.
Robin involved and Facilitating a workshop and part of the Ceremony team for the Opening and Closing Ceremony.
Click to see the website
Here's the poster from the 2019 gathering as a sample.


March - Dates to be announced
Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning

6 Day Training at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village. South East Queensland.
Residential Course, Fully catered.
See Robin's website for more information

Here's the poster from the February 2019 course as a sample.

March/April - Dates to be announced
Annual Crystal Waters PDC

Permaculture Design Course. Robin as guest presenter.
See the info on the website here

APRIL 2020

Annual April Camp - Dates to be announced
Journey's to Manhood Camp

at The Rock Via Summerset, SE Qld. Rite of Passage for Teenage Boys. Robin working with the Mum's. Run by Powerhouse Programs. 
Click here to see the website


Crystal Waters Village Markets
First Saturday of each month. 8am to 2pm

(No Dogs or cats please). Robin will set up with her stall in February 2019 and most markets in the early months of 2019.
Visit the Website


  • Creative Facilitation
  • Programming and Session Planning Review and Revamp
  • Group, Business, Project and Event Start Ups and Visioning
  • Permaculture and Social Permaculture Design
  • Self Publishing
  • Life Design
Book with Robin to suit your schedule.  OR, receive a one hour consultancy every three months (among other rewards) if you join Robin on Patreon at the $50 a month reward tier.

Tours of Crystal Waters Permaculture EcoVillage.
Book with Robin for either of several options.

  • 1.5 hour general tour
  • 2.5 hours offering a more extensive personally designed tour that expands on the general tour and can include a special focus on either Building Design, Garden Design, Bamboo Farm and Businesses or Social Permaculture 
  • 20 minute Village Introduction

Online Social Permaculture Workshops
Beginning in 2019 and ongoing through Sustainable Living Guide. See their Website and keep an eye out for Robin's presentations.


Erin Young's eNewsletter - Thriving People, Better World
with a free link to 'An Insiders Guide to  Sociocracy'
Have a look here

Savour Soil PDC
(Permaculture Design Course)
11th Aug. to 24th Nov.

with Michael Wardle
at Laidley, Qld
Robin doing one day on Social Permaculture Plus... 
on 10th November.
Here's the link to the website

Delvin Solkinson's Fantastic New Version of
Permaculture Design Core Concepts Cards 
from Dew Permaculture in Canada

Here's the Link for a free download

and the Design Deck

Plus Delvins' Visionary Permaculture Design latest eNewsletter

and the issue before with links to the Teachers Notes which Robin's work is featured in.
"Profoundly grateful to Robin Clayfield, a treasured teacher and magical mentor. She is at the heart of my permaculture design work and the source inspiration for much of my teaching methods and the Permaculture Design Deck." Delvin


Permaculture Design Companion Book
by Jasmine Dale

Visit her 'Being Somewhere' Website to have a look at this fantastically useful book or to buy it. 
General info about the book..."This is a practical workbook to apply permaculture to your OWN project from start to finish. It is a step by step guide for integrating places and people, buildings and ecosystems." plenty of info, pages to view, testimonials etc on the website.


Natures Apprentice
The most wonderful body of work and eNewsletter
Here's the eNews link


Permaculture Australia Membership

Here's the link to join
Australia's Permaculture Magazine

The Change Agency
Click to see latest e-news
They have all kinds of great info and links here.
See their website

'Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning' YouTube Clip: Robin explains the methodology with the Magician jig saw puzzle to help her. Nearly 9000 views. 

 Watch it Here

Also see one of the Gaiacraft clips recorded in the UK in 2015.
Robin's Dynamic Groups and Creative Facilitation

With thanks to Dana Wilson, Delvin Solkinson and the Gaiacraft/Visionary Permaculture team.

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