Pressive ideas? Please, we're Australian; RET Review calculations lack transparency; Australian business ignoring natural capital risk; Could distributed renewables make up 80% of world's energy by 2040?; How to convince conservatives about climate change; BHP Billiton not quick enough to act on climate change; Building renewables is as green as you'd expect; 14 Euro Union member states will miss 2020 targets; and Why solar is taking off across the country; 
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The Parkinson Report
The reaction to South Australia's new renewable target, and the ANU's divestment campaign, has been extraordinary, and has unleashed a torrent of abuse from Team Australia, otherwise known as Team Coal, in the media. 
Schneider Electric whitepaper questions 'lack of transparency' in RET Review calculations on LGCs – a key factor in evaluating cost of RET.
Report calls on Australian businesses to weigh up links between financial and natural capital risks, in light of the ongoing decline in biodiversity.
WA energy expert says 'utility death spiral' well underway – new world order will see 80% of energy come from self-generated renewables and storage by 2040.
Psychologists could play key part in helping convince conservatives to take climate change seriously. Tell them they're patriots.
BHP Billiton needs to move faster to capture 'unprecedented' low-carbon value, and to avoid climate risk.
How green are these  sources of low-carbon renewable electricity? Pretty green, it turns out.
14 European Union member states will fail to meet their 20% renewable energy target by 2020 based on current progress.
The biggest solar power project in the entire state of Minnesota is going to be at an airport.
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