Solar's dramatic cost fall may herald energy price deflation, Australia's gold medal in soaring electricity prices, Why conservative governments, media moguls should love "Negawatts", Aussie CSPV developer Raygen signs $60m deal in China, The 5 key elements of sustainable transport, The IPCC and Australia's emissions targets, and can business break impasse on climate action.
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Investment bank Bernstein produces stunning graph to show how solar is now cheaper than oil and LNG in Asia. Solar, it says, is "cheap, clean, convenient and reliable". The solar market share may be small now, but the prospect it could trigger "energy price deflation" has huge implications for energy investments.
UBS research shows soaring network costs have made Australia the most expensive market for electricity prices. However, the average increases in costs from renewable-focused countries such as Germany and Denmark have been below average.
Negawatts are largely untapped in Australia, and all sides of politics are missing a massive opportunity to create a loyal following in regional areas
RayGen signs $60m deal for assembly of its CSPV technology in China. It predicts CSPV sales could top $1bn by 2020.
A great graph on the carbon intensity of travel - from flights to bicycles. And 5 tips on making transport more sustainable. 
NGO kicks of RET fact finding mission at Victoria's community-owned Hepburn wind farm. Here's what it finds...
The new IPCC report due on Sunday will put pressure on the Abbott government to justify its limited climate change policy action.
IPCC urges immediate action on adapting to climate change, but governments and media seem poorly equipped to deliver that dire message to the public.
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