What hope green energy? Hockey says turbines "utterly offensive", Graph of the Day: Global solar PV demand by country, Joe Hockey reveals true colours on renewables, Stand-alone power becomes growing reality for utilities, Australia networks see future of renewables-based micro-grids, Arizona may impose property tax on customers who lease solar panels, Yamaha electric motorcycles to enter production in 2016, and Are we heading for a worrying Super El Niño?
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Hockey describes wind turbines near Lake George as "utterly offensive" and appears to regret the fact that they have long term contracts and can't be pulled down.
Demand for solar PV has shifted dramatically from Europe and to the world's three biggest economies.
Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey kicks off twitter storm when he labels wind turbines “utterly offensive” and "blight on  landscape."
A future energy market with stand-alone power infrastructure and micro-grids servicing the regions seems inevitable. Networks need a strong relationship with their customers.
Australian network operators see a future of renewables-based micro grids, and a massive transfer of capital from networks to consumers. But will politicians and regulators get the picture? Coal generators, retailers and bar fridges could be the biggest casualties.
A new and bizarre interpretation of state law in Arizona could force customers to pay property taxes on leased solar panels.
Production of electric motorcycles by 2016 marks Yamaha’s entry into the growing electric motorcycle market.
Climate researchers are seeing the beginnings of what could be the most powerful El Niño event since 1997/98.
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