Solar turns tables on Australia's electricity markets, The remarkable energy transition in SA, Does Tony Abbott believe the moon is made of cheese? Australia's "best" wind energy project changes hands, World wind energy capacity to double by 2020, City of Sydney extends solar roll-out to historic Rocks, Nsw cuts solar tariffs as Qld lifts network costs, Communities and wind power, and Grid parity still doesn't matter.
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Demand from Australia's electricity grids is being downgraded again. The new data will be seized by incumbent generators to protect their interests, but they betray a fundamental, and essentially unstoppable, change in the way electricity is generated and delivered.
South Australia is poised to become a world leading, textbook example of a clean energy transition, official demand forecasts suggest
Obama says those who reject the science of climate change are akin to those who think the moon is made of cheese.
Hornsdale, considered to be the "best" undeveloped wind project, sold to new consortium, and solar projects may follow.
ACT opens bidding for 1MW of community-owned solar as a new coalition formed to tap into groundswell for community energy.
Research firm Gobal Data has released figures stating that wind power will increase from from 319.6 Gigawatts (GW) at the end of 2013 to 678.5 GW by 2020.
City of Sydney adds 82kW solar array to recreation centre in historic Rocks.
IPART announces yet another cut to the recommended tariffs for export to the grid from rooftop solar owners.
Community-owned projects has underpinned renewable energy in Europe and has major potential in Australia.
PV + storage could be competitive with power from the grid by 2020 in Germany. The result could be a disastrous wave of grid defection.
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