Environment minister sees future in 'clean coal,' refuses to back renewables; large-scale renewables projects at a standstill in Australia; AER's poles and wires crack-down; Macquarie's retail power play; Geothermal project abandoned due to "lack of oil" Graph of the Day - how many EVs??; Abbott's systematic solar stamp-out; why we will have to suck CO2 out of the atmosphere; global coal's water risks; and Germany's renewables rejig.
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Environment minister sees future in 'cleaner' coal, and refuses to endorse renewables. This comes as new data shows large-scale renewable projects at a standstill, and as industry finds doors closed in Canberra. Meanwhile, new data show electricity emissions have fallen 5 per cent in past year.
Abbott government has brought the large-scale renewable energy industry to a standstill, with no new projects in 2014, and only four in 2013.
AER cites decreased demand and 'over-estimated capital expenditure' in decision to downgrade revenue allowances for NSW electricity distributors.
Macquarie gains electricity retail licence as it rolls out solar leasing business. Other firms, including Sungevity, are also applying - at least for exemptions.
New data shows global EV numbers climbed to just over 400,000 on the road in early 2014, and has doubled in each of last two years.
The solar schools and towns program appear to be latest victims of Abbott's systematic destruction of Australia's solar opportunity.
Climate scientist Malte Meinhausen explains why we will need to use technology to suck CO2 out of the atmosphere.
Water risks are already impacting the world’s coal industry, but how will these change over time?
Plans for a 25MW geothermal project in WA set back after partner withdraws because of a "lack of hydrocarbons".
Germany moves to contain costs of energiewende, as Spain also considers revisions to its renewables support system.

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