7 "radical ideas for Australia's renewable energy policy; Carbon prices lives to see further debate; 100% renewables key to rapid decarbonisation in Australia; Shell white-washing $77bn carbon risk; Students take on electric car world record; Saudi solar robot cleans desert PV panels - water free; New report outlines 'pathways' to cut cO2 emissions; and Energy policies turn Fukushima into a loss for Japan & a win for Germany.
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The Parkinson Report
Investment bank UBS comes up with a suite of policies designed to accelerate shift Australia’s electricity consumption from a carbon-heavy centralised model to a carbon-light distributed model. Australia, with strong solar and wind resources, and smart people, could lead the world.
Abbott government's call for urgent vote on carbon repeal bill defeated in Senate as Motoring Enthusiast MP Ricky Muir votes to continue debate.
Report says a shift to 100% renewables is key to Australia's carbon reduction challenge, achievable by 2050, and could boost the economy by 150%.
Report warns Shell has underestimated carbon risk up to to $77 billion-worth of new fossil fuel projects as climate policies begin to bite.
A team comprising of 60 undergraduate students will challenge a world record this month to prove their electric car can meet the needs of Australia's driving public.
Saudi University developed NO-water Mechanical Automated Dusting Device can clean solar panels in the desert daily, using no water at all.
UN sponsored report  says emissions will have to be curbed sharply to keep warming above “safe” levels. They have an ingenious plan.
Japan has nine times Germany’s renewable energy resources, but produces nine times less electricity from renewables. That's because Japan’s government allows utility monopolies to protect their profits by blocking competitors.
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