Abbott blows black smoke into Australian economy; Record offshore deal boosts global renewables investment; Photon to build solar plus storage for NSW broadcast tower; Australia installed 65MW rooftop solar in June; CEFC, CBA target Vic manufacturers for energy efficiency loans; Why "benefits" are struck from analysis of energy policies; Electricity sector may have to kill gas to save itself; Solar module spot prices hit historic lows in Q2 2014; Military bases face hurdles in climate change adaptation; and Germany, France join forces to achieve new record in solar CPV efficiency.
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The new game for anti-Green rednecks in US is to blow black smoke at electric vehicles from their pick-ups. This week, Tony Abbott will achieve the political and economic equivalent of "coal rolling", scrapping carbon price as China prepares to announce first emissions cap.
Global renewables investment surged $63.6bn in Q2 driven by record-breaking $3.8bn financing of 600MW offshore wind farm in North Sea... and China.
Deal to provide 39kW of solar and 215kWh of battery storage could be replicated at thousands of tower sites across Australia.
Nearly 100,000 Australian households added rooftop solar in the first six months of 2014, adding 384MW of capacity to the grid.
Two months after Vic govt axes GGB energy efficiency scheme, CEFC and Commonwealth Bank target Shepparton manufacturers with $100m loan program.
Economic analysis conducted for governments on green energy and efficiency programs assume zero benefits.  The asset values of incumbents emerge as major criteria.
The best opportunity for electricity sector growth and security is to take a leaf from the gas industry's book and promote the switch gas-free power.
Global module spot prices hit all time low, but prices expected to rise again in second half.
Climate change could cost the Department of Defence big in the coming decades unless adaptation measures are taken soon.
Researchers from Europe's largest solar research institute have achieved a world record efficiency of 36.7 per cent in a concentrator photovoltaic module.

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