Milne: Australia should be net carbon zero by 2050; Redflow says trials shows large scale storage "cost competitive"; Coal industry in deep denial; Mixed Greens; RET review cartoon; Stem banks #100m for finance no-money-down energy storage; Why ExxonMobil is betting on a higher carbon price than Google; Technologies that could grow global economy; Newman's cash grab will end as a tax on consumers; and Indoor air pollutions kills millions, solar could help save those millions.
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Greens leader Christine Milne has called on Australia to commit to being “net carbon zero” by 2050, and commit to cutting emissions by up to 60 per cent by 2030. Australia should phase out coal fired power stations by emissions regulation, as had occurred in US and China.
Australian battery technology developer RedFlow says trials of its zinc-bromine "flow" batteries shows the storage technology is "cost competitive" in large scale applications.
Reaction of the coal industry to the recently released Chinese restrictions on dirty coal use in key coastal regions reveals an industry in deep denial.
Report warns uncertainty could wipe $1.4bn from CFI; Save Solar campaign continues; building upgrade finance website launched; clothing waste targeted.
"We have the courage to say what needs to be said, and provide hope for our future.  The Abbott Government is the last stand of the vanquished."
Featuring Alan Moran, Maurice Newman, Dick Warburton and Burchell Wilson.
Stem, a behind-the-meter energy storage startup, raised $100m to finance distributed energy storage at commercial and industrial customers.
Most companies expect to pay a much higher carbon price than current prices. And they are already including it in their investment models. 
A detailed look at which climate-friendly technologies could grow the global economy and help the world avoid the worst impacts of climate change.
Whether the Newman government sells or leases Queensland’s electricity assets, the future costs to consumers will ultimately outstrip any instant benefits.
Indoor air pollution kills more people around the world every year than HIV and malaria combined — but solar power might be the key to solving the problem. 
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