Gas networks fearing mass defections; Rally for renewables in pictures; JA solar claims world record solar cell efficiency conversion; World's largest coal miner to invest $1.2b in solar power; Mapping global carbon emissions; Electricity sector drives down Aus emissions; China and US hold key to successful climate outcome; and Germany may not need electricity storage for another 20 years.
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Australian gas industry fears losing more than one million households to solar hot water systems in coming years. It will probably happen anyway because of soaring gas prices, but it wants to stem the tide by abolishing the SRS, with the promise of saving $50 a year - by 2034.
Rally for renewables and save solar campaigns target key ministers ahead of RET Review decision.
JA Solar claims new world record for multi-Si solar cell efficiency conversion.
Coal India in talks with Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) for the development of 1,000MW solar power plants.
Graph of the Day: Mapping global carbon emissions Emil Jeyaratnam & James Whitmore
Latest report on global carbon emissions released this week revealed that carbon dioxide emissions will likely reach 40 billion tonnes this year.
Australia recorded a fall in its national emissions in the 12 months to March 31, driven mostly by the electricity sector. 
The NY climate summit did not unveil ambition, but it put climate change back on the political map. China-US bilateral talks in November are key. 
Instead, flexible fossil-fueled power plants and other intermediate options can deliver the needed power and grid stability at a lower price.
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