Australia becomes first country in world to dump carbon price; Solar households to be penalised by carbon price repeal?; Abbott government thumbs its nose at ARENA board; Raygen says Australia solar exports could top $1bn; AGL sees short term pain, long term gain in carbon repeal; Despite its demise, the carbon price cut emissions; Delhi considers 'rent-a-roof' solar program; Weather disasters have cost the globe $2.4 trillion; and the price of carbon - A view from mendicant state.
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Australia becomes the first country in the world to remove a carbon pricing scheme established to combat climate change. The win for the Coalition is hailed by Abbott and his inner circle of climate deniers, claimed by the PUP, and condemned by almost everyone else.
Concern mounts that Australia's one million-plus solar households could face a financial hit from rushed through PUP amendment to the Carbon Repeal Bill.
Abbott government defies Senate motion and appoints another bureaucrat to board of ARENA, which now has no directors with relevant commercial expertise.
Raygen says CSPV technology can be "world's cheapest", but that will depend on cost of capital, and level of policy certainty.
AGL - once the greenest of utilities - says repeal of carbon price and dilution of renewables target is good for long term value of business.
Carbon emissions in Australia’s national electricity market would have been 11 to 17 million tonnes higher if Australia had not introduced a carbon price.
The government's monstrously stupid decision will be incredibly hard to rectify, and will be a huge burden for decades.
A solar rooftop policy mastered by Indian Prime Minister Modi in his home state of Gujarat is set to be replicated across the country.
Weather and climate-related disasters have caused $2.4 trillion in economic losses and nearly 2 million deaths globally since 1971.
Tasmania will suffer from the axing of the carbon price, with hundreds of jobs to perish.
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