Networks see light on energy future but can they get there? Surge in rooftop solar PV displaces more fossil fuels, Solar 'Ray' of hope in battle against energy poverty, Hunt disputes CEC model in on RET, China/Japan fuel boom in solar silicon demand, Floodgates open for vanadium flow batteries, Is an energy storage tsunami about to hit California? and Renewables as security hedge against Putin and rising fuel costs.
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The Parkinson Report
Evidence is mounting that Australian network operators are accepting that new technologies – including localised renewable generation, energy storage and smart software – are a better and cheaper option than adding more poles and wires. But will politicians get the picture?
Report finds Australia's small‐scale solar generation has trebled in past three years, and can now displace around 6,882GWh of coal power a year.
Solar-powered sculpture to light up Vivid festival in Sydney and highlight solar-powered solutions to energy poverty in India.
Environment minister Hunt says if renewable energy lowered the cost of wholesale electricity prices, then they wouldn’t need a subsidy. Huh?
A burst of solar panel orders from China and Japan could lead to biggest boom in polysilicon industry since 2011. Plus: Infigen results; Solar Juice deal.
Imergy Power Systems has come up with an interesting solution of its own to tackle the challenges facing vanadium flow batteries.
Californian policymakers have recognised the potential role of energy storage in a number of new incentive programs.
Putin can cut off European gas supplies, but he cannot cut off renewable energy generation.
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