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"The production is utterly good and the art cover is very cool indeed. "DiesGrows" is a masterpiece waiting for you to discover, wonderful music made by wonderful musicians from a wonderful country, Norway!!!" - Metal-Temple

"Nicht aus England, aber besser als nahezu alles, was aus England in diesem Jahr kam – 'DiesGrows' sollte auf jedem Einkaufszettel stehen, wenn man auch nur ein bisschen mit der Musik der 70er-Jahre anfangen kann." -

This is a masterpiece and fans of Deep Purple and old Candlemass should check them out! The best Classic Rock release in 2014 so far! GET IT!" - Daredevil

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"This is hard rock that rocks on and becomes doomy from time to time, without ever really leaving a lasting impression. Well executed by competent musicians. Good for in the pub. Downing whisky and rocking out." - Lords Of Metal

"Where so many other retro minded groups fall short by simply trying to clone one band’s sound or writing the same riff over and over again, these guys have what it takes to stand out. The fact that they’ve managed to do so on their debut is impressive, and I’ll be very interested to see where they go from here as the bar has been set very high." - Cosmos Gaming

"I can recommend this disc to any hard rock fan." - New Underground Music

"Not only do IRONBIRD have a knack for writing strong, classic-minded songs with substance to them, but they also have the chops to back it up. They are one of the few contemporary bands I’ve heard whose music champions the spirit of classic Hard Rock and Metal without sounding too derivative, and “Black Mountain” definitely holds up well after repeat listens. I would recommend it highly to fans of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal." - Metal-Temple

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Release date: 2014-10-22

Green vinyl edition. Legendary 1978 release from Danish guitar guru TOMRERCLAUS. A massive feast in distorted JIMI HENDRIX inspired tracks, performed on both guitars, and distorted cellos ! Take then a handful of heavy psychedelia and mushroom melodies, and you come to the conclusion that this monster is ranked among the cream of Scandinavian albums of the 70's ! Original pressings are impossible to find,
so this re-issue is welcomed !

Click here to listen to "Kanibalerne Kommer"

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Release date: 2014-11-03

If you missed out on SKÅNSKA MORD's earlier releases - you can't let this one slip thru your fingers. This is their first release on Transubstans, a 4 track EP released on black / solid white 12' vinyl. Recorded at Lemon Recording Studios with engineer Martin Ekelund, this EP is the brilliant follow-up to their two critically acclaimed albums "The Last Supper" (2010) and "Paths To Charon" (2012). Once again, SKÅNSKA MORD proves the winning concept of blending one of the strongest voices in Swedish rock history together with the dynamic, blues, psychedelic and hard-riffing tunes that practically steams 70's groove. From the opening track "Illusion" to the fantastic cover of JANNE SCHAFFER's "Black Salad" (with a guest appearance by JANNE SCHAFFER himself), you will for sure get your dose of the "pick me up" SKÅNSKA MORD always deliver.

Click here to listen to "A Room Without A View"

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