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Today's guest is: Evita Ochel from

Evita Ochel's Bio:

Evita Ochel is a consciousness expansion teacher, whose diverse passions and expertise span all areas of the mind, body, and spirit. She is a writer, speaker, holistic nutritionist, yoga and meditation teacher, web TV host, and author of several books, including "Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition". Evita is also the creator of several online publications that feature hundreds of articles and videos, as well as classes and courses to empower individuals to be the change they wish to see. For more information, visit:

**Please click here to listen to our conversation: Manifesting with Joy Holland & Evita Ochel. ** Please note: There are a few times in the beginning that Evita's connection cuts out for a few seconds each time, so it's silent, but the connection is quickly restored and the conversation continues. 

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I suggest that you listen through one time to get a feel for the energy of the conversation, without feeling like you have to take notes or remember specifics. Then, at your leisure, listen again, with the intention of taking notes about specific practices or techniques.

Here are a few links you may be interested in on Evita's site:

1. When you go to Evita's website, you will notice there are six 'categories': Evolving Beings, Evolving Scenes, Healthytarian, Evolving Wellness, Evolving Channels, My Simpler Way. I highly recommend them all.

2.  My favorite *free* "Evita publication' is her "Evolving Channels: a video library for the awakening mind".  

3. Here is a link to Evita's book (that changed my life) that we spoke about in the interview "Healing and Prevention Through Nutrition".

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