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April 2017

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Prescription for success
Do you ever feel that you have too many interests to choose just one major? The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences has a cure for that!
5 tips for balancing a double major / minor
It might be easier than you think to add another major or minor. You can still graduate on time and, bonus, your diverse studies can help you stand out in the job market. Here are some tips from fellow students on how to balance multiple majors and minors.
Academic Advising
Meet some advisors and seek advice and support to help you meet your goals.

College News

KU hosts National Debate Tournament for first time

KU hosted the National Debate Tournament for the first time this year. Congratulations to the entire Kansas Debate team on a truly remarkable season: this was the first time in Kansas Debate history that three teams qualified to the NDT and advanced to elimination rounds

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This KU College life

Meet Carson Vickroy, the "World's Fastest Weatherman," and an atmospheric science student in KU's Department of Geography & Atmospheric Science.  

Get to know more of your fellow College students and learn about life across CLAS on our Youtube channel and blog.

Cool Classes

7 classes Rory Gilmore would love

5 Classes for 'The Big Bang Theory' Geeks

Magic for Muggles

5 classes to help you thrive in the workplace

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All the majors in one place.

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The College is celebrating our upcoming graduates.Come for food, drinks and giveaways on April 26, 4-6pm!
May 5: Stop Day
May 14: Commencement
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