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February 2016

3 Career Fair myths that just aren't true

The Career Fair is coming up next week! It will be in the Kansas Union on Wednesday, Feb. 10 from 1:00 - 5:00 p.m. Not sure what to expect? Don’t think this event is for you? We’ve talked with real employers and busted some of the most popular student myths and concerns about attending the Career Fair. 

1.The companies attending aren’t looking for my major.

Employers are often looking for students with specific skills, not specific majors. Learn how to talk about the knowledge base you’ve developed through your major and the skillset you can offer to that position. Here’s a list of the top six liberal arts skills to get you started.
“I graduated from a liberal arts college, so I completely understand the value of a diverse, well-rounded education in the workforce,” said Jessie Poole, assistant account manager and internship coordinator at Crossroads. “I love talking with students that can speak about economics, politics and then dive into their love for writing or speaking. I'm less interested in what your degree will say, and more interested in why you want to intern at Crossroads and why you'd be a great fit for our team.”

2. I can only talk to recruiters about the specific positions listed.

If you’re interested in a company attending the fair, you should meet with them, even if they don’t have your dream job available right now. Talking with the representative will give you the chance to ask questions you can’t find the answers to online, plus they might have insight on potential internships or when opportunities might open up. 
“LRS attends career fairs to find students for our entry level positions.  We like to start building relationships with students early so that we become a destination on their career fair experience,” said  Kaci Huelsmann with Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. “I’m the campus recruiter and deal with all things related.  I give out my business cards as well as fliers that have my information on it, including my cell phone number.  If someone thinks of a question after the fact, I’m more than happy to answer it for them and help them in any way!”
3.Giving out my resume is too pushy.

It’s not. Employers want to meet you; it’s why they’ve taken time away from their desks to attend the fair. Some of them will even keep resumes on hand for future opportunities. Providing your resume up front can help guide your conversation with an employer and give them the chance to ask any questions they may have about your experience.  
“It's amazing to me how often I visit a fair, ask for a resume and the student doesn't have one ready to go,” said Jessie Poole from Crossroads. “If you don't have a resume to make an impression, how am I supposed to take notes, remember our conversation or reach out if an opportunity pops up? Always carry copies of your resume and don't be afraid to ask questions or follow up with an email if you are really interested in an opportunity.” 

Read the full list of myths on our blog.

Attending the Career Fair next week? Interviewing for jobs or summer internships? You'll rock them and the University Career Center is here to help with 5 tips to nail an interview:
  1. Prepare
  2. Focus on the positive
  3. Body language
  4. Ask questions
  5. Follow up
Read the full post here. Want even more great advice on interviews? Sign up to do a mock interview with the UCC. You’ll be able to practice interview questions and receive some great feedback.

Building Relationships with Mentors

As the spring semester begins, consider building a mentoring relationship.

What can a mentor do for me?

It’s important to have a network of people you can count on to provide support and guidance. A mentor knows the benefits of a college degree, can identify with the obstacles students face and even serve as a reference for jobs or internships.

Where do I find a mentor?

giphy (1)

Many people can serve as mentors. Often, professors or academic advisors can fill this role. Make regular appointments with your academic advisor. Stop by your professors’ office hours to ask them questions about your academic progress and get their advice on opportunities. And don’t forget, the College offers the Take Your Professor to Lunch program that allows you to take your professor to lunch for free and get to know them better as a mentor.

What will we talk about?

A faculty mentor can provide information on how their field of study is expanding, discuss research opportunities, major course selections suggest organizations to join and praise your accomplishments if employers call on them as a reference.

An advisor mentor will provide information including university policies and procedures, degree requirements, class scheduling, academic standing and campus resources.

Read more about building a mentoring relationship on our blog.

What's new on campus and in the College:
The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences has a new dean, Carl Lejuez! If you see him on campus be sure to say hi, but his name can be pretty tricky to pronounce. We asked some students to give it their best shot in the latest video episode of College Closeup! Spoiler alert: He'll help you pronounce it in the end. 
Congrats to students named to the Dean’s list for academic excellence during the fall semester of 2015. These students are honored for achieving at least a 3.50 KU term GPA with at least 12 graded hours. Read the full list online.
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