Antiquity & Avant-Garde 
China is the only civilization with a continuous artistic culture, dating back to the Neolithic period over 5000 years ago. Old Masters perfected the art of landscape painting, while emerging artists are at the cutting edge of the global art world. China has the most vibrant art scene in the world. Here are a few highlights to inspire you...

The Palace Museum, also called The Forbidden City, houses China’s imperial treasures and is the most visited museum in the country. For something off the beaten path, the Guanfu Classical Art Museum was the first private museum in China and exhibits over 1000 cultural relics, including porcelain, painting and furniture.
Fast forward to UCCA, the nation’s leading contemporary art center for major exhibitions, located in a former Bauhaus ammunitions factory-come-art district.  Nearby, the village of Caochangdi is now home to artist studios and galleries showing innovative ink painting, photography, installations and sculpture.

The Shanghai Museum is the country’s premier traditional art museum, with an exceptional collection of ancient ritual bronze vessels, Buddhist sculpture and jade.

Pair this with a visit to the new China Art Palace’s outstanding collection of modern Chinese painting, followed by a visit to the city's most recent private museums of contemporary art.
Not enough? MOCA Shanghai, Propaganda Poster Museum, Minsheng Art Museum, Rockbund Art Museum, M50 Art Center for galleries featuring China’s latest talent, and Taopu for a warehouse-style contemporary art museum.

Nanjing has a long history as a center of culture. The Nanjing Museum boasts 400,000 artifacts in its permanent collection, including a 2000 year old jade burial suit.   

The Sifang Collective is nestled within the Laoshan National Forest and is a new kind of cultural center. The centerpiece is the contemporary Chinese art museum designed by Steven Holl, surrounded by other buildings designed by 20 award-winning architects. The museum's exhibition program promises to be innovative and ground-breaking.

Tucked inside an 11th century Confucius Temple is the Forest of Stele Museum, exhibiting stone tablets and sculptures of monumental historic significance.  A stele documenting Nestorian Christians in China and a depiction of a Yangzi River flood control project are among the unique carvings.
Juxtapose those with OCAT Xi’an whose mission is to serve the broader Western region of China, drawing upon local and international resources to promote contemporary Chinese art.

China built over 400 museums last year. China Insider has in-depth knowledge of the collections, unrestricted access to the artists, long-standing relationships with curators, and insider entree to the galleries. 

Neolithic potters decorated their vessels with geometric patterns that rival contemporary designs.

Photo credit (at top):            
Chen Qiulin, still from Peach Blossom (video), 2009.



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