For millennia, mountains were pilgrimage sites for emperors to offer sacrifices, and abodes for Buddhists and Daoists to worship and meditate. Today these mountains connect the past with the present and many are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Spot hanging coffins, harvest plants for traditional Chinese medicine, or meet a mountain hermit.

Pictured above are the iconic pine trees and jagged peaks of Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain) – a timeless source of inspiration for artists.

TAI SHAN ~ China’s most sacred mountain
  • Follow in the footsteps of 72 emperors  
  • View over 1000 stone inscriptions inscribed on the mountain by rulers and scholars
SONG SHAN ~ Lofty Mountain
  • Explore the many walking paths among the 70 peaks of Song Shan
  • Study martial arts with the masters of the famous Shaolin Temple
EMEI SHAN ~ Delicate Eyebrow Mountain
  • Visit Crouching Tiger Monastery once associated with martial arts and is now a Buddhist nunnery
  • Hike among 1000 year old trees to the summit and wake up to a spectacular sunrise above the clouds
PUTUO SHAN ~ A mountain in the sea
  • Travel by ferry to the island-mountain of Putuo covered with many temples and monasteries
  • Study Buddhism alongside devotees from around the world at one of China’s largest Buddhist academies





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