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Dear Firstlight Family, Friends and Supporters

Many tell us that it is hard to believe that Firstlight has now been broadcasting for 4 years!
We are all so fortunate that collectively we can be part of the wonderful blessing of reaching the people of New Zealand with the final urgent and compassionate 3 Angels' messages and the Everlasting Gospel, available to 100% of New Zealand via UHF Terrestrial signal, and Sky and Freeview Satellite signals.
Summer Camp and Bible Convention...
Recently, the Firstlight team, who volunteer from different locations and who aren't often able Some of the Firstlight Team at the 2017 Bible Convention - January 2017to meet together face to face, (though they are in constant touch via the marvels of the internet and Skype etc), took the time to fellowship together at some holy convocations, held by Autumn Leaves Ministry, in Rotorua and Christchurch.
The speakers, Pastor Stephen Bohr (Secrets Unsealed, USA), Tony Rykers (Cornerstone Ministry, Australia) and Tim Rumsey (White Horse Media, USA) were excellent, and moved by the Holy Spirit, gave timely messages that unlocked the Scriptures, and spiritually fed and enraptured all who attended.
As the popular hymn goes:

"Then in fellowship sweet, we will sit at His feet..." It really was a time of sweet fellowship, sitting at our Lord's feet as His messengers spoke to us on His behalf!

If you were unable to attend, don’t despair! These programs will be aired on Firstlight as soon as broadcast-ready files are made.  If you cannot wait, camp DVDs are already available directly from Autumn Leaves – just call them on 03-313-7762 or visit their website.
The Firstlight Team, and all who attended, were refreshed and recharged. We can hardly wait for the next camps, which will be held in January 2018, when Pastor David Gates will be one of the key speakers.  We look forward to meeting you there!

Technical Upgrades...
After using mostly second-hand dated equipment for nearly 5 years, the Firstlight team has embarked on some necessary technical upgrades, including upgrading our primary 5-year-old broadcasting server located high up the Skytower.
We have a special need for funds to cover this upgrade, as well as putting backup systems into place, so please pray that the Lord will continue to provide as we step out in faith once again.
The messages being broadcast have been provided by our Supreme Provider, Jesus Christ. These are not only helping people live longer, healthier lives, but are also preparing them for eternal life and the soon coming of Jesus.

Praise God!
Your support, prayers and encouragement have demonstrated that:
  1. You care about effective and quality communication of the eternal life-giving message. Praise God!      
  2. You care about the experience of God and you want to be part of fulfilling the Lord’s commission before He comes. Praise God!      
  3. You care about making this God-given opportunity work for His glory. Praise God!
  4. You care about your personal outreach ministry which is making a difference in countless lives in New Zealand and beyond. Praise God!
  5. You care about "Broadcasting" the seeds of truth, mercy, compassion and love, in the full sense of the word, to all of New Zealand. Praise God!
Feedback Received
We at Firstlight are amazed at the feedback that comes in daily. We could ‘plaster many walls’ with these uplifting emails and letters. They are heartwarming, inspiring, and encouraging. They delight and thrill our souls. Here is a small sample - below and in the column to the right...
"Having come back to New Zealand from England I "found" the Hope and Firstlight programs on SKY. I have known God since the age of 3. My mother gave me the title of 'Church of England.' I studied many doctrines, but was never satisfied. Now at the age of 73, I AM AT PEACE with the 7 Day Adventist teachings. Thank you." from A.R.

"I would like a copy of 'The Great Controversy' please if the offer is still available.  At present I am enjoying the Kenneth Cox series, 'It Is Written' and Walter Veith's programs.  I seem to have a lot to unlearn as well.  God bless all your efforts to reach people in these last days."  from P.S.

These are the only ‘wages’ we require as we continue to volunteer our time and join you in sacrificial giving, effort, support and prayer for the work of Firstlight.  We give all the glory to God as He leads us daily and provides for every need through you, our faithful supporters.  Without taking any pride in ourselves, we believe Firstlight has not materialized by accident, but has been inspired by God. The impossible has become a reality!
Moreover, under the leading of the Holy Spirit, so many of God’s people continue to partner together.

Praise God that so many are prompted and motivated into action (this is such a critical part of our Lord’s directive to His people) cheerfully contributing directly and indirectly to this critical work.

Firstlight BannerFirstlight Banners and Flags
We have had a few requests from Firstlight supporters about making Firstlight Banners available so that these can be displayed at a market stall. We have obtained quotes and can now take orders so that we can make them available for purchase to anyone who would like to promote or advertise Firstlight. We have quotes for two types of banners. Free-standing indoor banners, (see picture on the left), roll-up into a lightweight metal case. These are for use inside Churches and meeting halls, at Shows, outreach venues etc.Outdoor banner

Outdoor banners (as per the picture on the right) come with a heavy metal base and are more suitable for displaying outside Churches, halls etc.
Both kinds are approximately 2 metres tall, and will have our Firstlight information printed on them and both would work out at approximately $350 each excluding freight.  We are looking for sponsors to assist with the funding of this project. 
Another supporter who has a flagpole, asked us to get quotes for a "Firstlight Flag."  We are still working on this but quotes so far are between $250 and $320 per flag excluding freight.
Please call us on 0508 34 7785 if you would like to order a banner, a flag or if you would like to assist as a sponsor of this project.

Help in the office has arrived!
We are rejoicing that we now have a new helper, Penny, to assist with the running of the Firstlight Office.  Penny comes to us from the Wairarapa.  She has two lovely teenagers and is looking forward to helping keep this ministry running smoothly and being a blessing to us and to all our viewers and supporters.

Upcoming Series - "Questions for God"
We will soon be airing two programs presented by Tony Rykers of Cornerstone Ministries, which address two of the most commonly asked questions:Questions for God - DVD
  • "If God is so good, why does He allow so much pain and suffering?" and
  • "Why would a good God want to see bad people burn in hell forever?"
Tony investigates the Scriptures to see what God has to say about these very important questions. Be sure to see these programs, as they are excellent for sharing with friends and family who may be wrestling with these very questions. These programs are on DVD and are available from Autumn Leaves - either singly or in bulk quantities for sharing.
We Are Nearly Home!!
We are nearly home! Let us not take our ease! Or slow down in any way until the work is done.
Many are unaware of Firstlight's normal monthly broadcasting expenses. 

What would you guess these to be? 

The correct answer is......over $110,000 dollars per month.  (That is not a typo!! One hundred and ten thousand dollars per month!!)

As always, a simple ‘Thank you’ is never enough. All the same, we DO Thank you, as we work together to hasten the coming of our Lord.
Thank you for partnering with us.  Thank you for joining us in sacrificing ease, comfort and finances for the benefit of precious souls for whom Christ died.  Thank you for not forgetting that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.  Thank you for helping share the glad news that has been entrusted to us to broadcast to the whole world and especially to our beloved New Zealand!

We are homesick for Heaven. Praise God that Jesus is coming soon – Amen!
In His service

The Firstlight Team
Firstlight Broadcasting Network
CC Reg. No. CC47488

PS: Please contact us if you would like to have a bumper sticker for your car or if you would like to letter box Firstlight flyers in your area!

If you are excited by the contents of this newsletter, please continue to tell everyone - your family and friends - about Firstlight.  Why not invite them to get our newsletters?  Send them this link.

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Summer Camps

Technical Upgrades

Praise God!

Feedback Received

Firstlight Banners

Help in the Office

Questions for God

We are nearly home!

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I applaud you on the quality of viewing programmes and find I am captivated by their value and input. May you be blessed in your endeavours.  PG
We became born again Christians back in the 60's and even today, praise the Lord we still have a teachable spirit. The teaching has been excellent, and we have been encouraged and uplifted. We also look forward to the peace and beauty that comes through Creationscapes. GF
I find this channel a rich blessing in my life and spend a lot of time rejoicing in the word, music and wonderful scenery. NM


Your programmes and pictures and music are well worth my support. DC

Thank you for Channel 26 - at last a fantastic program to look forward to. PC

I am an avid watcher of Firstlight Channel and I thank you and God through the love of Jesus Christ for your work.
It is such a joy to have a television that focuses on good news and not the nonsense that is so thoroughly immersed in the rest of the television network in N.Z. I am writing to ask you to enrol me in your free Bible Study Course, as advertised in your programmes. Thank you. I look forward to increasing my knowledge of God and my Saviour Jesus Christ through further study of His Word. NF


Here is some more money to keep my absolute favourite TV station "on air." I just so love and need the programmes the Lord has me watch. For me being on my own, they are just the encouragement and uplifting I value and are such a blessing - They give me hope to hang in there when life gets a bit "tough going."
I pray God continues to bless you and provide the means to keep Firstlight on air. Also that many souls will be saved through the TV touching their hearts and spirit. TS


If you have been blessed from watching Firstlight, please consider joining the Firstlight Family (if you haven't already done so) by making regular monthly or fortnightly automatic payments to Firstlight to assist us with the high broadcasting fees.  You will be building your treasure in Heaven!
Donations to Firstlight are tax deductible.

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