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As incredible as it may seem, we are truly at the end of another year!  And, for God’s people, WHAT A YEAR!!
So many prophetic events have taken place this year!  It's a struggle to keep up with the rapid sequence of events unfolding before our very eyes!  Indeed, this is a time, more than ever before, to keep our “Eyes upon Jesus….”
Thank you for joining us in proclaiming our loving Father's messages of love, truth, compassion, mercy and grace in these final years of Earth’s history.

Firstlight is now into its FIFTH year of broadcasting!  It seems like only yesterday that a small group convened and consecrated themselves under the guidance of Pastor David Gates, to work on this project, imploring God to provide all that was needed.  No doubt, it must have seemed presumptuous to some to know that these few who gathered, at that time had no funds, no programming skills, no television skills, no television experience, no available TV channel and no established organization!  How could this unlikely group ever get this idea off the ground?

But God had plans...
But God had plans for this little group!  He would work through them to create the miracle of Firstlight!  Amen!!

Faithful supporters like you have partnered with Firstlight to make it all possible and the small team at Firstlight are grateful and privileged to be part of a healthy, fast-growing family of faithful supporters who sacrificially give of their time, effort and finances to ‘hasten the coming of our Lord.’    

Much has been achieved...
Much has been achieved in this fifth year alone! 

Firstlight is, amazingly, now covering 100% of New Zealand, 24/7 with the Everlasting Gospel and the ‘undiluted 3 Angels' Messages without compromise’ of Revelation 14.
We cannot even begin to tell you how God
intervened to make the seemingly impossible;
Thank you again for your prayers and all that you do to promote and support your personal ministry.  We bow humbly before God.

Hundreds have been walking into the churches, hundreds have been doing bible studies, hundreds have requested our free offer books and booklets, and have obtained DVD’s - all these are being guided to a closer walk with Jesus.

A growing "Firstlight Family"...
Even more astonishing is the ever-increasing evidence of a growing "Firstlight Family."  We hear more and more from those who cannot get to a church and who are being ‘spiritually fed’ via the programs that are being broadcast on Firstlight.

God is in control!  He is growing his flock in New Zealand!  Amen!!
We take this sacred trust seriously, and, along with yourselves, we continue to volunteer our time, labour and financial resources in this wonderful work.

To keep up with technology and broadcasting improvements, Firstlight is preparing to make some necessary upgrades early in the new year.  As always, and with prayer for wisdom from above, and despite challenges on many fronts, the team at Firstlight is endeavoring to improve all aspects of the work of your ministry.

Firstlight is a faith-based ministry...
Firstlight is a faith-based ministry.  It does not receive any funding from advertising, nor does it receive funding or support from any denomination or organization, thus we appeal to you for your ongoing prayers and financial support more than ever before. 

It continues to be a rich experience living by faith and trusting the Lord.  We are grateful and rejoicing for God’s gracious providence.

At a time when many in New Zealand are looking forward to a time of Christmas festivities, a time of full stomachs, comfort, entertainment and repose with family and friends, we are mindful that things may not always be so.

For this reason,”… let us not weary in well doing…

But in everything give thanks …”

for “…we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.”  (Romans 8:28)

Thank you so very much and may God bless you and your family richly over the festive season and into the New Year.
In His service

The Firstlight Team
Firstlight Broadcasting Network
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PS: If you have been blessed from watching Firstlight, please consider joining the Firstlight Family (if you haven't already done so) by making regular monthly or fortnightly automatic payments to Firstlight to assist us with the high broadcasting fees. 
You will be building your treasure in Heaven!
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God had plans...

Much achieved...

"Firstlight Family"...

Faith-based ...

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I have watched Firstlight since your first transmission in 2012 and ever since.  I have received great comfort and peace and a wonderful boost to my life.  I cannot praise God enough for your wonderful telecasts and your dedication to it.  Thanks to you all and I pray God's blessings will continue to be with you all and to all that watch Firstlight. “R.B.”

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Firstlight...keep going; You are worth your weight in gold!  WE NEED YOU!!  “A.R.”


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I applaud you on the quality of your programmes and find I'm captivated by their value and input.  May you be blessed in your endeavours. 

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If you have been blessed from watching Firstlight, please consider joining the Firstlight Family (if you haven't already done so) by making regular monthly or fortnightly automatic payments to Firstlight to assist us with the high broadcasting fees.  You will be building your treasure in Heaven!
Donations to Firstlight are tax deductible.

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