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Live Oak Gallery
Reopening the Doors
As our area slowly reopens, visitors are returning, and we are cautiously optimistic. Of course anything can happen, and we will remain watchful; but in the meantime, we look forward to reopening on Wednesday, June 3 and resuming our usual Wed - Sat 11-5 schedule.  It will be fun to have folks in the gallery again, bringing it back to life.  To be sure, social distancing protocol will be observed, although as has been politely pointed out - crowd density at the gallery should not be a huge concern (-:  So hope when you're ready to venture out, you'll stop by, say hello and see what's new. 
Wood Is Good
We like to think a walk through the gallery is kind of like a walk in the woods: quiet and peaceful, yet alive with treasures that capture the eye.  Our favorite thing about the gallery is that it sits beneath a giant live oak tree; and in case you hadn't noticed, we are in love with trees and with wood --especially old wood and the stories it can tell. Certain artists just seem to have that knack for visualizing the forms wood can take and then magically transforming it. As we reopen, we've allowed ourselves to indulge and just let the wood take over.
              Isaac Brooks                                             Cypress Birds and FIsh            
"Gulf Coast Triple Slam"  63x22x5 carved-painted cypress

Isaac Brooks hand crafts his fantastic universe of birds and sea creatures out of driftwood and fallen cypress located around north central Florida's Santa Fe River not far from his home & studio in the woods.  All are carved from one piece of cypress and painted in vibrant colors using a unique process he has developed over time.  His artwork is designed to withstand the outdoor elements, but is equally at home indoors -- whether hanging on the wall or floating from the ceiling.

"Summer Heron"  40x15x3 carved-painted cypress
    Ronnie Segree and Ron Mayle                                                Wood Works 
"Tripletail" 13x 26x3 carved cypress 

If you're familiar with Eastpoint, you may have noticed a little gallery and adjoining workshop on the side of the highway, where fanciful birdhouses hang on the porch keeping company with a cheerful collection of wood and ceramic artwork.  This artistic outpost is shared by an extended family of artisans many of whom have lived here in this area for generations. Among them is Ronnie Segree, and we are pleased to offer a selection of his hand-carved fish made of recovered cypress.  As a longtime fisherman and boat captain, he's had a few chances to get up close and personal with our local fish population, and his carvings get it right.  

From the same workshop, we are also pleased to have some of Ron Mayle's work. When you come to visit us, you can't miss his amazing 3-foot standing Sea Turtle carved out of deadhead cypress, greeting you at our door.

"Sea Turtle" 36x18x6 
carved cypress 
Ongoing at the Gallery  -  Jane Howard, Daryl Freed, Marty Holland:
Wood Pairs Well With Paintings
Jane Howard 
"Gorrie Bridge Horizon"

19x25 oil on board

Daryl Freed 
"Smooth Sailing"

14x29x9 cedar driftwood
Marty Holland  "Sunrise Cypress"
16x20 watercolor

Ronnie Segree "Pompano"
9x18 cypress
Fine prints and notecards by Susan Richardson
A corner of the gallery is dedicated to the artwork of local favorite, Susan Richardson. Susan’s award-winning paintings cover a wide range of subjects including local people and scenes that she knew and loved in and around Apalachicola.  As she wished, a portion of proceeds is set aside for the Franklin County Humane Society. 
"Great Day for a Paddle" 11x11 giclee print 
The unexpected shutdown over the last couple of months, has afforded an unexpected opportunity to get outdoors and remember how beautiful and precious our natural surroundings are.  Here along the Gulfcoast, we are blessed with both fresh and salt waters and an astounding variety of wildlife.  Come visit us soon.  As Susan would say: "It's a great day for a paddle."

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