Healthy New 2021!!

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Dear friends / Queridos Amigos

(mais informação em Portuguese em baixo)

Hope you are healthy and well wherever you are <3
Sorry for the belated wishes but as you all know
the beginning of 2021 has been, to say the least, WILD! 
As we awoke to a new reality Brexit and Covid :(and thank god Biden)

Life, death, infected, recovered, vaccinated,
everything translate to abstract numbers panic and disbelief.
So to gain some sanity I look back into 2020 and as much as it was 
an outrageously challenging year for many 
I feel it has also given us the opportunity to pause and reconsider our values.
Now more than ever do we feel each other, need each others' connection and

A week ago I managed to cross some borders, 24 hours before they shut (!!!)
in order to urgently visit my father who fell badly ill soon after his 90th birthday. 
I feel so grateful to have made it, which made me realise how terrifying it can be when people are unable to see their loved ones in these extreme times.

I refuse to panic or give up, Life isn't worth it any longer if we do.
I want to believe the current gruesome reality can give us strength and tools for a positive change and growth. 
I often feel that for me the only way to cross great difficulties is to find ways to learn from them, otherwise they feel like a waist of pain and time. 

As I am praying for the health and recovery of my father and for the health and recovery of many others who lie in overfull hospitals around the world
I take the opportunity to share with you a new website created in collaboration with Vicente Ordonez and with the help of Alma Karavan-Cohen
Art for the planet 
Are we now experiencing the pain we have been causing for decades to our dear one and only planet?
Is there still time for creative compassion and action in order to reverse it?

Hope to see you soon 
with health and love
without a mask or 2 meters apart
we must believe it can happen
soon ;)



Empathic Action / Art for the planet

We have finally launched our new website
in collaboration with Vincent Ordonenz



Empathetic action (e-action) plays a lead role in the struggle for a better world to live in. Our planet must no longer be treated as a storehouse of resources that, if appropriately subjugated to manufacture, merely satisfy demand. In the face of this dispossession, there is no choice but to develop the means and channels of international resistance and ecological awareness. We are so looking forward having you as part of our project and would appreciate if you can spread and share the word across your networks and contacts.

When sharing your work on social platforms please use #empathicactionnow or to spread faster and wider.


Photo by Josefa Searle from work in progress of MA-MA


Created & performed in collaboration with Rita Vilhena 
on the theme of Mother Earth and its relation / parallel to a Woman/ Human body 
Dates are uncertain from 5/6th of February they were moved to 17/18th of March and now potentially to 28/29th of April...

Watch this space!

at Biblioteca Marvila, Lisboa.
é uma performance duracional que visa refletir sobre o lugar onde vivemos, o planeta Terra / mãe Terra. Sobre a nossa fragilidade e o perigo eminente ao qual está sujeita a vida na terra, através da pressão do aumento demográfico humano, da nossa ambição desmedida e inconsciente, e também das mudanças climáticas e do aquecimento global. Ver o planeta Terra como um corpo fértil de mulher foi uma metáfora dada em várias tradições que se concentra nos aspectos vitais e nutritivos da natureza ao encarná-la na forma da mãe/ mulher. E agora, que acontece com a nossa mãe Terra, que está sendo submetida a níveis extremos de poluição e emissões de carbon, quantidades escandalosas de plástico, monocultura, etc.. Pretendemos observar os efeitos que as nossas acções e os resíduos das nossas acções têm sobre o nosso corpo. A performance inclui um video criado na zona da Castanheira de Pêra. Parceiro institucional República Portuguesa – Ministério da Cultura

Watch NEW trailer HERE

From our friends and colleagues...


Announcing the relaunch of the Total Theatre Magazine website
, the successful conclusion of the Total Theatre Artists as Writers 2020 programme, of which I had the great opportunity to be part of and feel absolutely grateful for it! 


and new projects planned for 2021.

Please like and share and all that sort of stuff, to help us spread the word, here and on Twitter @TotalTheatreMag


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