April 2020 - Vol. 1, No. 4

Here's looking to next season

The news from the NCHSAA came the week of April 20th, as many of us feared but hoped would not happen, the cancellation of the Spring sports season.

Not surprising, but it came nevertheless.

I personally really hated to hear the news, especially for the Senior Class of 2020. So many of these student-athletes have devoted pretty much their entire young lives to their chosen sports.

We can only hope that this too shall pass and come August, the playing fields and sporting courts all across of Moore County will be alive with the tweet of whistles, the cheers of fans, the sweat of players, and the thrill of victories.

Kudos to the Class of 2020. Your graduating class will be like no other in recent history. May your futures be bright and safe.

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Backyard adventures

Undaunted by the lack of sports this month, I ventured out to the back yard after a few weeks of photo withdrawals.

The weather warmed up, and I started scoping out the bird feeders in our backyard a few late afternoons during the past month. Hey, I have to keep my photo reflexes sharp after all, it is a perishable skill!

As long as no one came by and screamed at me like Donald Sutherland (see my closing thoughts below), I figured I was pretty safe.

So, enjoy a few more images from my backyard adventures, just in case you missed them on social media.

What is old is new again?

Here is a blast from the not-so-distant past. Midway through the 2005 Virginia High School League (VHSL) football season, I received an email and a subsequent phone call from magazine.

They wanted to know if I could get to Landstown High School in Virginia Beach, Va. within the week, and photograph Percy Harvin and Damon McDaniel for their upcoming Class of 2005-2006 recruiting issue. Unknown to me, Harvin was the top college prospect in the nation (and he was, landing at the University of Florida, teaming up with Tim Tebow).

We agreed on the price and deadline. I coordinated with the head coach and athletic director at Landstown and set the date. Natalie, my devoted wife but not a real big sports fan, came along as my photo assistant. The players and coaches were on time, very polite, and easy-going. My assistant, Natalie, was a dream working under fading afternoon light and holding a fill flash like the Statue of Liberty. I transmitted the images that evening, the check came about a week later, and I waited for my hardcopy of the yearbook.

Not long after, the recruiting yearbook came in the mail, and there were Percy and Greg Oden (I didn't know him either) on the cover, along with an article and a few more images of Percy.

I watched him off and on through his college years in Florida (by that time, we were living back in Georgia, and it was tough to root for the 'Gators on Georgia-Florida weekends). Later, I managed to catch a few of his professional games. After a while, you lose track of people, and he was no exception.

Then last week, Harvin, now 31 years old, shows up trending on my Twitter feed because he is trying to make an NFL comeback.

I wish him all the luck but talking about making someone feel old! It has been nearly 15 years since I photographed him. Just go ahead and hand me my walker so I can relax in my recliner and pass me the Geritol while you're at it. Geez!

Closing Thoughts:

Is this the "new normal?"

I've seen a lot of crazy things in my 55-plus years on this third rock from the sun. But I never thought I would see what we've seen in the past couple of months.

The COVID-19 pandemic is like a science fiction movie only without the aliens, pod people, or flesh-eating zombies. It's not any of those at all!

Please, don't misunderstand me. COVID-19 is very serious and deadly, and I am not making light of the situation.

But if it were easy to spot, at least we would know what to look for if we dared to venture out for toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and essential commodities to sustain our lives and that of our families.

Remember this blood-curdling scream from Donald Sutherland in the 1978 remake of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers?" If only we could identify who was carrying this global population-changing virus as Sutherland's character did in the movie. (Click the image below to watch the clip, and you'll see what I mean.)


For decades, modern societies have longed for an advanced world of the future that we have only seen in sci-fi movies or read in novels - "1984," "Blade Runner" (aka "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?"), "The Hunger Games," "Atlas Shrugged," and "The Man in the High Castle" - are just a few that come to mind. But have you ever noticed, those societies usually fall into some form of dystopian dysfunction with "Big Brother Is Watching You" before society course-corrects?

I would hope that we are much smarter than our sci-fi counterparts.

So as we sit in our homes teleworking and schooling our children or we venture out with our masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer getting used to this "new normal," let us all look to our future as a society.

May we all make the right choices together as we accept this "new normal." After all, our lives and livelihoods depend on every one of us doing the right thing.

By the way, don't forget to thank and pray for our military, medical and healthcare workers, law enforcement, firefighters, utility and sanitation workers, and yes, our grocery store clerks, staff, and curbside restaurant delivery folks. Please also pray for those out of work and those who have lost loved ones to the virus. These people are indeed the unsung heroes of this pandemic.

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(Fandango Movie Clips via YouTube)
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