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"...as in Dante's Inferno, a writer's particular place in the university may be determined only by how far his or her imagination goes." -Penelope Austin
Read New Perspectives on MFA vs NYC
Darin Ciccotelli shares his thoughts on the book MFA vs NYC and examines the issue of teaching creative writing in "Revising the Question: Thoughts on MFA vs NYC and the Larger Problems of Institutionalized Creative Writing," an online-only Writer's Chronicle exclusive.
"…both composition and creative writing belong to one of our most noble educational traditions: constructivism. These fields allow us to construct our subjectivity without fusing it to some socioeconomic or scientific good…"
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What Are Your Three Words?
AWP asked: What three words describe your writing style?

We got more than 100 amazing responses! Just a few of the answers we received:

Ashutosh Purohit: Thoughtful, interactive, puzzling

Jan Kaan: Functional poetical prose

Kristie Frederick Daugherty: I'll write tomorrow.

Amanda Condon: Mayhem and Structure

Teresa Ann Chandler Denker: Vulnerable, heartfelt, humorous

Martin Macaskill: Procrastinating, infuriating, swearing (lots of swearing).

EJ Doyle: Versatile. Precise. Honest.

Reva Hill: Words rhythm surprise

Shannon R. Eddy: Fragmented, questioning, introspective

Dan Napelee: Cabernet, chocolate, repeat.

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Read Our Info for Exhibitors
On May 18, we hosted a tweet chat for those interested in exhibiting at the #AWP17 Bookfair in Washington, DC. Here are some moments from the discussion:

Christian Teresi: There were more than 12,000 attendees at each of the last three conferences. We expect just as many for #AWP17BF.

English Wallflower: What can #AWP members expect to find at the #AWP17BF?
AWP: Poetry, fiction, nonfic, journals, presses, writing programs, writing conferences, books, more books, and fun!
AWP: The #AWP17BF will have a little bit of everything. There are giveaways, author signings, swag, discounts on books, & more!
AWP: We will have stages inside the #AWP17BF, with events throughout the conference, and also places to sit and eat/read.
English Wallflower: You had me at author signings!

AWP: Did you know each exhibit space includes 2 complementary conference registrations? That's a savings of up to $600!

Cynthia Sherman: #AWP17BF sales go live in June!

You can read the full transcript of the chat in the archive. The Exhibitor Prospectus is now available as well. Start planning your booth or table now. Remember, you can always share your space with another exhibiting organization and share the cost.
Sponsor the 2017 Conference
Join us for #AWP17 in Washington, DC. Promote your creative writing program, center, or press by becoming a sponsor. Enjoy excellent benefits and marketing impressions starting in July. Pledge now and pay in December. Find details on our website or contact Pamela Mills at pamela@awpwriter.org. Over 12,000 writers, students, teachers, and literary professionals attend—we hope to see you there!
Writer's News
PEN America Freedom to Write Winner Released from Prison
PEN America announced that the recipient of its 2015 PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award, Khadija Ismayilova, "was released on probation and granted a suspended sentence in a Supreme Court decision rendered today in Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku." Ismayilova is "an intrepid force exposing corruption in Azerbaijan," and her release "is a victory for journalists everywhere who go up against the toughest regimes bent on silencing those who dare challenge them,” said Suzanne Nossel, Executive Director of PEN America.

Little Free Libraries Hosts a Festival
In Minneapolis on May 21, there was a festival sponsored by the Little Free Library organization. "It featured activities like book swaps, in keeping LFL’s 'Take a Book, Return a Book' philosophy, and the building of 100 Little Free Libraries as part of LFL’s Kids, Community, and Cops program."
AWP Spotlight on Jodi Paloni!
“Once a festival author, always a festival author…their good news is our good news.” AWP is excited to announce Jodi Paloni, of the Brattleboro Literary Festival, as June’s Member in the Spotlight! Read more from Jodi, and nominate a fellow writer for In the Spotlight today!
What's that Image?
Every Friday, we post a different quote from our magazine on social media. This was one we chose to post in May. Follow our Writer's Chronicle Facebook page for quotes and different articles showcased every week.
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