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AWP Begins New Inclusion Initiative
AWP’s Board of Trustees, “in accepting the challenge issued by Claudia Rankine to address the status quo that often makes our MFA programs and other literary institutions difficult, unwelcoming places for writers of color and others from outside the dominant culture,” has announced an Inclusion Initiative under the leadership of Trustee and Executive Committee member David Haynes. The committee's first goal will be "to engage AWP members, member programs, and the literary community at-large in conversations about inclusion in the pedagogy, curriculum, administration, and social environment of creative writing programs, writers’ conferences, and literary centers." Read more about the initiative.
Writer's News
Stephen King Wants Us to Cool It with the Clowns
In a tweet, King said, "Hey, guys, time to cool the clown hysteria--most of em are good, cheer up the kiddies, make people laugh." But let us not forget King's Pennywise the Clown in his novel It. As The Guardian reports, "One Twitter user came up with a particularly creepy hypothesis. “This is exactly what Pennywise would say if he hijacked your account, ‘Stephen’.”

The National Parks in Poetry
The Academy of American Poets, in conjunction with the National Park Service, is celebrating the service's 100th anniversary with "Imagine Our Parks with Poems." The academy commissioned fifty poets to each write about a park in their home state, and they are appearing on poets.org every Thursday. October 7 saw the publishing of Davis McCombs's poem "Hot Springs" about Arkansas's Hot Springs National Park.
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AWP asked: What kind of writing do you want to be known for?

Some of the great answers we received:

Lena Khalaf Tuffaha: writing the poem that lingers long after the page, poem that lodges in the heart.
Tara Ebrahimi: The kind that shifts one's way of thinking even a millimeter
Charvella Campbell: My objective is to always write something people can learn from and/or relate to.
Avon Van Hassel: I'd most like to be known for telling a good story.
Lisa Stice: poetry that reaches out a hand
Erendira Ramirez-Ortega: Literary fiction and memoir that is significant, that has purpose for such a time as this. I want it to exemplify hope in a fallen world.
Michael Wright: writing with compassionate clarity.
Tracey Davis: The kind of writing that would shake things up
Kay Greene: If I can get one person thinking about what they can do to save the environment, my mission is accomplished.
Carl McKever: Writing that inspires the hearts of men to change
Karen Whisenhunt: Characters who are relatable for everyone.
Tiffany Robinson: I want to be known for writing that causes a loving impact on the world!
Nune Levonyan: Poetry that gives people insight and discoveries inside.
Melanie Haws Sakalla: Writing that readers want to revisit again and again.

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Featured This Month
Every month, we feature new members, articles, and podcasts on the main page of our website. This month we're featuring "Maggie's Farm No More: The Fate of Political Poetry " by David Wojahn from May/Summer 2006. The featured blog post is "Still a Maker: A Profile of Melissa Green " by Leslie McGrath. The featured podcast is Episode 131: Adapting to Adaptation: Making the Most of Going Hollywood from #AWP16 in Los Angeles. And the featured members In the Spotlight are Mani Iyer, a deaf-blind poet, and Teresa Cader, his mentor at Lesley University.
Celebrate a Writer!
We love to celebrate the valuable work being done by AWP members in their communities, and we need your help to do this. Nominate a writer in your life for #AWPSPOTLIGHT today! Nominations are always open, and self-nominations are welcome!
See Our #AWP17 Featured Presenters
We are thrilled to announce the featured presenters for the #AWP17 Conference & Bookfair in Washington, DC. See these esteemed authors give readings and lectures at North America's largest literary conference, and help AWP celebrate its 50th anniversary as an organization. The conference will take place February 8–11, 2017 at the Washington Convention Center and Marriott Marquis hotel, and it will host over 550 events; 2,000 presenters; and 800 presses, publishers, journals, and literary organizations in the bookfair. Keep an eye out for the schedule of events, which will be published on our website later this month.
Preregister for #AWP17
Preregistration for #AWP17 in Washington, DC opens today. Visit our registration page to secure your place at discounted rates. Need to renew your membership? Bundle your registration and one-year membership to receive the reduced member registration rate, a subscription to the Writer’s Chronicle, and access to members-only content.
Is Your Favorite Exhibitor Going to be at the #AWP17 Bookfair?
Check out this amazing list of exhibitors. If your favorite press or journal does not appear on the list, please mail Cynthia Sherman at bookfair@awpwriter.org to invite them to exhibit!
Thank You, Premier Sponsor!
We would like to thank this year's premier sponsor, the Lannan Center for Poetics and Social Practice at Georgetown University. Check out our sponsor page for a list of all sponsors who are helping make #AWP17 possible.
What's that Image?
This is part of the cover image of our October/November 2016 issue of the Writer's Chronicle. Illustrator Maki Yamaguchi created several illustrations for this issue, depicting issues of race in the teaching of creative writing. As our executive director asks in this issue's letter, "Whose stories are told and who gets to do the telling?"
October 15: #AWP17 sponsorship deadline

October 15: #AWP17 preregistration opens

November 1: Offsite event listings accepted
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