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Writer's News
Tim Seibles Named Poet Laureate of Virginia
Tim Seibles, National Book Award–finalist and professor of English at Old Dominion University, was named Poet Laureate of Virginia by Governor Terry McAuliffe on July 15. “Those of us in the English department and in the creative writing program have long known what a visionary writer and teacher Tim Seibles is,” said fellow ODU professor Sheri Reynolds. “He’s also a generous mentor to his students and a much loved colleague who deserves all this recognition and more. I can think of no better poetry ambassador...”

 In 2013 Seibles received the PEN Oakland Josephine Miles Award for poetry. The Writer’s Chronicle featured an interview with him in its March/April 2016 issue. Read a selection of his poetry at the Poetry Foundation.

With New Book, Alice Mattison Glances Over Your Shoulder
In The Kite and the String, Alice Mattison’s new book on the craft of writing, she tells us she’s “the woman with the messy gray hair who’s at risk of spilling her coffee down your neck, because she can’t help glancing over your shoulder to get a glimpse of what you’re writing.”

The book of essays, four of which previously appeared in the Writer’s Chronicle, is part craft, part literary criticism, part memoir, and is intended for longtime writers, published or not. The nine chapters discuss, among many vital topics to storytellers, methods of plotting and narration, writing from a point of view different from yours, and how to live the life of a contemporary writer. Critic Sven Birkerts calls the book, “The best kind of ‘inside job.’ Though brimming with a practitioner’s reflective wisdom and immediately useful insight, it is never prescriptive… This book goes right next to James Wood’s How Fiction Works on the shelf by the desk.”
Join the Discussion
AWP asked: How would you describe the protagonist of your latest story? Some of the many fascinating answers we received:

Alyssa Gillon: unreliable and dramatic

Kaye (Not Carmen): A blustering coward who grows into the shoes she doesn't think she'll ever fill.

Gwen C. Katz: Neurodiverse femme who's trading in her dancing shoes for combat boots.

Meagan Arthur: a bit of human magic who can't tell the difference between dreams and reality

Tara Sim: Bi pirate captain boy covered in tattoos. Smirker. Charmer. Bad-idea-maker.

One Punch Lightskin: A shy coward who loses himself on a quest for revenge

Adam Kovac: Sharp as a bowling ball.

FrancesGrace: A man who makes his living/career digging into peoples' pasts, but can't/won't/refuses to face his own.

ReLynn Vaughn: A reluctant magic user facing impossible circumstances with a healthy dose of PTSD.

Drew Scott: Impulsive and vengeful (but I think I need to get to know her better)

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New on the Writer's Notebook
In "The Source of Poetry," Sarah Rose Nordgren recalls what she learned from workshopping with poet Linda Gregg.

"Though I don’t remember her exact words, the point was about how we poets must remember our status as physical bodies in a physical world if we are to connect with that world, and ourselves, in our writing. While surprised by the conversation as an entrée to the semester (in my four years of undergraduate poetry workshops and one semester of graduate workshop never had a teacher mentioned physical activity as part of the writing process), the point struck me immediately as being right. I had come to college originally as a dance major, and had been practicing various styles of yoga since the age of thirteen. I felt, but had never articulated before that day, the connection between my compulsion to move and my compulsion to write."
#AWP17 Conference & Bookfair Information
Read the Updated #AWP17 Accessibility Services Policy
The updated accessibility services policy for #AWP17 is now available. The new policy lists all of the resources available for attendees at the Washington, DC conference and features photos of the conference hotel and convention center to help you prepare for the event. If you have questions or would like to make a request for a specific accommodation, please contact Hannah at events@awpwriter.org.

#AWP17 Accepted Events Coming Soon
AWP will announce accepted events for the #AWP17 Conference & Bookfair in Washington, DC, in the second week of August. In preparation for the announcement, we have redesigned the website information about how proposals are submitted and evaluated. If you are interested to know more about How Events Are Selected, or the Conference Subcommittee that evaluates the proposals, please visit our website. As usual, the subcommittee had to make tough selections from nearly 1,500 proposals, but we are confident those selections will once again constitute the most inclusive literary event in North America. We are grateful to the subcommittee for their time on behalf of the organization and its members, and we look forward to sharing their efforts in creating a wide-ranging schedule of events.

Sponsor #AWP17
Sponsors enjoy great benefits, marketing exposure, and registration waivers for faculty, staff, and students. Over 12,000 writers, students, teachers, and literary professionals attend, making it a great opportunity to promote your program, center, or press. Join us in Washington, DC; details can be found on our new sponsorship page or by contacting Pamela Mills at sponsorship@awpwriter.org.

Bookfair Sales are Open to All Organizations!
Join over 360 exhibitors that have secured space at #AWP17 in Washington, DC. Please note that an access code is no longer necessary to select exhibit location. The earlier the space is purchased, the more likely it is to be an ideal exhibit location receiving the highest number of marketing impressions. Reserve now to maximize planning time and capitalize on the opportunity to reach over 12,000 literary enthusiasts at the most popular independent bookfair in the country. For information, please visit the Bookfair Overview page, and to get the most current bookfair updates in your news feed, 'LIKE' the AWP Bookfair Facebook page.

Reserve a Bookfair Stage Event at #AWP17
Reservations for the USC Dornsife Bookfair Stages will open to confirmed exhibitors on August 8. Host your reading, celebration, or other literary event amid the bustle and excitement of one of the most popular areas of our conference. Reservations will open to non-exhibiting conference attendees on September 15.
Meet the AWP Prize for the Novel Winner
Congratulations to James Janko, winner of the 2016 AWP Award Series' Prize for the Novel for his work, The Clubhouse Thief. Of the manuscript, Judge Karen Tei Yamashita writes "Hilarious and heartbreaking."
Submit to the Writer's Chronicle
Send us your excellent essays on the craft of writing or an interview with a well-established writer. We are currently reading and look forward to your submissions. The submission period ends on September 30. Find out more about submitting to AWP publications during our tweet chat on August 25 by following #AWPpubs on Twitter.
Chat with Us
On July 14, we hosted a tweet chat about the Writer to Writer Mentorship Program. Many of our past mentors and mentees joined in with their thoughts and to help us answer questions. Here is a glimpse of the chat:

Diane Zinna: Mentor applications are accepted all year. Mentee applications are welcome on Submittable 8/1-8/12 for our Fall 2016 session.

stefburn: Is there anything in particular that is being looked for with regards to mentees?
Diane Zinna: Too often people apply with one-sentence answers to the questions. Tell us enough to find the right match for you!
Rachel Mennies: would def. second this as a former mentor—getting a full picture was so helpful in selecting a mentee!

Karin Killian: The awesome sense of community was a surprise bonus of my #AWPmentorship

Colette Lunday: I didn’t know I needed a mentor until I had one. I have grown in ways I didn’t expect

R.L. Maizes: As a mentee it was fascinating to learn the journey of an accomplished writer, the bumps and setbacks, and the successes.

Emily Walling: Can you give us an idea of how many mentors and mentees apply each time?
Diane Zinna: It varies...I would say between 200 and 400 apps from potential mentees each session. If you don't get matched one season, try again! Your mentor may be just waiting for you!

Ruth Ebenstein: This whole conversation alone inspires and injects hope and a sense of community! I keep saying, WOW, and great. Thanks!

Read the whole chat on our Tweet Chat archive.
Spotlight on Allen Braden!
“Write from your instinct, not your intellect.” Sage advice from August #AWPSPOTLIGHT member Allen Braden, professor at Tacoma Community College. Read more wisdom from Allen, and learn more about other In the Spotlight members today!
Nominate Your Favorite Small Press
Are you a fan of innovative creative writing and industry-leading literary publishers and presses? AWP's Small Press Publisher Award includes a $2,000 honorarium and a complimentary exhibit booth, including two complimentary conference registrations, at our annual conference in the year following the recipient’s recognition. In even years the award is given to a journal and in odd years, a press. Visit the award webpage for more information. Submit a PDF letter of nomination through AWP's Submittable portal between August 1 and September 15. Postal submissions will not be considered.
What's that Image?
Our designer created this image, inspired by Sarah Rose Nordgren's recent Writer's Notebook blog piece, "The Source of Poetry."
August 1: Early bird registration for #AWP17 opens

August 1: Writer to Writer mentee applications open

August 1: Small Press Publisher Award nominations accepted

August 1: George Garrett Award nominations accepted

Early August: #AWP17 accepted events are announced

August 12: Writer to Writer mentee applications close

August 15: #AWP17 hotel room blocks open

August 25: #AWPpubs tweet chat about submitting to our publications
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