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Congratulations to Our Award Winners!
At the AWP 50th Anniversary Gala, Board of Trustees Chair David Haynes bestowed this year's George Garrett Award for Outstanding Community Service in Literature on John Balaban: "He is loved and admired by his students for his deep knowledge of literature and for his great knowledge of the world and its peoples."

AWP presents its Small Press Publisher Award every year, alternating between a literary magazine and a book publisher. At the 2017 Conference & Bookfair, the award went to publisher Coffee House Press. The award acknowledges the hard work, creativity, and innovation of these presses and journals, and honors their contributions to the literary landscape through their publication of consistently excellent work. Finalists for the award were CavanKerry Press and Belladonna*.
Last Chance to Submit Your Manuscripts
The AWP Award Series is now open for submissions in creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and short fiction. Check our website for this year's guidelines as well as instructions for entering. Be sure to submit your manuscripts by Tuesday, February 28.
How Was #AWP17?
Join us on Twitter on Thursday, February 23 at 3:00 p.m. ET for a feedback tweet chat. Share your thoughts about the 2017 Conference & Bookfair during the chat using #TellAWP17. Can't join us for the chat? Attendees may fill out the conference feedback survey.
Join the Discussion
AWP asked: In honor of Valentine's Day, who is your fictional character crush?

Some of the answers we received:

Robbin-Lee DiPerna: Darcy!!!!

Laura: Sicarius from The Emperor's Edge series. He was the perfect book crush.

Jennifer Lynn Hawke: Thomas Lynley and Leonid McGill currently, Sherlock Holmes always.

Jennifer Bradley Page: Menenhetet, Ancient Evenings.

Tricia Maniaci: From my childhood... Almanzo Wilder. Anyone who drives 10 miles in subzero weather to pick up their lady from work is a keeper.

Charlie: Arthur Dent

Pamela Dudley Winthrop Underhill: Christ, Darcy of course!

AP Lewis: First Thought Best Thought. Catwoman. That ambiguous and sensuous relation w/ Bruce Wayne- sometimes ally but mostly enemy. The femme fatale- an original girl drawn badly occasionally resonates in real life, especially the part about desiring to sabotage you, yet she makes you want her anyways-

Ronald Earthy: I fell in love with Billy Sive (The Front Runner - Patricia Nell Warren), and was broken heated with the novels end.

Lauren Shoemaker: Middle school throwback: Johnny Tremain

Monique Kluczykowski: Frederick Wentworth. <swoon>

Kate McDevitt: Teenage me adored Outlander series' Jamie Fraser

Heather: Prospero the Enchanter from The Night Circus.

Crysta Swarts: Bingley! He's so sweet and charming and honest and adorable! Lizzy can take Darcy any day. Jane makes out like a bandit.

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Featured This Month
Every month, we feature new members, articles, and podcasts on the main page of our website. This month we're featuring "Senate & Bipartisan Commission Support No Restrictions on Arts Grants" by the AWP Editor from the October/November 1990 issue. The featured blog post is "Sounding Out Poetry" by Emily K. Michael. The featured podcast is Episode 135: Writing About Other(ed) Spaces from #AWP16 in Los Angeles. And the featured member In the Spotlight is Ellen Meeropol, president of Straw Dog Writers Guild.
What's that Image?
#AWP17 attendees listen to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Ta-Nehisi Coates in a popular reading and conversation sponsored by the Authors Guild.
February 23: #TellAWP17 tweet chat at 3:00 p.m. ET

February 28: AWP Award Series submission deadline

March 15: National Program Directors' Prize deadline
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