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Pop art-style neon books, headphones, locks, and cassette tape images against an orange background of braile
Writer's News
Ukrainian Manuscript Written During Protests, Translated into English
The Guardian reports that Oleg Shynkarenko's novel Kaharlyk, which he published on Facebook during the 2013 Maidan square protests in Kiev, is being translated into English. Index on Censorship is publishing an extract in its latest magazine.

Zinzi Clemmons Writes About "What It Means to Be an Inclusive Literary Journal"
Over at LitHub, Clemmons discusses the recent upheaval at The Offing along with other issues surrounding editorship and inclusivity, plus she provides a detailed list of journals making strides in "amplifying the voices of the marginalized."
Understand the Accessibility Issues that Deafblind and Blind Writers Face
In our most recent Writer's Notebook blog piece, "Tediousness," our own Sarah Katz writes about accessibility issues some writers face.
"Deafblind and blind readers use a range of technologies to access literature, including hardcopy braille, e-braille, screen readers, audiobooks, and ebook devices like the Kindle. Although technology is changing the way that deaf and deafblind writers access literature...there are still kinks in both publishing and technology that bar individuals with disabilities from complete access to contemporary literature."
Refer a Friend & Receive Three Additional Months of AWP Membership!
The writers in your life can access all of the great content of the AWP Website for free, July 8–10! During our first-ever membership preview weekend, non-members can use the Writer's Calendar, explore our Job List, and access past issues of the Writer's Chronicle online for free. Let your friends know to email awp@awpwriter.org to receive their free weekend access. If they also mention your name in the email and purchase their own membership by July 14, you will receive three additional months of membership for yourself.
Learn About the Mentorship Program
On Thursday, July 14 at 2:00 p.m. ET, we will host a tweet chat about the Writer to Writer Mentorship Program. Find out how past mentors and mentees have benefited from the program and learn how you can apply for the next session. Mentee applications will be open on Submittable August 1–12. Follow #AWPmentorship on Twitter to chat and ask questions.
Create Your Author Website For Free
AWP's new partnership with Write.ink now allows all AWP members to create their author websites on a .ink web domain free for one year. Your free year will include email hosting, security, easy drag-and-drop creation tools, and help desk support. You will also receive a 40% discount every year thereafter, for as long as you are an AWP member. Once you have yours up and running, we would love for you to email us so we can see your creative designs.
Sponsor Opportunities for #AWP17
Consider sponsoring the 2017 AWP Conference & Bookfair in Washington, DC—it's a great opportunity to promote your creative writing program, center, or press. Sponsors enjoy great benefits and marketing exposure starting in July and continuing through the conference. Over 12,000 writers, students, teachers, and literary professionals attend. Join us in celebrating AWP's 50th anniversary as a national literary organization providing services, community, and advocacy for writers and writing programs! Details can be found on our new sponsorship page or by contacting Pamela Mills at sponsorship@awpwriter.org.
However Just Because...
AWP asked: What is a word that you use too often in your writing? Some of the many answers we received:

Chelsea M. Brown: I use "just" too much. It's too much of a permission word, so it's like my characters can't make up their minds

Todd Benware: Of. Boxes of dead words tossed into a fire of cliches.

Tara Ebrahimi: INEXTRICABLY! Make me stop!

Denise Low: Rock

ink snack collective: There are a few but I think I use "however" more than the others. However, I don't overuse it

Yvette Walker: Simply - it's the word I use to jump start a sentence.

Jean O'Sullivan: Just. Just now, just there, just about to, just arrived - I'm sure I don't need to continue

Bill Keach: looming or loomed, as in 'ferocious fearful fates loomed on all sides, an indecipherable landscape of looming towers and decaying knolls'

Josh Sheridan: "Clearly." I use "clearly" too much. As in: Clearly I use "clearly" too much.

Nanda Dyssou: "because" - and I wish I could stop overusing it.

T.D. Clare: "just". looks like i'm not the only one

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Congratulate Our Creative Nonfiction Winner
Congratulations to Paisley Rekdal, winner of the 2016 AWP Award Series' Creative Nonfiction Prize for her work, The Broken Country: On Trauma, A Crime, and the Continuing Legacy of Vietnam. Of the manuscript, Judge Michael Steinberg said, "In order to piece together this most compelling narrative/meditation, Rekdal becomes, by turns, a fully realized investigative journalist and interviewer; witness and researcher; commentator and cultural critic."
#AWP17 Bookfair Sales Are Open!
Purchase your exhibit space now to secure your spot at the #AWP17 bookfair in Washington, DC. Anyone can purchase space now, but selection of the exhibit location is governed by a rolling process.

The rolling launch begins with organizations that have exhibited in the bookfair for 5 or more years. They have exclusive access to select their placement for the first two weeks (June 29 through July 12). The next two weeks are open to organizations that have exhibited for 1–4 years (July 13 through July 26). On July 27, the system is open to all organizations and a selection code is no longer necessary. This process replaces the point system and continues to reward exhibiting organizations for their commitment to AWP and the bookfair. Visit the AWP website, the bookfair Facebook page, and the Exhibitor Prospectus for more exhibit information.
What's that Image?
This image was created by our designer for the Writer's Notebook piece about accessibility issues that deafblind and blind writers face. The image contains imagery relating to assistive devices and challenges: books, headphones, locks, and audio tapes. The orange background is a zoomed-in image of braille.
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