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#SAVEtheNEA with the Arts Action Fund
On Friday, March 17, President and CEO of Americans for the Arts Robert Lynch sent a message in response to President Trump’s proposed budget, which includes eliminating funding for the National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities. His message included several ways citizens can help support the arts, including joining the Arts Action Fund. AWP is a partner with Americans for the Arts, and members can receive action alerts from the organization by opting into the service through the My Personal Information section of their AWP account.
Writer's News
Poets March on Trump Tower
On March 15, poets held a vigil outside Trump Tower in New York City in support of the National Endowment for the Arts. The event was organized by Brittany Dennison (publicity co-director, New Directions Publishing) with poets Christopher Soto, Erin Belieu, and Kyle Dacuyan. Readers included Amber Atiya, Rosebud Ben-Oni, Julian Talamantez Brolaski, Che Gossett, J.P. Howard, Yesenia Montilla, Aeliana Nicole, Sam Sax, Ser Serpas, and Rachel Zucker. Publishers Weekly has more.

The Mothers to Star Kerry Washington
Brit Bennett's widely praised debut novel, The Mothers, has been acquired by Warner Bros. for a future film to star Kerry Washington. Bennett will write the script and will serve as an executive producer.
Last Chance to Enter the WC&C Scholarship Competition
The WC&C Scholarship Competition is accepting submissions through March 30 in three genres, as judged by francine j. harris for poetry, Brian Oliu for creative nonfiction, and Naomi Williams for fiction. $500 prize money can be applied to attendance at any of the 150+ writers' conferences, centers, festivals, retreats, or residencies in our WC&C Directory.
Don't Miss Your Chance to See George Saunders
George Saunders, who will give the keynote address at the #AWP18 conference, has been making lots of news lately with the publication of his new book, Lincoln in the Bardo. The novel is one of the best reviewed books of the year, and we could not be more thrilled to host Saunders at the conference next year in Tampa. Read an except from Lincoln in the Bardo, and watch Saunders describe the process for casting the Lincoln in the Bardo audiobook.
Submit an Event Proposal for #AWP18
Event proposals for the #AWP18 conference may be submitted now until Monday, May 1, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Join us in Tampa, FL, for the largest and most inclusive literary event in the North America. The Tampa 2018 Subcommittee seeks proposals that feature panelists who are diverse in their backgrounds, pursuits, affiliations, and ages, and who represent a broad range of perspectives and experiences. The subcommittee strongly prefers proposals that reach beyond one campus or group to a greater diversity of people who also embody your concerns. AWP encourages participation from current and recent graduate students. Successful proposals observe the guidelines and modules by which we receive and review proposals. Please read the Event Proposal Guidelines carefully and read information about How Events Are Selected. Email us at events@awpwriter.org if you have questions about submitting a proposal.
Sponsor the #AWP18 Conference & Bookfair in Tampa!
Sponsors enjoy great benefits, marketing exposure, and registration waivers for faculty, staff, and students. Over 12,000 writers, students, teachers, and literary professionals attend making it a great opportunity to promote your program, center, or press. We hope you will join us us in Tampa, FL. Details can be found on our sponsorship page or by contacting Pamela Mills at sponsorship@awpwriter.org.
Celebrate AWP's 50th Anniversary in Style
Did you miss your chance to purchase a limited edition AWP 50th Anniversary commemorative t-shirt at the #AWP17 conference? Good news—shirts are still available. Purchase your shirt today to help AWP support writers, writing programs, teachers, and students.

To be entered in a drawing to win a free t-shirt, go to our Facebook page, find the message about the t-shirt and then like and share the post; or visit follow @awpwriter and retweet the post about the t-shirt. A lucky winner from both Facebook and Twitter will be chosen at random.
Featured This Month
Every month, we feature a new members, article, and podcast on the main page of our website. This month we're featuring "An Infinity of Traces" by the Dave Mura from the December 2000 issue of the Writer's Chronicle. The featured blog post is "About Authorial Identity " by Ronald Goldfarb. And the featured member In the Spotlight is Vidhu Aggarwal, Associate Professor at Rollins University.
Join the Discussion
AWP asked: What puts you in the mood to write?

Some of the answers we received:

Jennifer Pashley: I'm not always in the mood to write, but you have to show up for work. Mood follows. Also, a walk in the woods helps.

Kathryn Aalto: Curiosity.

Becky Knight: Almost anything! I'm at a point in my writing and in my life that when I don't write I have massive panic attacks. So I work every day. Even if I'm world or character building instead of writing new chapters.

Colin Ennen: Beethoven's Third Symphony, apparently. It produced 1200 words the other day in a flash.

kelsey gutierrez: taking a shower, listening to people who are smarter than i am. not usually at the same time.

Tim Woldt: Hope puts me in the mood to write. I hope I get the story right. I hope people like it. I hope it sells really well. And above all, I hope I can repeat the process of writing books that sell.

Jessica Evans: There is no more a mood to write than there is a mood to breathe. Simply something that occurs.

Jasmine Neosh: For whatever goddamn reason: hangovers. I am never more a more productive writer than the morning after a few shots of whiskey and a couple pints. No idea what it is. My head hurts and my body wants to sleep/eat waffles, but my brain's like "hey, let's set some scenes right exactly now."

Robert Michael Easterbrook: Being awake.

Lisa Payne: Rain, a cup of coffee, and an original idea so good it has an anxiety attack until it's put down on paper.

Sheila Morrissey: Nature. But much of my best writing comes, often at midnight, from a place I am yet to know. Almost as if I am channeling...

Ashley Strosnider: Reading every beautiful, sexy sentence someone else got to first.

The Dada Scientist: Having something else to do that precludes actually writing.

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In the Spotlight has featured educators, community organizers, publishers, and more. All of these writers have shared valuable insights and advice with the AWP community. Hear from #AWPSPOTLIGHT members, and nominate a writer in your community today!
What's that Image?
This is the cover of the March/April issue of the Writer's Chronicle. Artist Vlad Alvarez created this illustration for the article "Surprise Me" by Debra Spark.
March 30: WC&C Scholarship Competition deadline
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