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There once was a group of writers...
Could You Use a Writing Prompt or Two?
In the Writer's Notebook blog, Leslie Pietrzyk shows us the value of prompt writing. "I didn’t know what to expect for my own writing practice, but I immediately noticed how pleasant it was to write something, to share it immediately with an audience, and to hear a chorus of affirmation. Gone were the careful phrasings of the critique group or workshop: 'I need a little more here.' Instead, it was, 'I loved that opening sentence.'"
Propose Your 2017 Conference Event Now
Proposals are now being accepted for the #AWP17 Conference & Bookfair in Washington, DC, where we will celebrate AWP's 50th anniversary. The Washington, DC 2017 Subcommittee seeks proposals that feature panelists who are diverse in their backgrounds, pursuits, affiliations, and ages, and who represent a broad range of perspectives and experiences. The subcommittee strongly prefers proposals that reach beyond one campus or group to a greater diversity of people who also embody your concerns. AWP strongly encourages participation from current and recent graduate students. Proposals are now being accepted, and the deadline for submission is Sunday, May 1, 2016. Successful proposals observe the guidelines and modules by which we receive and review proposals. Please read the Open Letter and Event Proposal Handbook carefully before you submit your proposal. Have questions about submitting? Join us on April 13 at 3:00 p.m. ET on Twitter for tips and to chat with AWP conference staff.
What's New in Your AWP Account?
We have reorganized the AWP account section of the website, which introduces a new "My Conference Participant Information" page that gathers information previously asked in separate user profile sections. This new page collects the short biography and professional designation that are used to help evaluate conference event proposals. Gender and race/ethnicity are also requested to help AWP report to our funders and membership, but the data is not used as part of the proposal process and it is not shared with the subcommittee who evaluates the proposals; this information helps AWP better understand who our conference presenters are. Gender and race/ethnicity is only used in the aggregate and may be released when a representative sample is achieved. There is also a field for entering your Twitter username so that attendees can easily find and credit you on social media when live tweeting from conference events.

If you participate on an event proposal for the #AWP17 Conference & Bookfair, please take a moment to make sure you complete your My Conference Participation Information page to help AWP build a better conference.
Allison Hedge Coke is April’s Member In the Spotlight!
“There is strength in unity.” We are excited to feature Allison Hedge Coke as April’s In the Spotlight member. Allison is a writer, editor, publisher, and teacher, who is devoted to promotion and support of female Indigenous poets and writers. Hear more from Allison, and nominate a writer in your life for In the Spotlight today!
Join the Discussion
AWP asked: What made you choose the writing program you attended? Some of the answers we received:

Sarah Katz: My yearning for a writing community. The guidance of my poetry professors, @Free_KGD & David Keplinger, are why I stayed.

Claire Lyman: I wanted to be in DC. I also hoped for (and got) the chance to study speechwriting.

C.D. Hermelin: reasoning for @NewSchoolWrites: proximity to nyc publishing, after work hrs class, 2 years (not 3), writers i like on staff

Jodie B: All online w/ innovative tech that made it easy & worthwhile for this FT worker/student to attend + amazing fac @baypathmfaCNF

Ariel Francisco: faculty. Couldn't ask for better poetry parents than Campbell McGrath and Denise Duhamel! :) #FIU

Catherine Chambers: it's the only low residency BFA in the country (which is insane)

Margaret Brodie: Full tuition waiver + teaching stipend for 2 years sealed the deal for me to attend Univ of Oregon. Best decision I ever made

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Writer's News
The National Book Critics Circle Awards
The National Book Critic Circle Awards were announced. Winning works included Paul Betty’s The Sellout for Fiction; Same Quinones’ Dreamland: The True Story of America’s Opiate Epidemic for General Nonfiction; Margo Jefferson’s Negroland for Autobiography; Charlotte Gordon’s Romantic Outlaws: The Extraordinary Lives of Mary Wollstonecraft and Her Daughter Mary Shelley for Biography; Maggie Nelson’s The Argonauts for Criticism; and Ross Gay’s Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude for Poetry.

James Tate's Last Poem
James Tate left his last poem in his typewriter, according to John Asbhery, The Paris Review reports. They have a picture of it still on the platen over at their blog and are publishing the poem in their new Spring issue.
What's that Image?
Our design editor created the header image above for "Prompt Writing: Not Just for Workshop" by Leslie Pietrzyk. You can find a gallery of Writer's Notebook images on Pinterest.
April 13: #ProposeAWP17 tweet chat at 3:00 p.m. ET

May 1: Deadline to submit proposals for #AWP17 in Washington, DC
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