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Welcome to BorderPost, Issue 44
April 1st, 2016

"Water floats, but also capsizes boats."

The BWB team is spread out all around the country today but that's not going to stop us from getting our critically acclaimed bi-monthly almanac (I see what you did there...) out and into your digital hands.


A business that we, at Beer Without Borders, are friends with, was recently caught in what is known as a Controlled Purchase Operation.

Now Controlled Purchase Operation is a very reasonable sounding term for a very seedy practice. There’s actually a manual explaining exactly how to do one here. Note the fonts and colours that look more suited to the annual report of an NGO. Or maybe a school prospectus.

But this document is in fact a handbook on the practice of entrapment. Now New Zealand has no legal constraint on entrapment, so Police are completely at liberty to use the methods outlined in this document.

Very briefly, a “Controlled Purchase Operation” is a kind of “sting” in which Police send someone that they know is under 18 into a bar or bottle store to trick the staff there into breaching the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act. The aforementioned manual discusses many of the details. For instance:
  • the underage customer should be a volunteer but may be “thanked” with gift vouchers, which are quite a bit like cash unless you’re shopping at Dick Smith.
  • having this volunteer wear makeup or sport facial hair is “to be avoided” but is not ruled out.
  • the volunteer may lie about his or her age.
  • there is a hint that Police might like to target vendors that have been the subjects of complaints, however there is nothing that says they shouldn’t target outlets with completely clean records regarding liquor law.
Police give the impression that CPOs are one of their favourite tools when it comes to enforcing the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act. They often liaise with Hospitality NZ to report on what success they have catching staff out and warning outlets that there are more stings coming. All of which give the impression that they’re engaged in a constructive exercise that aims to improve the level of attention to the law in businesses serving alcohol. Which sounds very reasonable. Until you consider that the people they catch and prosecute are often young, modestly paid, inexperienced and working under pressure and they’ve done nothing more than fail at a skill that our society goes out of its way to make difficult – guessing people’s age. 

But worst of all there is every chance that the targets of these stings had never before or since made this mistake. We simply don’t know if an offence against the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act would have occurred if the police hadn’t made it happen. Which is exactly why entrapment is such an appalling practice. And warnings and prettily formatted guide line documents don’t alter the inherent unfairness of it.


Rare and Wild - Hamilton
Massive thank you to the good people of Hamilton who came down to CRAFT and discovered some of the excellent and eccentric beers from out of our cellar.

Keep an eye out for more events of this kind soon in Hamilton. We love ya.


Modern Times at The Twisted Hop

What a blast! Great turn out last night as the Twisted Hop Pub hosted Modern Times Head Brewer 

Thanks to everyone who came down and joined us on an adventure of discovery. Matt and Ryan had a great time and Christchurch proved once again to have the best tasting audiences in the country.


Modern Times Beer
 and Molten Wine Bar bring you an evening of the most fun, tastiest education you will ever receive!

Join Head Brewer Matt Walsh and Sommelier Sven Nielsen as they guide you through an evening of pairing two of lifes’ greatest delights - beer and cheese.

Date: Tuesday 5th April
Time: 7pm until 8.30pm

Molten Wine Bar,
422 Mt Eden Road, Auckland.

Tickets: $60

Places are limited so book early by calling 09-638 7236 or emailing with the subject ‘beerncheese’

Our Meet and Greet session has had a date change.
Now on Monday 4th April.

Come on down and say Hi and try some Modern Times Beers!

Vultures Lane US Beer Showcase

The Thursday Night US Showcase continues to roll on at Vultures' lane next week

April 7 - Pelican Imperial Pelican Ale and Speakeasy Black Hand Chocolate Milk Stout
April 14 - (Japanese Edition) Baird Red Rose Amber Ale + Baird Suruga Bay Imperial IPA.


Great Kiwi Beer Festival 


We're elbow deep into GKBF week here in Christchurch with some successful events now behind us.

Tonight though.... comes some of the most exciting beers that we bring into NZ going on tap for the first time on the south island.


Beer Without Borders and Volstead Trading Company are totally not sour about presenting to you, the good beer drinking public of Christchurch, for the first time on tap in the South Island three barrel aged, fruited and sour beers from San Fransico's Almanac Beer Co

From opening of Friday 1st April start your The Great Kiwi Beer Festival weekend off right with these three amazing beers:

Peach de Brettaville

Dogpatch Sour

Farmer's Reserve Blueberry
Volstead also have a couple of awesome Almanac Goblets to give away....... so be good to your friendly bar staff ;)

Modern Times at Liquor King Cranford Street

Want to try some of these Modern Times beers that we've been going on about?
Our man in Christchurch, Alex,  ill be popping open some cans of MT's Core range at Liquor King Cranford street.

From 5pm - 7pm this eve come on down to try

Blazing World - Fortunate Islands - Black House - Lomaland
Taps of Interest

A few insights into what we understand is on tap at a few of the country's better bars and bottle stores:
Vultures' Lane Craft Bar
Almanac Wakatu Sour, Karl Strauss Off The Rails Double Red,
Beer Baroness Madame Matrimony, Payback Porter, Pomeroys Kolsch

Baird Beer

Brothers Beer
Peach de Brettaville

Brew on Quay
Bobble Head Red


LiquorLand Mt Maunganui
Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin


Hamilton Wine Company
Speakeasy  Black Hand


Bethel Woods
Ballast Point Big Eye & Coronado Idiot IPA

Thai Chilli Wahoo, Indra Kunindra

Hashigo Zake
Payback porter


 Modern Times Blazing World & Lomaland

Volstead Trading Company
Almanac Dogpatch Sour, Farmers Reserve Blueberry
& Peach de Brettaville 

Martin Craig, who is a Wellington beer writer and friend of Beer Without Borders Martin, recently relaunched his Beertown site with a little myth debunkment exercise that we think makes pretty compelling reading. Read it here.
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