This Month: Wine research at UWA
From cutting-edge research into grapevine, soil management to crop production, our researchers play an important role in helping winemakers and growers compete on a global scale. Our alumni play an important role in the wine industry, being some of the best leaders in the world.


Michael Taberer, UWA alumnus:

An international approach to winemaking

“I am passionate about the principle that an effective economy is one where we all grasp that someone else’s success is our own.”

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Dr Patricia Agudelo-Romero, UWA researcher:

The science behind the grapevine

“When you sip your wine, think about all the science that is behind each drop – from the sensitive grapevine bud to the play of molecules that define wine flavour and aroma.”

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Alex Martin, UWA alumnus:

Unravelling the origins of wine

“From a consumer’s perspective, the biggest concern from fraudulent wine labelling practices is that they might not be getting the wine they paid for.”

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Alumni in the news

Growing grapevine successfully

Karlia Meitha's research on bud dormancy in different seasons provides a better understanding of how oxygen levels affect grapevine buds. That understanding will lead to innovation in grapevine management in both optimal and stressed conditions.

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Wine leaders unite for a memorable evening

Convocation hosted the 1965 Graduates and Diplomates graduation anniversary. The reunion included an entertaining and enlightening wine tasting experience led by renowned wine writer Peter Forrestal (BA, DipEd) and featuring eminent vignerons.

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