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Long time, no see, I know.


It's been at least a year since I sent out a newsletter, and I hope you'll read this one and stay subscribed, because I'm very hopeful that this year will be an enormous change from the last year and a half.

In a nutshell, I have been suffering from Lyme disease, a mold infection (both in my brain), and a handful of other things that developed because of it.  For the first year, I was misdiagnosed with Lupus, and the medicine I was given actually made things worse.  Thanks to one of my AMAZING customers, I am now in the care of a Lyme-literate doctor who got me diagnosed properly is getting me on the road to recovery.  It's slow going -- I can have three hours out of bed a day, three days straight in bead, I never know.  It's very difficult to plan beyond the next hour.

That being said, to those of you who were going to see me (and help me celebrate my 45th birthday) this coming weekend and the Craftsmens' Classic, I will not be able to attend.  However, if you are ever in the mood to visit me in my home in Easton, MD, I can gladly make arrangements for a private showing.  I also am teaching jewelry making classes for a nominal fee.  Email me for more information by clicking here.

To get a discount coupon or preorder your tickets for the Chantilly, VA Craftsmens' Classic, click here.

My web site is currently set up only to take Paypal (that will change soon) and for certain computers, you may get a notice that it's insecure.  It IS secure, but the way my developer programmed it, when I took the credit card option away, it automatically spits out that message.  That will be amended soon, too.  If you would prefer to pay via credit card or check, all you have to do is email me.

There is very little left on my web site,
but everything is marked 30% off,
the deepest discount I ever give


I will be adding new and (in my opinion) improved jewelry very soon!  And if you follow me on Facebook (here), or my blog (here), you'll often get first crack at any jewelry I make, as I've had things sell in 30 seconds of posting (thank you thank you thank you).

The next email will be to announce new jewelry.  YAY!


Do you like to make jewelry?  

I wrote a book!

My popular blog hop, the Bead Soup Blog Party, attracted the interest of Kalmbach Publishing, and two years later, it came out to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and now Michaels Craft Stores.  If you would like an autographed book plate, all you have to do is send me what you'd like it to say and your address and I'll send it right off!

New Jewelry Coming Soon!

Even though I've been bed-bound, there are still days when I have been up and at it and I have many new designs that are just waiting to be photographed and put on the web site.  I'll be back with an update email as soon as I've loaded the web site,
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