Bead Soup Blog Party info!  

Things to Remember
as You Get Your Partners 


First, please be sure to check on a regular basis as I'll also be posting things there.

Second, I asked on the Cafe last night what to do about the amount of time it takes to email all of you individually with your partner's name, blog, and email address.  The consensus is that for this party, I will be listing partners in batches, on (as well as this email), name and blog only, and you will need to go to your partner's blog to make contact.  

This means if you haven't already made it easy to reach you on your blog, you may want to check.  If you use Blogger, your About Me should include an email and not take someone to Google+.  If you absolutely do not want to have your email out on the internet, please, please check your inbox, look on Facebook, ask at  Having a way for not only your partner but your blog readers to contact you privately via and email link or "About" button is a great way to gain new insights and interact with your readers.


Some quick notes.

All US participants -- PLEASE use Delivery Confirmation.  It's inexpensive and valuable.

Before you ship your soup, take a picture of it, but don't post it until your partner has.

PLEASE keep up with your partner, particularly in the early days and the days before reveal date.

ANYONE can send me a picture of their soup for an opinion.

Stay tuned -- pairing is in progress!