Bead Soup Blog Party info!  




You are now part of the
8th Bead Soup Blog Party!

First, please be sure to check on a regular basis as I'll also be posting things there. 

Second, I will be emailing you and your partner together to give you each your email addresses and blog addresses.  I would really like for you guys to try and chat a bit, get to know each other!

Third, PLEASE do not send a soup that is exactly what your partner already works with.  If your partner works in vintage, please don't send vintage.

That being said, don't go out of of your way to send something that is so crazy/wild/dare I say (eek) ugly that they're stunned into quitting.  (Don't laugh too hard, it's happened!)


Please take special care in preparing your Soup!

This blog hop has been written about in at least two magazines and has a stand alone book.  Consider the soup you send as not just a gift, but something you would be proud to send to a magazine editor.  I will be writing an in-depth blog post today or tomorrow that is a Must Read.

If you have an international partner, it's imperative that the two of you discuss EXACTLY how to fill out the customs form.  ALL packages are gifts.

I'll be writing up a blog post about preparing your soups -- please take the time to read it over, as there are some new rules and suggestions that will be helpful.

Please take the time to mark your calendars!

Much love and have fun,