"Over the last decade and change, Kansas outfit the Appleseed Cast have transformed from late-'90s emo darlings to post-millenial post-rock powerhouses." - SPIN

The Appleseed Cast sustains $8K worth of damage in car accident

Band must raise money to replace gear to avoid canceling May tour dates

A note from Graveface Records founder, Ryan Graveface:

On May 1, the Appleseed Cast's van and trailer were run off the road in KS.  No members of the band were in the accident, but friend and tour mate Anthony Piazza of Muscle Worship was driving and luckily is OK.  On the not so lucky side, Appleseed's trailer was completely destroyed, there are damages to their tour van, and many pieces of their gear were wrecked.  If you have any loot to spare and want to help them get back on the road next week, we here at Graveface really appreciate it.  If you donate a minimum of $15, you'll get their new (and incredible!) album, Illumination Ritual, in just about any digital format you can imagine.  Here's a list of some of the wrecked gear that needs to be replaced:

1959 Magnatone 2x12 combo
Ampeg 8x10 cab
C&C custom kick drum
Rack tom
Floor tom
Kick pedal
Selmer amp head

Here are the dates that the gear is required for:

(All shows with Hospital Ships)
08  Denver, CO - Hi Dive
09  Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge
10  Boise, ID - The Venue
12  Seattle, WA - Chop Suey
13  Portland, OR - Backspace Cafe
14  Chico, CA - Cafe Coda
15  San Fransisco, CA - Bottom Of The Hill
16  Los Angeles, CA - Bootleg Bar
17  Los Angeles, CA - House Show
18  Costa Mesa, CA - Detroit Bar
19  San Diego, CA - Casbah
20  Phoenix, AZ - Crescent Ballroom
21  Albuquerque, NM - Launchpad
22  Amarillo, TX - House Show

Thanks for your continued support,

Ryan Graveface

"Over the last decade and change, Kansas outfit the Appleseed Cast have transformed from late-'90s emo darlings to post-millenial post-rock powerhouses. The Chris Crisci-fronted crew, now featuring new members Taylor Holenbeck on guitar and Nathan Wilder on drums, split the difference between Sunny Day Real Estate and Explosions in the Sky on "Great Lake Derelict," a highlight off the foursome's upcoming eighth LP, Illumination Ritual (out April 23 on Graveface Records). Marrying gnarled time signatures and arching guitar hymnals, while still leaving room for Crisci's thin but assured vocals, the foursome conjure noise capable of pleasing both hardcore club kids and headphone sophisticates alike." - SPIN

Change, as they say, is a good thing. And a lot has changed for Lawrence, Kansas, post-rock outfit The Appleseed Cast over the 14 years since their founding. With Illumination Ritual (out April 23rd), their first full-length since 2009’s Sagamartha & first output since 2011’s Middle States EP, they’ve embraced not only a new line-up, but also hopscotching time signatures and a tumultuous anthemic energy that rivals anything else in their consistently impressive catalog.

With lyrics written over the course of three nights, between the hours of midnight and 4 a.m., & music written over a 3 month period of time, Illumination Ritual reflects both a sense of urgency and unbridled creative energy.  Many bands fizzle out after a few records but on this, their 8th full length, they’ve hit a high mark that many will undoubtedly compare to their 2001 masterpiece, Low Level Owl.  We here at Graveface feel this is easily their best record to date though. 


NEW: The Appleseed Cast - "Cathedral Rings" via Paste

The Appleseed Cast - "Great Lake Derelict" via SPIN

Every album has come with line up changes for The Appleseed Cast.  This one introduces Taylor Holenbeck on guitar and Nathan Wilder on drums.  Both additions are outstanding on this record. Musical interplay between band members is something Appleseed Cast is known for, but the level of counterpoint and intricate yet chaotic energy is unmatched to anything they've done to date.  The songs are energetic, sweeping, full of atmosphere, melancholy yet hopeful, driving, determined, and unabashed. Lyrically, Chris Crisci (founding member) is creating images to be pieced together.  Much like Appleseed Cast's seminal work, every song has a feeling and theme, but nothing is forced or in your face.  The lyrics frame perfectly the vision of the music.  In songs like "Great Lake Derelict" and "Cathedral Rings" you can hear nods to some of their most recognizable work, but there’s something new and fresh that’s all encompassing. 

With such a natural chemistry within the new line up, it makes sense that the songs themselves, while embracing chaos and a tuneful math-rock sensibility, eschew earlier recordings’ slick production for a more organic sound. The songwriting itself grew from collaborative explorations in the studio, with each player given time to riff on the parts that had been laid down before, their spontaneous contributions captured and cut together.  Newly invigorated by their shared enthusiasm and the interplay of their individual talents, The Appleseed Cast enters their fourteenth year as a new band in the best sense, full of fresh ideas and the energy to bring them to both longtime fans and new converts alike. 

Illumination Ritual will be available on vinyl, compact disc, cassette & digital on April 23rd via the Graveface Records & Curiosities imprint.


Artist -  The Appleseed Cast
Album - Illumination Ritual
Release Date - April 23, 2013
Label -  Graveface Records & Curiosities
Pre-order - here

01. Adriatic to Black Sea
02. Great Lake Derelict
03. Simple Forms
04. Cathedral Rings
05. 30 Degrees 3AM
06. Branches on the Arrow Peak Revelation
07. Barrier Islands (Do We Remain)
08. North Star Ordination
09. Clearing Life
10. Illumination Ritual

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