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Nancy KalinaI have had many losses in my life. We all have. I experienced loss when I was quite young when diagnosed with epilepsy. In adolescence, I experienced loss when I was hit by a drunk driver on New Year’s Eve, which landed me in the hospital for about ten days with an expanded epilepsy diagnosis that now included three different types of seizures. My seizures, for the first time in my life, were not controllable. I lost the ability to drive, which was devastating to me as a sixteen-year-old. I also lost the ability to take part in three out of the four events in gymnastics, for fear that I would have a seizure while I was on the balance beam, using the uneven parallel bars, or running toward the vault. As life went on, I experienced highs and lows, like I assume many of you have. Two other losses that I experienced within the past ten years have been my hip degenerations. Clearly, injury, the effects of aging, and illness are losses. These are noteworthy losses because they affect our identities and how we view ourselves. What’s most interesting is that we don’t view these losses as losses, and we typically don’t allow ourselves to grieve.

However, losses have the potential to catapult our lives into other dimensions where we can begin to see life from a different perspective and see it anew as we have never seen it before.

Frankly, I never experienced the above paragraph with my first hip degeneration. I experienced none of it! I did not see my hip degeneration as an opportunity to learn, much less an opportunity to grow. No, I went through that five years with a great deal of depression that I masked on a regular basis. I was angry! I was pissed! I resented and was irate with my body for turning on me. This was my perception. I can only see now, eight years later, that this was an unhealthy perception and certainly not one that brought me any peace. It was a perception of blame!

When my second hip was diagnosed in the early spring of 2013, I met this challenge and loss differently. I was different. For one thing, I was now a certified Martha Beck life coach. My perceptions had already begun to shift. So, before I was even diagnosed, I made the conscious decision to ask for help and support with the emotional aspect of hip degeneration and loss of ability. Utilizing my life coach tools and calling on other life coaches to support me through my process was eye opening. I wrote about my experiences many times in the early days. You can read about them in the following articles titled “Injury and Illness: Friend or Foe” and “Learn to Trust Your Body’s Inner Wisdom”.

As I continued on my personal journey, I found myself discovering the power of possibility. I found myself discovering the power of thinking. I learned so much of this in life coach training, but my second hip degeneration was a huge experience that allowed me to practice over and over again everything that I had learned in addition to pushing myself further than I had ever pushed myself. It was raw! It was painful! It was an awakening, if you will. My second hip degeneration became my own research experiment, unbeknownst to me. I learned a new way of being. I began to realize that one can experience injury and illness in a completely different way. Instead of being at war with my body, I made peace with my body and began to truly build a co-creative relationship with my body that allowed me to see that life was not awful. My hip degeneration was not awful. My hip degeneration was not good or bad. It just was.

Through this whole process, I have been invigorated and revitalized. It has become clear to me that none of us have to suffer through injury and illness. It is a choice! We have the power to decide how we want to experience injury and illness.

Now, I am very proud to say that I have written my first eBook on my experience that includes tools to help you begin your own process to co-create a beneficial and healthy relationship with your body! So, if you find yourself answering yes to any or all of the questions below, perhaps reading my eBook, The Power of Possibility: Achieving Whole-Body Wellness Through Injury and Illness is the perfect way to show yourself a little love today!

  • Are you frustrated with an injury or illness and ready to reclaim your life?
  • Are you battling with your body because it no longer works like you want it to?
  • Are you experiencing long-term back pain and have tried EVERYTHING and nothing has worked?

As Dr. Lissa Rankin says, “Working with your Inner Healer from a space and place of presence is about establishing a flow—a dynamic connection of giving and receiving. Often due to the challenges you have faced, preoccupation with wounds from the past, or fears for the future you can ‘block’ the wisdom your body, mind and heart want to bring to you. The Inner Healer has been operating all along in you, yet most of the time you just cannot hear it because there is TOO much ‘static’ in between you and this internal wisdom. And sometimes the message gets garbled by the time it gets to you. Communication with your Inner Healer is about establishing a relationship, a dialogue. One that is created in awe, respect, possibility and an unreasonable desire to live a life not grid-locked down by fear, the past or what ‘might’ happen.”

We are each traveling our own paths in this life. How we choose to travel is up to us. I encourage each and every one of you to accept, allow, and honor your own journey and learn all that it has to teach you. If you would like to purchase my new eBook, click here and you will be taken to my website. Always remember that I am here and would love to help you get your footing, should you desire support to connect with your body and begin creating whole-body wellness for yourself!


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