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Nancy KalinaHave you ever experienced periods of time when everything seems difficult? I feel like I have been out of the flow for a bit. There have been disruptions in my life, varying from attending the Martha Beck Summit to giving my first national presentation as a life coach to simply getting a new computer.

At a glance, all these things are wonderful and I am grateful for the opportunity to experience them, but there still has been a shake-up and unearthing of life as I know it. All the above things require change — change in routine, change in eating habits, and change from my very comfortable cocoon.

Whether intentionally or by accident, we all have created lives and homes that feel comfortable to us. I feel very comfortable and at home in the safe space I have created for myself. From the confines of my personal environment, I am empowered to take on the world.

That said, I am not a hermit; every once in a while I like to spread my wings, see something new, try something different and create the opportunity to grow. Sometimes, the transition from my regular life to something uncommon and back again feels like an odyssey. Whether I travel to Atlanta to deliver my first national presentation or I enter a world of minimal computer and Internet access, there are possibilities for growth and opportunities to integrate my new lessons into an already routinized life.

I am happy to report that my new computer is up and running — and it was well worth the wait. During the period I was waiting for my machine, I acknowledged that everything is a choice: I could choose to look at my computerless experiences as an opportunity for growth or as a pain in the butt. To be honest, I chose both perceptions within those past six weeks. I am only human! I, too, sense anxiety, frustration and worry when I am not on my schedule, when I am without my own Internet access and am unable to connect with people by logging on anytime I want. However, I tried to invite the wiser Nancy to be present during this cycle of change. The wiser Nancy is compassionate and allows me to have my feelings. The wiser Nancy then questions some of my limiting beliefs that cause my anxiety and suffering.

I find that the wiser Nancy is a much better surfer than the routinized Nancy. The wiser Nancy can play on regardless of circumstances.

One of my huge lessons from the past two months — one that is a continual lesson for me — is that I am simply a happier me when the critical Nancy’s voice is quieted and the wiser Nancy is standing front and center in my life.

Who is front and center in your life?

Are you giving more attention to the wise you or the critical you?

If it’s the critical you, I can help!


Sharing Corner

I also want to share the name Arnold Beisser, M.D., with you. I was introduced to him by another coach. I was so impressed with his article titled “The Paradoxical Theory of Change” that I went on a path to discover even more about this remarkable thinker.

His book Flying Without Wings is incredible! I enjoyed it and learned much about myself and others. Dr. Beisser truly offered a different perspective for the world, a perspective that was ahead of its time. People are just now beginning to realize his extraordinary contributions.

Flying Without Wings



I received this slideshow in my inbox this morning. Perfect timing for this e-newsletter issue.


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