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Nancy KalinaThis Is Where We Want To Be. Kim and I have a sign with this phrase in our house. We bought it on vacation. It was one of those spontaneous purchases that occurs when you come across something that feels right to you. You can’t really explain it, but you are attracted to an object. The object could be a sign, journal, shirt, piece of art, or any item with which we fill our homes and lives. I love this feeling. It doesn’t happen very often, and I’m tremendously thankful for that. Otherwise, my house might begin to look like the set of the old TV show Sanford and Son, and my partner would definitely kick me out if this were my habit. However, I love being drawn to objects, plants, animals, and beings, and it may have something to do with oneness.

Martha Beck discusses the concept of oneness in her book Finding Your Way in a Wild New World. She suggests oneness is the idea that we are connected to all other things on the planet. Many people can take the leap and accept being connected to other living things. However, some people have difficulty understanding our connection to nonliving things. Truth be told, this concept did not come easy to me either. Martha suggests that we as individuals are made up of energy and are connected to inanimate objects that are also made up of energy. After all, everything that exists has been created by the planet’s own material, products, and energy. I have now read her book twice and feel as if I now understand this concept a bit better. But it is a tough concept to wrap my head around. Really, there is a connection between me and spoons?

Inanimate objects. The word inanimate seems inaccurate. It sounds so impersonal. The sign that hangs in our house might not be living and breathing, but it certainly has energy. It possesses an energy that I was drawn to. Similarly, my partner and I decided to redo a tiny bathroom in our home. We decided to find a mirror that felt joyful and welcoming as our first step. For many years, the room was one we both avoided. Today, the room is completely different from its former self. It took us an entire year to find the right mirror — the one that spoke to both of us. Why or how did it speak to us? That’s hard to answer. Buying anything else would have felt like settling. So, we were patient with the process as we wanted to create a room that was inspirational and full of life. Now, we have a little bathroom that brings us both tremendous pleasure.

Slowly, step by step, my partner and I have made choices to bring things into our home that feel inspirational to us both. As we do this, we remove things that do not provide us with this same feeling. Slowly, through this process we have created an environment that speaks to and encourages us with positive energy. We feel connected to these objects. We can’t explain why or how, but the attraction is there. This reminds me of the classic line in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when Ollivander the wand maker explains to Harry “The wand chooses the wizard.” Maybe the wand is not the only thing that chooses its owner?

  • What in your environment attracts your attention?
  • What in your environment doesn’t provide you with joy?
  • Can you part with one thing that doesn’t bring you joy?

Keep your eyes peeled for something that makes your heart sing. It could be a bar of soap, candle, or special doorknob.


Sharing Corner

I thought I would share with you purchases or gifts that Kim and I have added to our house to continue this ongoing process of creating a warm, welcoming, and stimulating environment that quite simply feels like home. As a Martha Beck life coach, I believe that people’s environment is a reflection of what is going on inside them. Deepak Chopra has stated this many times. Therefore, it can be a powerful exercise to change things in your environment so that you feel completely at home.

We received this lovely calendar from our dear friends for Christmas.

We love StoryPeople. We have a number of their pieces in our home. We love the expressions and colors.

Kim and I love certain scents. We love the scent of Belgian linen. We have received candles and diffusers that have now become a staple in our home. These are a splurge. However, we feel that we are worth the splurge!

We discovered Terri St. Cloud and fell in love with her art when we were visiting Charlottesville, Virginia. Take a peek at some of her lovely work. Her words are what make everything so meaningful. Click on the image to view Terri’s website.

Remember, find things that speak to you. You may not care for the same art, fabrics, soaps, and colors that we enjoy. What’s important as you create your own space is to find things no matter how big or small that make your heart sing. I just thought I would share with you some of my favorites.



Music also possesses energy that will speak to you. Kacey Musgraves is relatively new to me. Her music always brings a smile to my face. I find her music lovely, and her lyrics align with who I am as an individual.


Until next time,

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