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Why Life Coaching?

Welcome to all of you who have decided to join me on this journey. I am truly grateful and feel blessed to have all of your support. So, a big thanks to everyone who has decided to subscribe.
Nancy Kalina
My personal journey has brought me to an unfamiliar and yet eerily familiar place. In March 2011, I decided to take the plunge and resign from the school corporation where I had been teaching for 11 years. But I was not just resigning from an employer. You see, in my heart I knew I was leaving a profession I had worked in for more than 22 years. My body, emotions and mind were telling me ever so loudly that it was time to live my life differently. Pretty scary for a person who does not like change. But change had to happen. Of this I was certain. I was changing directions and moving toward a life that incorporated my past but was more true to who I am as a person.
So, how did I choose life coaching? Why not finance, pottery or healthcare? Strangely enough, a friend suggested the idea to me over lunch, and the idea felt … right. I was no stranger to life coaching per se. I had been doing it informally all my life. This was the portion of my career I loved the most. I have always loved helping people find and connect to their true voice! That is what life coaching ultimately is: asking questions of people in an effort to help them perceive their situations and thoughts differently. It is helping people remember who they truly are and aligning that remembrance to their minds. This alignment allows people to speak their most intimate desires, passions, fears and, yes, their deepest dreams, leading them to navigate the world from a place of confidence, joy and peace.

From the moment I was introduced to the concept of helping people to dream, I knew that I was not only joyful, but I was home. The problem was that the other stuff (e.g., meetings, paperwork, etc.) always seemed to get in the way. Just like a large percentage of people, I had let the “busyness” of my life get in the way of dreaming and realizing those dreams. Many of us have forgotten how to dream, but life coaching is a profession that helps people to reconnect with their dreams, passions and inner voice. Through reconnecting with a part of yourself and becoming reacquainted with that essence, you begin to perceive the world differently and, as a result, do amazing things. Sometimes the changes are large. Sometimes they are quite subtle. Nevertheless, transitions begin to occur. It’s exciting to be a witness to this process, and it’s awe-inspiring to be experiencing these changes in my own life. So, when people ask, “Why life coaching?” I simply say, “Why not live my dream?” I can’t think of anything I’d rather do than help others realize and accomplish their deepest longings.

Sharing Corner

As I envisioned this e-newsletter, I pictured a section that would be a place for me to share new and exciting things in my life — cool recipes, experiences, movies or whatever — a sharing corner, if you will.

For this first issue of the Safe Space Life Coaching e-newsletter, I would like to share with you the newest book by my teacher Martha Beck. Finding Your Way in a Wild New World is an awesome, thought-provoking book that will guide you to finding out how you got where you are now — and what you should do next — with well-defined, tangible instructions on tapping into the deep, wordless knowledge you carry in your body and soul.

This is not a book to just read; this is a book to experience! Undertaking all the activities that Martha has laid out for the reader makes this book a journey of self-discovery, generating a desire for a deeper, intentional knowing of oneself.

If you visit the website, you will see that there are many Martha Beck-trained coaches who have been hosting book clubs to explore all the richness of this book. Our small Bloomington book club is just one of many that exist all over the country and throughout the world.


We all need a little pick-me-up from time to time or a way to align our day with our true values. Discovering inspiration in everyday life has been important to me through the years. I find music, literature, nature, art and quotes tremendously uplifting. Ralph Marston and his slideshows tumbled into my life a couple of years ago. Immediately, I was a fan, and I have subscribed to his daily motivator ever since. Every morning, a new, inspiring message from Ralph greets me in my e-mail inbox. Many days, I feel like the messages are personally meant for me. I will tell you now that Ralph Marston’s slideshows will be a regular for this e-newsletter! Take the time to watch one of my favorite slideshows, listen to the music and take in the message. Think of it as a personal moment for you that you highly deserve. Without further ado … Ralph Marston.

‘Til next time,

Nancy Kalina

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