How Are Your “Shoulds?”

Nancy Kalina It’s been almost a year since I wrote my article entitled “Change Your Language. Change Your Life!” I received a lot of great feedback about that article. People appreciated learning how the language we use can determine how we see any given situation and, therefore, how we feel. I am including a link to the article here if you missed it.
Change Your Language. Change Your Life!

Think about all the “shoulds” you hear come out of your mouth or someone else’s each day. It’s staggering. Here are just a few examples:

  • “You should e-mail your mother.”
  • “He should respond to my e-mail.”
  • “They should stop smoking.”
  • “She should not quit her job.”
  • “My body should not feel this tired.”
  • “I should be able to do this.”
  • And the list goes on and on and on.

As life would have it, I have recently learned that while I may have changed my language and have certainly seen some changes in my life, I have also learned that changing your language is only the first step. It’s a great first step and I am thrilled that I took it. However, behind every corner there is another lesson to be learned. My lesson recently has been that while I am not saying “I should” or “they should” out loud, I may in fact still be saying it in my mind. Additionally, I may not even be aware that I am saying it in my mind, but I am “shoulding” with my energy. For example, I have learned that to say, “Honey, you should really sit up straight while you are at the computer,” is not useful nor is it any of my business how my sweetie chooses to sit at the computer. I am just being controlling when I express myself in that way. I completely get that. What I did not foresee is that even if I stopped saying those words, I might still be thinking them, creating a shoulding or controlling energy.

Spiritual teacher, author, and lecturer Marianne Williamson relates the story in one of her audios about the needy girlfriend who tells her boyfriend not to go away on vacation with the guys because he should be sensitive to her needs, etc. The boyfriend is clearly turned off by her neediness and controlling behavior. Williamson shares a scenario in which the girlfriend has moved forward with her controlling behavior. The boyfriend is getting ready to go on vacation with the guys, and the girlfriend doesn’t say anything about what her boyfriend “should do.” She doesn’t tell him not to go. She is simply quiet. She is still thinking all of her previous controlling thoughts — and creating should energy! Her boyfriend says to her, “Stop it!” And she replies, “What? I’m not doing anything.” He responds by saying, “I can just feel you leaning on me!”

Believe it or not, our thoughts are energy, and people and beings can sense our energy. Therefore, even when I am working on taking should out of my vocabulary, my next step in my own personal growth is to investigate my thinking and clean up some of those should thoughts and energy. Unfortunately, cleaning up our thoughts and energy is a lot more involved than dropping the language out of your spoken vocabulary. In order to clean up your thoughts, it’s paramount that you become aware of them in the first place.

With some help from a dear friend who is also a coach, I have assigned myself homework to do every evening. Join me if you wish. The homework assignment is to write in a journal every evening and answer the following question: “What tendencies did I notice today where I said — out loud, in my head or with my energy — should to myself or anyone else.” So, my first step in this process was to drop the language. My second step is to become aware of my energy and thoughts when they happen. After I document a thought or a time when I possessed and shared “should energy,” I will take on the responsibility of investigating my thinking by using life coach tools that I have learned. I am so grateful for the opportunities in my life to keep getting better and better in my journey to become the best version of myself.

How are your shoulds?

Did you should today?

Would you like to drop your should language, thoughts and energy to create a new perspective on life? Join me in this process, and write to tell me how it’s going.


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Now, don’t misunderstand me. I will still treat myself on occasion to that lovely, full of fat ice cream as a treat. I don’t deny myself. However, it’s nice to know that there are tasty and healthy options!



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