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Today I took part in a collective, global, effort to dream and visualize a world where elephants and rhinos live safely on the earth, without danger of being hurt or killed for their tusks. People from all over the world took part in this collective exercise. Some people danced rhino rhumbas; others wrote about memorable encounters with elephants and rhinos; still others Nancy Kalina
painted, or drew, their vision; and some meditated and envisioned a safer and more peaceful life for these planetary teachers. This envisioning effort was a collective sharing opportunity, an opportunity to collectively envision and co-create a better world for these magnificent beings, so that our children and grandchildren will have the opportunity to encounter them and appreciate them. Many of those who participated through Facebook shared their experiences with each other. Everyone who participated expressed the desire to protect these creatures for future generations.

Have you ever really thought about the concept of sharing? It’s a beautiful idea and activity, and one that happens everywhere, even in nature. Nature can teach us many lessons on how to thrive in life. Here are a few examples from the natural world that reveal the practice and wisdom of sharing.

A fallen tree may appear dead to the casual observer. But even fallen trees are sites of tremendous production and productivity. A nurse log is a fallen tree that, as it decays, provides nourishment and protection to the seedlings of various species, as well as cover and food for a plethora of small organisms. Nurse logs are, almost inevitably, symbolic. We look, and we see something that appears dead, inactive, no longer a participant in the life of the planet. But we would be wrong to think so. The fallen tree, now the nurse log, is very much alive in its decaying, and in its participation in the life processes of the planet, of other trees, fauna, and organisms.

I first learned about nurse logs in the rainforest of the Olympic National Park. There are thousands of instances of nurse logs in that environment. Now, I know to look for nurse logs whenever I head into nature. They are all around quietly aiding the growth of the forest and the stability of our planet.

What can we learn from nurse logs? The first lesson for me is that nothing really dies. Another lesson I take from nurse logs is that it is in our nature, our true nature, to support the
growth of other living beings. It is in our best interest, as part of an interconnected world, to want life to continue, to want all life forms to thrive and live on their own terms. Another lesson I derive from nurse logs is that it is valuable and sufficient to give other beings a good foundation. All living creatures grow, blossom, and flourish when given a foundation built on love Learn from Nature

and support. Lastly, I learn from nurse logs that we are all connected. All living things are connected and affect one another, in one way or another. Humans have a choice on how we interact with each other and the planet. Nature bears witness that our true nature is to connect by sharing love, sharing appreciation, and sharing a respect for every living being’s uniqueness.

In the same vein of nurse logs as metaphor is the theory and practice of companion planting in gardening and agriculture. Wikipedia states that companion planting is the planting of different, complementary, plants in proximity to each other so that they may assist each other in nutrient uptake, pest control, pollination, and other factors necessary for a bountiful crop. Gardeners and farmers have learned from nature that when certain plants are planted close to each other, both types of plants will flourish better than when grown alone. By contrast, there are some plants that if planted near one another do nothing to support the other plant, and can even hurt the other plants in their proximity. Black walnuts are well known for this toxic effect, and my garden has been a victim in the past to the presence of black walnuts. Black walnuts create an environment in their presence that is unwelcoming to a large number of other plants and trees.

On the positive side, it has long been known and practiced that planting corn, beans, and squash together allows these three plants to support each other’s growth beautifully. Native Americans learned this long ago and created a system where they could have a balanced diet by working one plot of land, and growing these three crops together.

I encourage everyone to take the lessons, and wisdom, from nurse logs and companion plants, but to eschew the example of black walnuts!

By their very nature, most plants share their space, resources, and nutrients. One glimpse of a wild, tropical forest reveals to us that everything there grows together. The plants partake of the same sunlight, rain, oxygen, and other nutrients in order to bless the world with what we call a rainforest.

Share of yourself. Share what you have. Share a meal. Share your skills. Share a book. Share a conversation with strangers at a crowded restaurant. Share your time. Share your energy. Share your ideas. Share your story. Share your life with others. Share your love. Share your vision for the future. Share your joys and your sorrows. Share a moment in time. Just share.

May we be so blessed that we live a life connected to one another by sharing.


Sharing Corner

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I find myself wanting to share with all of you so many things. Forgive me if I share too much. I found today’s Ralph Marston tremendously timely and inspirational about our interconnectedness.

Additionally, I have always appreciated the quotes below that speak to the same topic and thought that I would share them with you as well. I hope something in this e-newsletter speaks to you.

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
   - Mother Teresa

“The sharing of joy, whether physical, emotional, psychic, or intellectual, forms a bridge between the sharers which can be the basis for understanding much of what is not shared between them, and lessens the threat of their difference.”
   - Audre Lorde


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