Nurturing A Non-Judgmental Heart

Nancy Kalina Truth be told, one of my pet peeves is when I hear people—or catch myself—judging another person. Being judgmental, simply put, is just not kind. I recently came across these incredible words written by Lissa Rankin and felt compelled to share them with you. You too can receive daily inspiration from Lissa by signing up here. You should know that Lissa’s daily inspirational emails are called The Daily Flame, and she writes them from the perspective of your inner self. I love this concept. Receiving these emails every morning is a reminder that my essential self or inner pilot light is always talking to me and encouraging me to be my best self. Enjoy.

The next time you’re tempted to judge someone, take a deep breath and add to the end of your judgment “And I am too.”

Remember that what most irritates, angers, insults, or annoys us about others is often a reflection of something unseemly we see in ourselves, some shadow side of ourselves we’re running away from.

Instead of running away, be brave enough to face your own shadows. Stare into the darkness and own it. Then stop projecting onto other people, and grant them the gift of grace instead.

Remember that you just don’t know what’s going on for that person you’re tempted to judge. You don’t know what loss they suffered today, what trauma has been inflicted upon them, what disappointment they’re facing, what illness they’re up against, what heartbreak they’re in the midst of.

Instead of judging yourself or others, try opening your heart, forgiving, letting go of expectation, and loving unconditionally. Such actions bless not just others, but YOU.

Need help loving so big? I’m right here, darling.

With a great big nonjudgmental heart,

Your Inner Pilot Light


Sharing Corner

I thought that these quotes go along with Lissa’s wise words. I hope you enjoy them.



I have probably shared this music video with all of you before. However, the topic of this e-newsletter practically begged for me to share it again. After all, you can never hear these wise, yet fun words too much. Enjoy Kacey Musgraves as she sings “Biscuits!” Kacey points out so well that none of us ever improves our own circumstances by judging another.


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