Coaching linear speed and agility speed require different coaching methods 
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Agility is required for soccer, yet it is still unclear as to the most effective way to train agility. Agility, in fact, has many elements – changing pace, changing direction, changing footwork patterns, evading a tackle – these are among many different expressions of agility. According to Serpell, Young, and Ford (2011) one component of agility is the perceptual and decision-making capabilities of players in the competitive context.  

It is important to realise that sprinting in a straight line will not ensure agility development. While speed and agility are elements of speed, in general, the training programme for each is distinctive. A very interesting study by Salaj and Markovic (2011) showed that there was a low to moderate shared variance (6–23%) between the various jumping, sprinting, and change-of-direction tasks undertaken by the performers (the players) in their study.
Speed (more precisely linear acceleration) is developed by running at top speed over 10m 15m and 20m sprints, agility is developed by agility training and sprints, and jumping skills are developed by jumping.
However if a soccer team runs 200m repetitions – say 10 x 200m – with 1 minute rest, the chances are that the overall average speed will be 40 seconds for a men’s team. 40 seconds represents covering 25m in 5 seconds with a run-in start. In a game the players will need to cover that distance in under or close to 3 seconds with a run-in start. So all that silly 200m running training is a real waste of time. The pace required will not make the players fast to the ball. In fact, after 3 or 4 sprints of 25m in 3 seconds in a game, the players who have used repeat 200m sprints will be fatigued because their nervous system is not use to such fast activity. The team will tire badly in the second half (due to the fact that they are not prepared for the pace of the game) and the coach may even think that they need even more training!!!! While, in fact, a rest and a few short full-speed sprints could save the day.

Another reason why repeat 100 or 150m runs is not a help to soccer players is the lack of stopping and starting in such a session.Soccer is defined by the amount of stop/starts activities that are important in a game. Simple old style interval training is not game specific for soccer.

Slow training develops the ability to play slowly. So every coach should look at the training they are giving their players and ask the serious question: Do I really understand what are the physical fitness demands of soccer are all about?
Yes, speed, agility and jumping ability - each one is specific in their training demands. Soccer needs speed, so train fast. Soccer players need to stop, start, change direction; so ensure to train agility and if the players need to jump, then train them to jump. Running slowly or running at 15 seconds per 100m pace is a total waste of time – it is not specific to the sport. Even sprinting the length of the field is not soccer specific fitness training. The average distance covered by the soccer player is 13.4m and in normal games players make between 55 and 95 runs in a game. The message is clear, soccer coaches need to think specifically to develop the physical fitness components required to play soccer.
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